Some Common Household Products that Pollutes Indoor Air

Often to all house owners, the fear of having been affected by the outdoor air gets them worried. Because it is a common misconception that outdoor air pollute house and often become the reason of illness. But this is not true, indoor air is more dangerous and become the reason of the illness. Though the outdoor air is full of germs but due to the sunlight effect, these germs get killed and don’t affect us. Whereas the germs and bacteria of the indoor air don’t get killed until you do something about it and make you fall ill. So here in this article, AC repair Coral Springs has listed out a few things that are majorly responsible in polluting indoor air.


Usually you get your home painted at least in a year and then you keep or store those empty paint cans in your house for other purposes. But do you know that these empty cans can affect a lot on your indoor air. If these empty cans are kept in your home, then these give off gases and affect a lot on the family’s breathing. So to overcome this situation, it is necessary to pick low volatile organic compound paints so that they make the air less polluted.

Cleaning Products

The home looks good when it is cleaned properly. Often the house owners use many cleaning products to clean up the house and keep it fresh. But the cleaning supplies which you use contain a lot of volatile organic compounds which are harmful for indoor air. So the best way to get rid of the problem is to use unscented cleaning products that don’t come with scents. Instead, use simple products to clean the house such as water, vinegar and baking soda. These natural products work well and clean the house properly without letting you exposed to harmful chemicals.

Air Fresheners

The air fresheners contain chemicals and when you use these fresheners, these emit different types of chemicals that are harmful to indoor air. These chemicals, when inhaled trigger asthma attacks, breathing issues and migraines. So instead of using these chemicals, open windows and turn ON the fan to circulate fresh air. So if you avoid these fresheners then you can stay away from chemicals and can help yourself to stay in pure and clean indoor air.

So these are some of the household products mentioned by AC repair Coral Springs that pollute indoor air and make you suffer from illnesses and germs.
Coolair 17 april 2020, 5:41
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