Sleep and productive activity


Hello my dear umumbleuser! In this post I am going to discuss the sleep and productive activity. I am interested in the topic of my own productive sleep. The last few years I thought that the sleep is just a waste of time, and therefore, I tried to shorten the time of my sleep. But the more I did it, the more I began to look like a zombie, and then I began to look for an alternative. Consequently, this post will be a synthesis of all the information I found. Let us begin!

We learn during our sleep

I would like to begin that sleep is not a waste of time. It was a great discovery for me. Our brain does not rest during our sleep, it processes the information. All the time while we are peacefully sleeping and dreaming, the brain is processing all the received information for the day. What it finds useful it puts in long-term memory for years to come, but that is not needed it throws out. Thus, when we are awake, we only collect information for further processing in our sleep. So, how does this happen? Here we need to get acquainted with concepts such as the types of sleep.

Types of sleep

The invention of the electroencephalograph allowed scientists to study sleep in ways that were not previously possible. During the 1950s, a graduate student named Eugene Aserinsky used this tool to discover what is known today as REM sleep. Further studies of human sleep have demonstrated that sleep progresses through a series of stages in which different brain wave patterns are displayed.

There are two main types of sleep:

- Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep (also known as quiet sleep).
- Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep (also known as active sleep or paradoxical sleep).

What is good for sleep?

I'd like to give some tips to help you sleep better in a shorter time, it's easier to get up in the morning and fall asleep faster at night. So, let's go from simple to complex.

Ventilate room

The fresh air is extremely useful for the healthy sleep. Only 20 minutes of airing the bedroom at night will allow you a much better night's sleep.

Take a walk before sleep

Outdoor walking is not just a physical exercise, but it also a great opportunity to relax, escape from intrusive thoughts and worries or inversely consider an important problem.
Have sleep on a comfortable bed

It is impossible to sleep well at an uncomfortable bed. You always choose carefully a bed, pillow and the bed linen. You also need to take into account the color of bed linen, because the bright red color may affect your sleep.

Lavender oil

This is a subject of aromatherapy, it is a separate issue. I just want to point out that the smell of lavender can relax the body.

Stay in peace and quiet for 10-20 minutes before bedtime

It is a very good exercise before going to sleep. This should be in complete silence, you need to turn off the TV and the computer and sit for 10-20 minutes without thinking. Completely free your head from any thoughts and go to sleep easy.

Some medications (Melaxen, B6mix)

Melatonin is a sleep hormone. It slows down all processes in our body and helps to bedtime. It helps us to fall asleep. When this drug is not available, it is recommended to use such drugs as Melaxen and B6mix. But You do not overdo it, and it is better to check with your doctor. I do not recommend you to use the sleeping pills and antidepressants, because it is a very dangerous combination.

Gradual increase of alarm volume

It helps a lot. Alarm volume or phone ring at full capacity could cause a nervous breakdown. Therefore, it is best to wake up with increasing alarm volume. It is best if this will be some music that you like, and even better if it will inspire you to positive mood.

What is bad for sleep?

Sleep in a hot room

It is proved that sleep in the cool room is better and healthy. So, let us keep a normal temperature. It is best to sleep with the window slightly open all year round.

Sleep in a lighted room

It is better for you to sleep in a dark place in order to get a good sleep that helps better to produce melatonin. Here is another interesting fact: if you take a look at a bright source of light during the night (for example, a clock on your phone), then the melatonin stops producing in the body, and all the remaining sleep time will not be productive for you. In the morning you will feel as if you slept only for a few hours.


Overeating causes a bad sleep and overweight. It is very difficult to get some sleep, when the stomach full of heavy food. It is best to eat for 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Energy drinks

The use of energy drinks is a real nuclear bomb for your body. Moreover, you get a solid blow to the liver and kidneys, as well as it causes damage to your nervous system. Finally, you will not get a good sleep. You literally damage your brain, so you have to give up such drinks before bedtime.

TV-set, computer and other household electronics in the room

You try to put all your electronics such as a TV-set, computer, etc., in a separate room. So you not only isolate your brain from unnecessary noise, light and useless information, but also you will protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation during your sleep.

Here are some tips for productive activity

I am sure that sleep is a very important for the productive activity, but it is not the only factor that can make your life brighter and more productive. So, what else could be changed for the better? Here are some tips.

Morning exercises

If you start your day with the morning exercise, then you're on your way to the success. It helps to stretch the muscles after a good sleep, provides fresh oxygen for your blood and raises a body temperature.
Raise your body temperature

Just keep in mind I am talking about changes in the body temperature by a few tenths of a degree. If your temperature is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is a good reason to see a doctor. It's no secret that during sleep the human body temperature is lower than during wakefulness. Therefore, in order to wake-up the body and prepare it for productive work you have to warm it up your body. The morning exercise and nice shower will perfectly do that.

Use a good lighting for work

It is best for you to use the natural sun lighting, and if you do not have it use all the lights in the room or office. If you do not have enough lighting your body starts producing melanin, which slows down mental activity and lulls you.

Drink plenty of water

An adult person should drink 2 liters of clean water every day. A lack of water slows down the thinking activity of a person. My advice, you just keep on your desk 1.5-2 liters of water, and make sure you drink all water throughout the day. It is best to drink filtered water for you, and do not abuse the mineral water - it may cause stones in your kidneys.

Give up alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, energy drinks and fatty food

The alcohol is the killer of brain cells. The nicotine narrows your blood vessels, leaving the brain without fresh blood. The energy drinks and large amounts of caffeine cause nervous disorders, and the fatty food improves your blood cholesterol level, this is a direct way to the formation of blood clots. I think all of that is bad for you there is no need to explain.

Sleep 30 minutes after a lunch

A little 30 minute sleep after the lunch time will provide better memorizing of information. The main thing is not to sleep a lot, otherwise the rest of the day will be broken, and it will make difficult to fall asleep at the evening.

Morning sex

This is one of the best ways to wake up. It will not only wake you up, but it also will give you the good mood for all day. Besides, it will pleasure you and your partner.

Exercise your eyes

Our eyes take a big load, therefore, you should do some exercises for your eyes, sometimes it even improves the vision. Here is an example: Sit comfortably on a chair. Rub your hands together until they feel warm. Close your eyes and cover them lightly with your cupped palms. Avoid applying pressure on your eyeballs. Place your palms so that the nose remains uncovered and the eyes remain behind the slight hollow of the palms. Make sure that no light rays enter the eyes, and leave no gaps between fingers or between the edge of the palms and the nose. You may still see other lingering traces of colors. Imagine deep blackness and focus on the blackness. Take deep breaths slowly and evenly, while thinking of some happy incident; or visualize a distant scene. After your eyes see nothing but blackness, remove your palms from your eyes. Repeat the palming for 3 minutes or more. These exercises are very useful for you.


It is a herbal product claimed to increase resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. For me the best of these herbal products is ginseng. They are sold at any drugstore and are quite cheap. Just do not overdo the dose, or you will get the opposite result. Also, you do not use adaptogens right before bedtime (at least 5-6 hours before).

Movement and fresh air

When it is possible go for a walk to get some fresh air. Any outdoor games will bring you a bunch of beautiful emotions, and they will charge your body with energy for several days in advance. By the way, after such activities you will get some jumps in positive thinking and creative activity. So, go and do it!


Steam room is a great place to clean the body from all the accumulated harmful substances that poisons you. A quick temperature drops stimulate the blood circulation of the whole body and train your circulatory system. After a good bath you will feel at ease and reborn, as well your brain will be opened to new ideas.

Read a book per week

Make it a rule to read at least one book per week. This is 50 books per year that could drastically change you and your life.


This is a great way to put all your thoughts in the right places. Spend 30-40 minutes doing it, and that frees you from all problems. This will significantly strengthen your nerves system and make it more stress resistant.


For your brain development are well-suited dancing, swimming, sports, playing musical instruments, juggling, and learning foreign languages. Choose what you like better and go for it. This will also help you to make new friends.

Take control of your thought and speech

We are that what we say and think. All of our doubts and fears come to life, because of what we are constantly thinking and saying. Learn to think positively, and then the troubles will happen to you less often.

What not to do before going to bed


Don’t ingest caffeine. To avoid getting into a lengthy explanation on the science behind caffeine and how it affects our energy levels and our brain, we will keep this more aimed towards the effects on sleep. We are all aware that caffeine, whether from coffee, soda, candy or another alternative you may use, will boost your energy. The effects of caffeine in your system can begin within 15 minutes of ingesting it, and can last for up to 5 hours. It is advised not to have any caffeine after 3:00 PM so that the caffeine can exit your system.

Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol can be a trickster. It may seem like a great sleep aid because it makes you drowsy shortly after consuming it, but don’t be fooled. The effect alcohol has on the quality of your sleep is severe. You may fall asleep sooner, but the alcohol will prevent your mind from entering into the crucial, deep sleep stages that are needed for a fully restoring rest. Aside from the effects on quality of sleep, alcohol can increase the need for the bathroom. Any liquid taken before bed should be in moderation, as the need to wake up and use the bathroom will not only disrupt your sleep cycle, but could also make it difficult to fall back to sleep after being awake.

Don’t use electronics. The TV, computer and even your smartphone can be tempting devices to use before bed, or even while in your bed. If you are using electronics, they are without a doubt affecting your sleep patterns. This is not to say turn all electronics off after dinner, but rather monitor your usage as your bedtime nears. The mind is light sensitive, so bright light can trick the brain into believing it is actually daytime – the time it needs to be awake and functioning. When this happens, you may feel a slight boost or increase in energy some refer to as a “second wind.” The bright light from the electronic devices, even as small as a mobile phone, can produce enough light and visual cues to jumpstart the brain. It is advised to power down your electronics at least 90 minutes prior to your bed time to avoid any obstacles in your bedtime routine.

Don’t eat anything heavy. The last meal of your night should be at dinnertime, and it is suggested not to eat dinner past 7:00 PM because your body’s metabolism begins to slow down as it prepares for sleep. Many times people will have a craving for a snack pre-bedtime because they are still hungry after dinner. If this is the case, do not dive into the fridge to eat leftovers or into the cupboard for a quick and fatty snack. When faced with the urge to snack, choose foods high in melatonin or tryptophan, ingredients that will help promote sleep. A bowl of healthy cereal or a banana are both good for you, and contain a source of melatonin to help promote sleep. Other snacks, like walnuts, yogurt or hummus are also great for a pre-bedtime snack. You do not want to fill yourself up before bedtime, only subdue the hunger until morning.

Don’t exercise. Everyone has a busy schedule these days and finding time to fit in going to the gym can become more and more of a hassle. Exercising is a great source of energy in the body, releasing endorphins, adrenaline and a range of other hormones and chemicals to help make you feel great. Sometimes, the only option we have is to work out in the evening due to overscheduled days, and this is a big no-no. It is recommended to stop working out at least 3 hours before your bed time to allow your body to wind down and relax. You may feel exhausted right after working out, and this is due to strain you have endured on your muscles. The release of hormones from working out can make it difficult for people to get drowsy or fall asleep. Try to go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier to fit in your exercise before your day begins.


Sleep is an important part of our lives and ensuring we get the best sleep possible will have positive health benefits for tomorrow, as well as years to come. If you find yourself having bad habits before you are going to bed, you are doing your body an injustice. Try to avoid doing one or all of these things before bed, and watch the changes both mentally and physically.
I will be gland if this post helps you with your sleep.

Enjoy your sleeping!!!
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