A Case Study on Jimmy Ocean Osorio, The Man behind Casanare and Bogota’s Safety Standards

With regards to being an effective money manager, a few characteristics and attributes should be created. At the point when dominated, these qualities later convert into indispensable aptitudes that add to individual and business development.

Allow us to look at the center characteristics each financial specialist ought to create to resemble Jimmy Ocean Osorio. Here are the five best characteristics that each business person must-have.

Business Knowledge:

The capacity to offer knowledge into organizations accompanies intelligence gained throughout the long stretches of hustle. Business information picked up through the course characterizes the benefits of those individuals.

Jimmy Osorio rose to the higher positions of Secretary of Fidupetrol, Colombia, in the initial three years of his residency. His insight in the oil business and transportation coordinations were unrivaled. He overwhelmed the whole Transportation area as its Director, attributable to his experience and shrewdness picked up throughout the long term working in coordinations.

Proactive Mindset:

Building and keeping up organizations are not basic assignments. They require the proprietor to step up in their interest. Without a proactive outlook, it is difficult to get the essential strides under way to prosper on the lookout.

Developments are the birth child of proactivity, and Fidupetrol saw a progression of advancements after Osorio's arrangements were brought to realization. These developments incorporate refreshed transportation courses, gear redesigns in mines, and wellbeing instruction to excavators.


In an incredibly unpredictable market, change is up and coming. The capacity to adjust is the key for endurance and development. Most organizations come up short as their proprietors are inflexible as far as hard working attitudes, working, and coordinations. How much business visionaries adjust their way to deal with business sectors decides the achievement levels.

Jimmy's commitment to Fiduptrol's measures to check issues, for example, market unpredictability, value floods, mining dangers have demonstrated his adaptability and flexibility in tasks to accomplish the goals and construct a more secure framework.

Danger Taking:

Organizations don't develop by working from a cautious way to deal with the market. Revolutionary development and improvement are offered to organizations run by business people who are happy to face up determined challenges. Money managers need to build up the artfulness to play the round of high danger high prize.

Jimmy Ocean Osorio regularly faced determined challenges that later brought critical speculation and returns during his residency as the President of Fidupetrol in 2017. Speculations were made post-hazard evaluation into the transportation of petroleum refined creation, which prompted huge decreases in long haul hazard consumption.


Financial specialists need to fuse discipline into their center exercises as consistency is the way to viable accomplishment in the long haul. Effective business visionaries instill and practice discipline in their own lives and their associations.

New trains and structures were worked under the immediate direction of Jimmy Osorio in the mining divisions of Casanare and Bogota. These locales were professed to be the most secure mines across Colombia because of the elevated requirements of decides and guidelines that guaranteed wellbeing. Emergency treatment exhibits and direction for working large equipment were actualized and executed each quarter to set up main regimen discipline.


Jimmy Osorio was a good example for all youthful business visionaries from Colombia and different pieces of the world. He typified the center qualities of a fruitful money manager in his work, thoughts, and standards. Fidupetrol's prosperity on a worldwide scale and the tag "Most secure Mines" offered to Casanare and Bogota are the realization of his commitment.
JimmyOceanOsorio 21 december 2020, 12:32
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