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Internal Virtualization of Consciousness or Brain Overclock


Do you remember this movie? What is it doing here? Why the hell such post on Kukuruku at all?
I guess, because I think that the main piece of IT is human, or rather our brain. I’ll tell you about another possibility of using your brain a bit more effectively. Everything described here has been tried out on me. It’s important to note that I’ll highlight if I haven’t tried something out. I didn’t use any drugs or devices. Popular methods have only been used. And yes, it’s devastatingly realistic. Having tried it once, you'll never resist telling about it.

To avoid unnecessary cries in comments, I’m asking all staunch defenders of any religion or faith, and all the esoteric representatives to down-vote me and stop reading further. You’ll find no philosophy and great universal mysteries in this article. The rest of you are welcome — I’ll try to tell you about my practice of mind blowing with the help of inbuilt functions.

Everybody dreams. It’s normal. How many times did you wake up and couldn’t believe it had been a dream? It was so real! How many times did you wishing you had done or seen something? How many times did you wish to meet your lost people in a dream? Imagine how useful it would be to learn to make/repair/fix some thing/project/car!

As you might have guessed, I’m going to talk about lucid dreaming, or rather about entering a dream and getting information and sensations. That’s the most important thing for many of us. I asked closed minded individuals to skip this post as they require philosophical justifications, common terminology and mystic goals. I am going to talk about practice, a simple practice available to everyone. As for philosophy, moral and ethical aspects everyone should sort out individually or at special forums.

So, methods are available for everyone, regardless of gender, age, skin color, religious affiliation or mental faculties. People whose brain isn’t working properly and has some injuries may face some problems. The practice is available for them, but most likely it will have other principles and methods.

How It Works


I’m not sure there are people who know about all the processes operating in our brain. But you don’t need this knowledge. A lot of people know about virtualization. But how can it be present in our brain?

When we go to bed our brain goes through several sleep phases, but you may already know that. During the last REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase there are processes that are very similar to waking state, but the difference is that the signals are looped inside. In waking state a signal from your eyes comes to the brain and it’s processed there. As a result, a command to move the hand is given out. At the same time, through the feedback cycle, comes information about the position of the hand and about the things it has detected. But in a dream all signals, from the eyes, from and to the hand, don’t go beyond the brain. Our brain slows the signals from the brain to the limbs, so that we do not shake like dogs and cats (eyeballs are not affected by this rule, they keep moving. That helps to understand whether a person is in REM state or not). So everything we perceive and all the commands we send to our body are generated by the brain — virtual machine of perception.

This implies an interesting fact that we'd like to use. The more you sense by your virtual body, the clearer and longer your stay in the sleep space. You should make good use of this fact.

Safety Measures are Extremely Important!

Everyone who’s heard of meditations and dreams control has a firm conviction that these things are extremely dangerous. But sleeping is dangerous as well as you can see a dream and get stuck in it. Have you ever thought about it? There are no such dangerous things during the sleep we are going to talk about. The most dangerous thing you can do is shit your pants from fear or ecstasy.

Everything you’re going to see in a dream is your sub consciousness and your own beliefs. You can see anything you want! When you'll practice it yourself, you'll laugh at the people assuring you of the danger.

The methods are safe, but there are still some safety measures:
— you shouldn’t leave the dream yourself (you’d better wait for the throw-out).
— don’t go nuts if you haven’t succeeded. Take a break if you don't succeed and try again in 2-3 weeks.
— before you perform life threatening actions, make sure that it’s a phase state. If you’re not sure, just do some safe things. Even if you’re engaged in safe practice, never forget to use your brain.
About Safety and its Connection with Physiology
Whatever happens, wherever you are, you’ll be thrown out anyway. REM sleep lasts maximum 15 minutes. After this phase you’ll either be thrown out or just have a regular sleep.
You shouldn’t leave the sleep space on your own. In this case you can return to your body, but “motion protector” hasn’t been switched off and your body won’t be under your control. It’s really scary; some people even think they have died. But scary doesn’t mean harmful or dangerous!
You’ve come back (you’re scared, but it’s okay) and your body isn’t under your control, you’re filled with panic… Just calm down, relax and wait for the end of phase, or just get back to the dream. You are most probably inside of the dream and the space can still be under your control.
Beginners (as everyone else) sometimes face the situation when they just can’t do it. Just relax and take a few weeks break. Any energy and emotions are like muscles. They need rest. Practice should be a pleasure even if you haven’t succeeded this time. Of course, when you fail, the first thing you won’t care about is this point. But I think you’ll get back to it.
Phase state and virtual space are realities which are very similar to actual reality. It’s quite difficult to mix up reality with a dream, just be alert and all will be fine.
No, you can’t get stuck in it. Several levels isn’t the truth either (though you could try and everyone should). The “Inception” movie would have never been made without such elements.

Actually such cases are rare and usually take place at the beginning of your practice. The real problem of such sleep journeys is to hold your ground inside a dream. You’ll be thrown out very easily. Any environmental sound, rustle, touch will throw you out immediately. More details about it later.

What All of That is For (What You Can Do with It)

As I’ve mentioned before, using all brain capabilities makes a person cleverer and better. If there are a lot of clever people in the world, it will be more interesting and even more beautiful. Okay, that’s it with philosophy. Now let’s get down to practical part:

As I’ve mentioned before, using all brain capabilities makes a person cleverer and better. If there are a lot of clever people in the world, it will be more interesting and even more beautiful. Okay, that’s it with philosophy. Now let’s get down to practical part:
1. Entertainment

This is the most delicious component of the phenomenon.
You can do anything here: run, shoot, fly, travel and so an and so forth. But you’ll feel this world every second. You won’t get relaxed or you’ll be thrown out. So you won’t be able to lie on a beach, but you could play beach football, swim, and even beat a shark. You don’t have to think about the moral side here as no one can see you. It’s your world, your heaven, it’s all yours.
I could go on and never stop. Just don’t forget to move.
2. Acquiring Information

It’s the most useful thing. It’s always good to get information from your sub consciousness. Though there are many disputes about the source of knowledge. Depending on your ideology, choose the one you like (or all of them):
it’s a secret place of sub consciousness and our brain can process and store the biggest arrays of data, knowledge, skills, feelings and sensations;
it’s a universal bank of information and our brain can connect to it and get any data in this state;
it’s an Akashic records;
it’s a genetic memory;
your variant
The most important thing is that information is there and it’s available. How and where it came from is up for you to find out. Let’s clarify how you can acquire it and check.

2.1. Acquiring information from living objects
It can be any of your friends who can know the answer to the question, any famous person (even Aristotle if can explain), any wise man or an angel, anyone you can imagine. When you find the object ask him/her the question in a usual and simple form. Remember, that your brain can think out the answer and give out the desirable result (especially when you’re waiting for a concrete answer), so checking is necessary. Checking is carried out the same way: ask a simple question, such as: “What’s my name? What is 2+2? The name of my first cat…” If the answers are adequate then you may trust his answer to the main question, but you should always check in real life.
An Example of Looking for a Failure in the Machine
My car wouldn’t start lately. There are no problems when it‘s not heated up, but when heated, it won’t react to the key turn.
All forums pointed to starter. It’s time to check it up. At the weekend I fell asleep. The breakthrough was simple: I woke up, opened my eyes and saw a pale window in front of my bed. But the window is on the left in real life, so I was at the phase border line. I tried to reach the window and felt as if I was moving through gelatin. At some point the viscosity feeling faded away and I was standing in front of the mirror in my room. A common room at 5 a.m., it’s dark and dimly, but it often happens so on leaving as the sleep is weak. You’ll have to make it clearer. Touching everything in the room I was shocked as always: everything was so real (I guess I’ll never get used to it). I touched, bate everything with my hands and tried to see everything possible and the picture lit up with all colors of a regular sunny day. I ran to the kitchen, taking a tomato on my way to the window and chewed it, checking gustatory system. It’s a regular tomato with regular taste. From the window I saw that the house across the street is missing. So it’s a phase, for sure. I opened the window and jumped out of it. During the flight I was trying to find the place I parked my car, but I fell down and couldn’t see it. It’s not there, but it will be, when needed.

— Arthur! – I yelled as loud as possible while imagining the face of our “family” mechanic.
— Hi, dear, — I heard his voice behind me.

Turning around I saw him going out of the neighboring entrance. I put my hand on the hood of a car, with certainty that it’s my car.

– Tell me what’s wrong with the car.

He opened the hood and showed me which linings should be changed (I haven’t checked it yet though).

— What’s wrong with ignition?
— Look in the vehicle, — answered Arthur and dent down to the engine again.

I opened the car and saw a disassembled steering tube and ignition lock wires.
The task has been executed and I missed the moment when everything had drifted away and I felt myself lying in bed.
In the morning I took to pieces the steering tube and found out that the contact unit of the lock has worn out. That’s how I solved the problem.

2.2. Acquiring information from non-material objects
You can find a book and read it, as well as in real life. You can also use magazines, pictures or just google it. Why not? But you should certainly check everything up!

2.3. Get into the current event or see the event plot.
Do you want to see how some event happened? Try to watch it sideways. Maybe you want to see how your project will look like, though it’s at the primary stage now? Why not?

2.4. Direct information acquiring directly to the consciousness.
When I was a child, I wanted to find out how my sister always knew about candies. When I asked her about it, she replied that she just knew and that’s it. I used to laugh then, but there’s nothing to laugh at now.
In order to use this method you have to think that you already know the information and try to apply it. It sounds like an absurd, but practice will teach you. That’s the basis of the method, the clear information. Three previous methods just help your consciousness to perceive information.
After you get the necessary information, you’d better wait for the throw-out in order to finally wake up and write down the result. It often happens that people just forget the information due to a huge stream of data and emotions.
In any case, regardless of results, use your brain and recheck all results. Don’t trust implicitly in anything!
3. Health Improvement

This topic doesn’t really fit the subjects of the website, but I couldn’t but mention about it. All of you understand (even if you don’t want to believe it) that all illnesses are caused by “nerves” and silly acts.
Our organism subordinates to our mood. But what if we deal with a prolonged depression, a few of them? It’s not even the worth part. Sometimes our ideas and behavior trigger subconscious programs, which destroy us. You won’t cure this with any medicine. That’s why subconscious “illnesses” (let’s call them subconscious parasites) can be treated with subconscious and conscious mixtures. It’s indeed a suggestion itself, but the direct one, to sub consciousness as conscious filters are weak for the moment.
The treatment in a phase sleep doesn’t really differ from a regular treatment:

3.1. Being in a sleep reality, you look for the medicine which could help you. It shouldn’t necessarily be an actual medicine; it can be just a blue bottle with red capsules with an inscription on it: “Leave the Matrix” or “From Heart Diseases”. The most important thing here is to feel the effect of the taken medicine. Feel the flame going from your stomach to the center of disease and cures it. The brighter your feelings are the better produced effect is. You should repeat the procedure as often as possible; there won’t be much effect from one time only. When you repeat it many times your subconsciousness accepts the idea of body health and does everything necessary.

3.2. You should find a doctor. As in “Acquiring information” part, you can just ask what you need to know, or ask to carry out a procedure or even an operation, right there in the phase state. It’s extremely important to feel the effect. It’s much more important than procedures themselves.

3.3. You should just feel that the sore place is getting better. That’s the basis of the previous methods. It doesn’t work for everyone as consciousness and subconsciousness barriers don’t always let such things go through.

3.4. Fear treatment can be mentioned as a separate point. Opposed to other points, this method is rarely applied in medicine. Both trendy and trusted psychological centers often teach their clients these methods. Or just use hypnotherapy and make their clients face the fears. Whereas everything is realistic in the sleep, the person faces the fears and beats them. It’s strange, but when a person creates an environment where his phobia shows itself he stops fearing it. I have no idea how it works, but my fear of heights is gone.
4. Training

The world sport practice has been using virtual trainings methods for a long time. They’re used when an athlete is sleeping or just lying and polishes the necessary movements in his mind. Not only athletes should use it. You can work up your drive abilities or anything else.
For example, parachute jumps. It’ll cost you a fortune to work them up. But you can do it lying on your favorite couch and not spending a penny. But if you say that the real jump can’t be compared with anything, just try it!
You could also try getting direct skills. I haven’t succeeded in it yet.
5. Testing

All of you are educated people and remember Nikola Tesla. They say he even knew which element would be out of action and when. He said that he had built the device in his virtual lab and all experiments corresponded to real actions. This all seemed a fantasy or a miracle to me. Now I seem to understand how he did it.
Everyone has different tasks, and no one can prevent us from doing the same.

Sleep Dreams Types and Various Entering Methods

Astral, out-of-body experiences and other similar definitions can often scare the people away. They don’t have strict limits and each author wants to use them on his own. I’ve already asked esoteric people not to read this article as they are pissed off by any topic, in which their unique methods become available for everyday use. Having spent 10 years on trainings, I would also be mad if someone came and said:”I learnt it in a month!” The funniest thing is that sometimes you don’t even have to do anything. You just wake up and enter the phase state. That’s it!

Thus, there are the following methods:

— Autonomous
They are methods using your organism and mind abilities only. It’s the simplest and the most effective method. You don’t need any additional resources or devices. Why use anything if the nature has already given everything necessary since our birth?

— Non Autonomous the method using external catalysts of the state. Such as cacti, narcotic substances, special diets and products (though it’s more sort of suggestion) and various hardware and programs (The Aurora Dream Enhancing Headband).
The main problem here is that all of them are ineffective. Medicines can cause plenty of side effects plus addiction and complications. Hardware can help you once or twice, if at all will. And then your brain just adapts to them and you can present the gadget to a friend. You can sometimes use other devices for this purpose. I bought a projection clock and even got to a sleep by chance. I saw a dream how it helped me to enter this sleep. But it was just once. Mobile application has never helped me in it. I am not going to discuss this subject again.

Autonomous techniques of the phase state entry:
— Via a lucid dreaming
It’s the easiest method. But it’s extremely difficult to call it. I am sure that each of you has at least been inside of a dream. It’s when you’re walking along in a dream and suddenly realize that all of it isn’t real. And begin doing whatever you want to. It often happens, but we just don’t remember about it. There are a lot of books dedicated to this technique, not all of them are true and good, but you could read them. This technique also has one drawback. Preparation takes a lot of time and isn’t really simple. Every day you have to notice, see, remember everything, and every second wait for a trick from the world as it can be a dream. You won’t get paranoia from it, but your brain will constantly work and adapt so your dreams will become more and more bright and high-quality. But it means that it will be more difficult for you to catch the dream. But you’ll be a pro in a few years. Long enough? Let’s go on then.

— Via indirect techniques
It’s the main technique I’m going to tell you about. It’s about a person beginning to work up some techniques at the moments of being awake in the course of a dream. It can be any dream, even if it lasts 15 or 20 minutes. It’s simple as when you wake up (natural awakening in course of a dream) we are already in the necessary (phase) state or close to it. We either have or haven’t left the REM sleep and minimum efforts are needed to leave it.
Its advantages:
  • The time used here is inside a dream so you don’t need to find additional time;
  • The brain is in the necessary state and it doesn’t need to be prepared in advance;
  • Mini awakening is quite often after 6 hours of sleep so you can try a lot of times in the morning;
  • If you haven’t left it, you’ve at least had a good sleep;
  • Relative simplicity. It’s the only right method for the first experiments (sometimes you even don’t have to do anything);
  • Your variant
— Via direct techniques
I’ll just mention them as you can always find them in the Internet. All authors as well as I recommend you not to go into this method until you work up the phase state entry via indirect techniques. But you’ll try it in anyway thinking that you are the right person to begin with these techniques. We’re all the same ;)
The method and its techniques mean that when you enter a phase state without a preliminary sleep (you just lay and began the entry). But keep in mind that your brain isn’t aware of your intentions and you’ll have to prepare it. Without feeling clearly the things you want to get you’ll fail entering the sleep.
Let’s leave it for better days.

Depth of the Phase state (Sleeps)

Whereas it’s not at all a dream, the perception is a bit different as well. A dream is often perceived dull, loose and soft. Though there are a lot of extremely realistic dreams as well.
Everything is a bit different in a sleep. You are aware and it changes the whole perception as now you can estimate the quality of experienced feelings.
A percentage scale of quality is usually used. 100% is a usual wake state. You should aim at it, but there’s even more to come. 120% and more is quite enough for the sleep. That’s why it causes so many emotions. Everything can be brighter, clearer there; the feelings can be more thrilling. It’s extremely difficult to describe it, but having tried it once you won’t need any parade of words. I’ll describe ways of making the sleep clear and long later.

Practical Part — How to Do It
It’s the most difficult part for me as I have to squeeze 300 pages of printed text into several paragraphs. Of course I can only hint at the overall picture and give an idea of entering a phase state this way. If you get interested, you can always read the original. I won’t provide any titles or links in order to avoid advertising (though the original is available for free).
Anyway, let’s begin.

Feelings are extremely important. As I have already mentioned our brain directs all entrances to exits and exits to entrances due to virtualization. In order to make feelings stable we should fully perceive the virtual world and barrier ourselves from the external world as much as we can. For the time of experiments, you’d better (not necessarily):
— get rid of unwanted sounds (you could use ear plugs or a quiet place);
— minimize the lighting (blinds at the window or a mask on your face);
— find a place where no one would disturb you
— ask everyone not to disturb you and deport your cats and dogs out of the room
People disturbing you are usually called terrorists. As I’ve said, any touch will throw you out of the sleep. And the cat will definitely do it. It’s strange but it can do it several times only, but you’ll think that it does it every time you’re entering the phase state. The cat has nothing to do about it. It’s your sub consciousness playing tricks. If it did happen, you should always check up whether you’ve been thrown out or just fell into the trap of consciousness (the ways you can check it up will be provided below).

Brief Instruction

I. Preparing scenario for the phase state
It’s just about the most important part of the entire practice. Scenario is the things you should do after entering the phase. You should prepare such plan beforehand as you forget everything quickly in the phase and you won’t be able to think it offhand. While you’re thinking the phase is gone and you’re in your bed again. If the plan is middling leaving will be middling as well, or there will be no leaving at all. The brain and sub consciousness need serious motivation. At first waiting for the phase may be enough but then motivation is necessary. For the first experiments (not at one sleep, but during several entrances) you should necessarily carry out the following actions:
— look into the mirror;
— eat a favorite fruit or dish;
— drink some booze;
— fly a bit;
— touch the pyramids in Egypt.
These actions should be carried out at a time. You can mix them with your own goals.
README: A great goal and a strong desire can bring you into the sleep without any techniques! It especially often happens with lucid dreaming.

II. Go to sleep and sleep for about 6 hours
The time is average and you can adjust it for your needs. We just need to reach the state when you’ve slept enough, but can still sleep for several hours. If you’re too sleepy, you’ll miss an active period. If you’re too sprightly you’ll wake up and will hardly be able to do anything about it. But you should try in any case.

III. Interrupt the sleep for few seconds/minutes/hours
In order to achieve a floating state of your consciousness you should often fall asleep and wake up, the sleep should be interrupted. The gap time varies depending on your condition:
— if you’re too sleepy then you should wake up for a longer period of time
— if you’re too sprightly you should wake up for several seconds only.
This usually takes 3 to 5 minutes. You can drink some water and repeat the scenario.
IV. Sleep and wait for the waking moment, catching each returning from the dream.
The consciousness is sleeping and it’s quite difficult to catch the moment of awakening. But it’s all about practice.

V. If you woke up without any motions try point VI. If you woke up due to some motion, then you should go on to point VII
Let’s move on.

VI. Try to enter the sleep (it’s often called a division from the body, which doesn’t actually correspond to your feelings.
As I’ve mentioned before, we often wake up being in the necessary state. So having woken up without moving, you should immediately try to stand up/somersault/fly up/swim away or any other similar action (which assumes the change of body position) WITHOUT TOUGHENING YOUR MUSCLES. Not toughening your muscles is the main condition if any actions there. When you’ll be telling everybody about how great it has been there. You’ll answer “It’s simple” to all questions like “How not to toughen the muscles?”. The closest definition to it is Intention. You want to raise your hand, but the hand notifies you that it has risen. I couldn’t put it clearly due to language barrier between emotions and graphic characters.

VII. If you didn’t enter the sleep from the first, start trying entering techniques.
The technique itself will be described a bit later. As if we’re checking up our consciousness and entering it to the phase state. As soon as we detect ourselves in the phase state, we’re either drawn into it, or we carry out the actions from point V. We try to stand up/somersault/fly up/swim away.
If trying all techniques gives no result during one minute, we relax and don’t ruin the following tries – we just fall asleep. By the way, sometimes the consciousness plays tricks. You get into the phase as soon as you relax. This usually happens when the wish was too strong (superfluous potential in scientific terms). So you should always step up to it with the cold heart.

VIII. We are in the sleep. What’s next?
First of all, we should consider the situation:
If all feelings are clear and the picture is bright we can fulfill our plan.
If everything is dull, feelings are dual (you’re either lying in a bed or standing) you should make the state deeper. Make deeper means making the world of feelings clear, completely transfer the stream of sensations to the virtual world. You need to perceive which means touch, run, fly, look into, hurt yourself (you’d do it in order to get fixed in the sleep, not to reveal your masochistic taste).
So if you can’t see anything in a “dull” phase, you should just sit down and try to touch as much as you can. If there’s nothing to touch, then you should touch your feet, look at your fingers. Try to do your best to see the hands and soon you’ll see them with the rest of the world around you.
Touch everything with your hands, tongue, lips… Pain and fear can also fix you in the phase, but usually that doesn’t work for me.

Sometimes you can awake in absolute darkness and weightlessness. Then you should just close your eyes and fly (feel the motion, feel the flight) to the place you need. For example, to see pyramids in Egypt. You’re most likely to open your eyes in the necessary place.

IX. I’m carrying out the scenario when suddenly everything reeled
The phase condition is a very fragile thing; you’ll be easily thrown out of it. So you should touch everything all the time during the phase. You can and even should carry out some actions in-parallel. For example, touching a book and eating an apple, listening to interlocutors and touching your hands or some things around you.
But if you feel that everything’s reeling and you can’t do anything about it just try to hold on to the dream scenery. This feeling often remains when you return to your body, as if you’ve partially stayed in a dream. Holding on “to the dream” drag yourself back to the phase.
If you’ve been definitely thrown out, just come back. But you should note that you can be thrown out not to reality but to an enclosed dream, it often happens. The number of enclosed dreams can be very big. And it’s not simple to distinguish them so you’d stand up and make a check-up of reality. It’s going to be easier for you to recognize reality with each time, but dirty tricks of your sub consciousness will hardly go away.

Now let’s consider the techniques.
So, we couldn’t divide after awakening. We’re trying for 3 to 5 seconds, but the body is fixed to the bed and there’re no feelings. Then we should start trying techniques. There are great many of various techniques and you’re most likely work out your own.
Now we’ll consider the common ones. You should choose 2 or three from the entire list and use them in turns, but you should make a small break after 5 or 6 cycles. More about the break later.
In order to make the article space-saving all techniques are hidden under the cuts.

Try as hard as you can to imagine for 3-5 seconds that you’re swimming or just making swimming moves with your hands. Try to feel it as clear as possible no matter how difficult it seems. If nothing happens, just change the technique to another one. If the feeling of swimming begins to appear, the techniques should be remained. You should strengthen the current feelings until you feel as if you’re actually swimming in the water. It’s the phase when no divisions are necessary. If such feelings occurred in the bed, division technique should be applied.

Try to imagine your spinning to any side for 3-5 seconds. If you feel nothing, change the technique. If you feel a real or even light revolving, focus your attention on it and try to revolve even harder. As soon as the feeling becomes stable, try to divide. Start from dividing acquired movements from the technique of revolving feelings.
My experience was the following: despite all the efforts, I was revolving across my body, not along it. I am lying on back and revolving like a whirligig. It’s a strange feeling, as if you’re lying and revolving at the same time. And the blanket is tickling my chin as I move and it’s static.

Observing the image
Look into the darkness for 3-5 seconds without opening your eyes. If nothing appears, change the technique. If you see some image, look into it becomes realistic. Now divide with your body and go into the image. When considering the image don’t look at the details or it’ll become blurry. You should be looking as if through the picture and it will become more realistic.

Hands visualization
During 3-5 seconds try to imagine that you’re rubbing your hands close to your eyes. Try to feel them next to you, see and even hear the sound of rubbing. If nothing happens, change the technique. If any of feelings begins to appear, you should choose this technique and make everything real. After that you can try to divide from your body.

Imaginary moves
For 3-5 seconds try to move your hands or feet without toughening your muscles and imagining the movement itself. For example, try to draw them to the left and to the right. If nothing happens, change the technique. If you feel at least some feeling of movement just focus your attention as much as you can. When the amplitude of movements is 4 inches or more you should immediately divide from you body.

About Small Breaks

These breaks are called “forcing to sleep oneself”, but it can be described better as “F*** everything, I’m going to bed!” You just let everything go and relax for 5-7 seconds. At the moment when the conscious grows dull and different ideas occur we “pop up” and keep carrying out the cycles of techniques. This “falling asleep” thing works great and allows to increase efficiency several times. You should do the same your awakening was to bright. When you’ve just woken up and feel your body at once, everything’s stable and there’re no signs of the phase. Just begin falling asleep and carrying out other techniques in-parallel. At some point the consciousness will begin to fade and techniques begin working. If you didn’t succeed from the first round, it’s okay, you should just persistently keep doing what you have to. But please remember that any techniques should relax and give you pleasure. If you’re annoyed by something, the choice of technique is wrong. This way you can fall asleep a bit, but not wake up.

A Test for Reality

A test for reality is an extremely important thing in a phase. You won’t be able to enter the phase and just know that this is it. It can be 100% real at once and you’ll consider it as reality and go to sleep thinking that you’ve failed. There are great many of artifacts in dreams, such as the wrong color of something common, some drawbacks in environment. But in a phase your brain can create extremely realistic scenery of your room. Pain can be realistic, walls can be hard and you won’t be able to go through them. But you should always be attentive and ready to small inaccuracies of the environment. Whatever happens, use your brain and never switch it off! It’s especially important after you’re thrown out of the phase as you can often be thrown out not to reality, but to another phase. It’s a pity to miss experience when you’re already there.
Everyone may have different methods. Let’s consider the common ones:

I. Breathe out through the squeezed nose.
Depending on the phase depth this method can work or not. If the phase is 100% realistic you won’t be able to do that. If you did manage to breathe out – you’re definitely in the phase state. You can as well fly up, fall through the floor or carry out any other unreal action.

II. Pinch yourself
It’s the most common mistake. If you’re pinched in the phase state, you definitely won’t wake up and maybe even deepen into the phase. If I pinched myself and felt nothing – I am in the phase.

III. Display screen
A strange peculiarity of the phase state: a numeric display even of a simple watch can show something ridiculous. It can show unreal time (21.50 and the Sun is high). Sometimes such checking-up let me down as it was 6.20 a.m., but it was the phase. But if you did notice some discrepancy, you must be in the phase.
Analog watch won’t help you here.

IV. The environment doesn’t correspond to reality
The method name speaks for itself. It’s not the most efficient method as the phase can give you 100% of reproduced environment. But this method is very useful for your brain as it develops your attention a lot and helps with lucid dreaming as well.
V. Focusing your attention (hyper-focusing)
It’s the most efficient method. It’s based on another peculiarity of the phase. The objects you’re looking at for few seconds will change. You can use any object as a test. You can even use your finger. But remember, that it’s a phase and you’re looking so attentively at one point, the phase will reel and you can be thrown out. If the image begins reeling, apply holding techniques in order not to mist the phase.

Counter indications or How Not to Ruing the Phase

I’ll try to indicate briefly what you should and shouldn’t do before and during the phase:
— After awakening you shouldn’t lose a second and get down to movements. Change the techniques every 2-3 seconds if they don’t help.
— But you shouldn’t try them for a very long time. After the first minute efficiency falls and you shouldn’t taunt yourself for too long. Just fall asleep.
—There are some results, but you’re changing the technique. Why? It’s working so use it till you enter the phase.
— You shouldn’t stop either. The technique’s working, use it till the end.
— You shouldn’t divide too soon. Everything must be clear and evident. But you shouldn’t overdo either as you’ll miss the right moment.
— When leaving you often want to open your eyes. It’s a nasty mistake which ruins all the actions. So don’t open them. Try to look through the closed eyes. It helps me.
— Don’t forget about muscles. The body should lie without any movements and even tensions. It’s difficult to understand it at first, but it’s not that difficult in practice. You should lie and train on some regular days, when you don’t plan any experiments.
— You should wake up without moving. I understand that it’s difficult to act this way, but you shouldn’t be disappointed at all as it can lead to more mistakes.
— Woke up with movement. Get upset and stopped trying. You should never do so. Try to change the technique at once. If awakening is too bright go to mini sleep and then move on to techniques.
— Even if you fail several times, never give up on yourself. Did you really think it would work from the first time?
— You shouldn’t worry, do everything calmly and confidently. Just keep training.
—Your emotions and will-power are like muscles. They can get tired as well. Don’t try too much 2-3 days a week. Don’t make any evening trainings before leaving the phase in the morning. You’ll waste all potential in the evening and it’ll be difficult to enter the phase in the morning.
— My favorite mistake is thinking too much every second and analyzing everything happening by inner voice. Shut up your inner voice, you’ll use your brain in the phase.
— You shouldn’t hold your breath or breathe tensely. I make this mistake as well. If breathing disturbs you, it means that you’re focused on your physical body. Distract yourself a bit, do everything as if in a mist. No clear thought-out actions. Imagine that you’re doing everything in the water.
— Don’t stop when you’re in the phase. Movements and actions.
— Beautiful pictures are great. But if you look at them for a long time, you can lose the phase. You can easily fall asleep as well. You’ll lose conscious perception and go to a regular sleep.
— Follow your goals. Don’t get distracted by the dream scenery: if someone fell – don’t help him to stand up, broke something – don’t fix it. You’ll lose awareness and go to regular sleep.

Things You Can be Disappointed by

Did you think you’d find panacea for all questions in you life? You can ask the question of your life and hardly get an answer cleverer than “42”. Disappointed?
But from the other side, just imagine that you can acquire thousand times more information than you have now. Not bad, right? But you can also learn and multiple your abilities each time. Your brain may already know the answer, but it doesn’t have enough knowledge in your consciousness to transmit the answer in the form you can understand. So you won’t be able just to flop on your couch and become the smartest person in the world. You’ll have to refine yourself more and more.


Perhaps, it’s one of the keys to your prosperity and development, but maybe I am wrong again. But once you try it, you’ll never forget.
Another point I would like to mention is group dreams.
There are no substantiated data. It’s either an idea of the script author, or a high level of practicing. But you’re the one who can answer it.
As for the dream depth, I can say that if you go to sleep in a dream, you’ll be thrown out as the phase won’t let you relax. I didn’t use soporifics, but I don’t see any sense in them. But there’s an element of truth in the movie as time seems more long-drawn with their help. But it may be connected with the subjectivity of time perception. We usually count it from the actions having taken place, but 10 minute walk in a dream is a millisecond travel. You can change the space without any dreams. Just close your eyes and imagine something, then open them in a new place (you can read about this method yourselves).

Instead of the Summary

I couldn’t tell you about all the things here. I didn’t mention methods of traveling in the space, as well as some methods of acquiring information. Direct techniques are not completely covered. You’ll find all of them in the original.
The main question is “Believe or not to believe” – don’t. I don’t want anyone to believe. It’s practice. It’s devoid of any philosophy and allows being used by anyone. These techniques don’t require any money infusions or group lessons. Hope no one will make a cult out of it. It’s purely individual.
Well, I guess that’s it. I tried to tell you about our brain abilities from the practical applying point of view.

P.S. The post is live. So I accept any comments and additions. But no philosophy, please.
Overclock — because this state increases the frequency of brain activity (about 40 Hz).

1. I beg your pardon for the thought vagueness in defining the state. Everything described is a part of REM (rapid eyes movement) sleep and it doesn’t go beyond its limits. That’s why it’s safe. REM is a natural process and you experience it every day, several times per sleep. Please be attentive when reading about Lucid Dreaming. It’s a part of phenomenon only. I described indirect techniques of sleep only. It’s just a method of “entering”, or rather a trick to catch your consciousness inside the REM sleep.
2. I forgot to right about children.
This phenomenon constantly reveals itself when it comes to children. They sometimes even don’t have to be taught. This fact confirms the process naturalness and its availability. I’m asking all of you, if your child will tell you something of the kind at least try not to suppress it. You can give him a few lessons or explanations, you can cheer him up. Let the child explore this phenomenon. This will allow him to have better development and get rid of some problems of explanation in books like my article. The child will decide for himself, that the actual experience is much greater that that from the books.
3. A lot of people are annoyed with vague terminology. I tried not to use usual words so that those who have already met such descriptions would loot at them from a different perspective, without any tags in consciousness.
4. I would like to collect some statistics and publish results in a few months.
You can write about:
— the way you learnt about the phenomenon;
— what happened;
— practical use for you personally;
—which method you’re using (you may the list of books);
— your thought about it.

I’m waiting for comments from all of you. Those who tried and failed are also welcome to write.
But please don’t write something of the kind: “I didn’t try anything. It’s dangerous. You’re an idiot”. I’ve read enough of it.
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