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Men's psychology in the programming

It is funny, but there are more male programmers than female. You cannot argue with this fact, therefore, any manager should take into account the men's psychology in the programming.

If we revert to the ancient times when man hunted the mammoths and the women stayed at home, gave birth to children and prepared meals. In order to hunt, a man was preparing for a long time, sharpening the ax, making the arrows and a bow. Then he stayed in wait, and finally he shot or stab. This characteristic of the behavior transformed and survived to the present day. The man is distinguished by the ability of high concentration for a job. This is a big advantage, and on the other hand it could be a big disadvantage. The man in contrast to the woman cannot do several things at once.

This implies the first conclusion: the programmer must be left alone for a long time and not be distracted from his work.

After a long sitting the hunter demonstrated his valor and courage. Here comes the second conclusion: the programmer must be provided with the possibility of recognizing the achievements within the organization. There should be organized periodic gatherings where the programmers will discuss the technologies and show off to others.

When the hunter shoots and misses, then a serious disappointment waits for him. Any failures and blames the man takes to heart, and he is suffering much stronger than a woman. A third conclusion: there is no need constantly to tell the programmer that he is doing something wrong. If you would like to point out a mistake, do not do it publicly.

As a result of psychological preparation for the long shot formed the waterfall idea of the principle of the project management. Smart people have come up with the Agile methodologies instead of the waterfall process, which provide the product release in more frequent manner. For example: if it takes too long to prepare, the mammoth will run away.
The fourth conclusion: do not delay too long the periods of release.
The fifth conclusion: do not make a product too complex at the beginning, increase the complexity gradually.

Due to the inherent ability to concentrate often a novice programmer cannot organize himself and cope with given multiple tasks, or if a task is unclear.
The sixth conclusion: give to a programmer the specific tasks, and organize tasks in the system.

Here is another characteristic of the male mind, which obviously does not come from the example of the mammoth that man learns the world by doing some actions. Psychologists have long noticed this peculiarity in boys and concluded that the boys of preschool age and elementary school almost do not absorb what they are told. Only when he is performing some action, then he learns the subject. It turns out that our education system does not take into account the psychology of men, but that is another topic of discussion. Now here comes the seventh conclusion: teach the programmers through practice. You can organize lectures on programming, but only if they will include performing of some specific tasks, then the programmers will learn to do their work.

Do not think that women need to be applied the opposite rules. If B follows A, then it does not mean that A does not follow B.

People who would like to become familiar with this subject more profound can read the publication of Yerofeeva N. Yu., regarding a child psychology "The unusual is in the usual, unfamiliar is in the familiar ... About boys". Check it out!
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