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Will Wiggins stay with the Golden State Warriors after winning the championship?

Wiggins' performance in the playoffs this year was excellent. Although he did not score particularly much, he helped his team grab a lot of rebounds, and more importantly, he contributed on the defensive end, effectively limiting the opponent's star player's scoring, which made Wiggins favored by many teams hoping to win the championship, and before the playoffs were over, some teams approached his agent to ask for a price.

Can Wiggins stay with the Warriors?
According to a post-game interview, Wiggins said he would love to stay with the Warriors, the team has a great atmosphere and hopes to win another championship next season. Wiggins has one year left on his contract, and if he can reach a successful consensus with the Warriors, the two sides will renew it early in the offseason. But now there's no news from either side, which means Wiggins is likely to leave.

Do the Warriors have the ability to keep Wiggins?
In terms of team strength, the Warriors need a player like Wiggins badly. Not only does he perform well on the defensive end, but he can also bravely step up and score for the team when the team needs him. But according to the current salary structure of the Warriors, whether Wiggins can stay or not is still an unknown. The Warriors' owner said in an interview that it would be difficult for them to keep both Wiggins and the two for a long time. This season the Warriors are still only facing some role player replacements, next season the team may have to face a core roster shakeup. The root of all this is the lack of payroll space.

[url="]The Splash Brothers[/url] is going to take up 70% of the team's payroll space next season, the remaining 30% is not enough to pay the rest of the players' salaries, especially Looney, Poole, and other players who are performing well, their salaries will have to go up again, further compressing the team's payroll space, which makes the team unable to come up with a contract that satisfies each other when facing Wiggins. Even if Wiggins is willing to voluntarily take a pay cut, it's beyond what the Warriors can afford.

Should the Warriors pay a high luxury tax?
The luxury tax is set to prevent teams from using a lot of money to build star teams, which is unfair to those teams that don't have money and leaves those rookies just entering the NBA without a good environment to grow. But most of the Warriors' players are developed by themselves, from obscure rookies to superstars, which took a lot of effort, completely different from those teams that like to spend money on stars. Many fans think that if they have to pay luxury tax even if they develop their own players, they might as well just spend money to buy players. There may be some loopholes in the establishment of some rules that do not promote the healthy development of the player market well.

Wiggins' team is well aware of Wiggins' trade value now, so in the upcoming new season, the Warriors are likely to trade Wiggins out like [url="]Durant[/url] for some young players with potential and continue to develop them as they did with Curry. Want to let Wiggins can continue to stay with Curry, only use [url="]NBA 2K23 MT[/url] to buy them all to a team.
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