Unravelling the popularity of pay by phone casinos

The pay by phone casino is taking the world of online gambling by storm. More players are becoming engaged with pay phone casinos as they get access to a huge variety of games. But most importantly they get to pay via mobile bills unlike the conventional payment methods. They find pay by mobile casinos to be convenient as they just have to download the games on their devices and play them at any point in the day. The players do not have to spend money or time on setting up a game. There are many reasons that have been attributed to the growth of phone casinos.

Easy mode of payment

This is perhaps the main reason why pay by phone casinos skyrocketed to the top. It's because you have to pay through mobile bills. Which means the moment you pay via your mobile bills, you clear the payment dues of the casino. Unlike other payment methods where you have to log in through your username and password, here you do not have to go through that process which makes phone by pay casinos convenient and safe.

The growth of the smartphone industry

The smartphone industry is growing by leaps and bounds. People have been buying smartphones more than ever before. This is because of the increase in disposable income of the consumers. Smartphones are relatively cheaper which is why people can spend a fraction of their money purchasing them. Many online gambling operators have launched mobile versions of casino and table games so that there can be a sharp increase in user engagement and players can have access to such games at any place or location. The casino apps can operate well on low-end phones as well. They do not take up too much space and are mostly compatible with mobile devices. It is expected that the mobile casino industry will be valued at 170 billion in the year 2021. Capitalising on this growing market will help the online casinos make more money and rope in potential customers towards the online sites.


Previously, people had to visit traditional casinos to gamble but with the advent of online casino sites, people can play games within the four walls of their homes. Yet, they had to spend a lot of their time setting up games as most of them were available and developed for desktops. Mobile gaming resolved the problem of mobility. It has made gaming more convenient and accessible than ever before. Now they can play games while waiting at the bus stop, at parks or cafes. This is also ideal for people who do not like going out too much. This has eased the process of payment as people can connect their mobile wallets with the apps. Eliasz Nowak, a casino expert, has predicted that mobile gaming will witness a huge growth in the coming few years.

The rise in 5G technology

The growth of the smartphone industry has been led by the growth in internet technologies. To ensure a satisfying gaming experience, players have to have a stable internet connection. With the increase in the availability of cheap data and Wifi services, people can have a smooth and hassle-free experience whilst navigating through the apps. They do not have to face the problem of weak signals or buffering. The 5G Technology is slowly making its way into European countries. This latest technology has proved to be more efficient than its previous counterparts. By implementing this technology, people will have better and faster internet connectivity to play games.

Accessibility to a wide variety of games

Nowadays, people have access to various games online. They can explore a huge variety of table and casino games. The players are spoilt for choice as they can select a game of their own choice. The games have been developed by top gaming manufactures like Micro Gaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Play n Go, etc. to ensure an immersive and engaging gaming experience to the users. Live features of pay by phone casino games have been able to recreate the real-life environment of a casino so people can have an authentic gaming experience and get to interact with competitive dealers and players from different parts of the world.
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