Square Enix has dropped Patch 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV Online, which also brings about the PS5 version of the game. The big focus on this patch is that it brings an end to the Shadowbringers storyline, adding in new content to the main scenario, as well as YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse and Save the Queen questlines. The patch also marks the launch of the game on the PS5 as they prepare for the Endwalker content coming in November.

Patch 5.55 includes the second half of the Patch 5.5 story, setting up the upcoming Endwalker expansion. However, it’s not just plot that’s coming with Patch 5.55: the Nier: Automata crossover questline is also set to end with the addition of new YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse content. This new content is likely to add to the highly sought-after Nier: Automata gear, bringing more wearable items from the hit Square Enix RPG into the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Outside of crosseovers, Patch 5.55 will introduce new content for the ‘Save The Queen’ questline, including the new field area Zadnor, an enhancement of resistance weapons, and a brand new 48-person battle experience in Dalriada.
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In order to allow gamers who purchase Madden 21 Coins at U4GM to enjoy better service, this article will give some guidance to gamers who purchase Madden 21 Coins. This will make it more convenient and at ease for gamers who purchase Madden 21 Coins.

I believe that many game players are most concerned about security when buying Madden 21 Coins, which is also the focus of U4GM. U4GM relies on ten years of sales experience, from the acquisition of Madden 21 Coins to the sale of Madden 21 Coins, every link is reasonable and legal. These are only to ensure the security of game players' game accounts. The following explains to game players how U4GM sells Madden 21 Coins:
  • List a player on the auction house that you'll hardly need and that's not an untradeable.
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As the cover player of Madden 21, I believe there will be many gamers who want to get Lamar Jackson's player card. But do gamers know all the Lamar Jackson players? In order to help you make the best choice and save nfl 21 coins, I would like you to briefly introduce all the player cards of Lamar Jackson in Madden 21.
Power Up-74OVR
Power Up player cards have huge potential. As long as you have enough training, you can upgrade your 74OVR player card to 94OVR. The entire upgrade process is:
    Tier 1-76OVR 10 Training
    Tier 2-78OVR 17 Training
    Tier 3-80OVR 109 Training
    Tier 4-82OVR 160 Training
    Tier 5-84OVR 320 Training
    Tier 6-87OVR Unknown Collectible
    Tier 7-87OVR 5 Training
    Tier 8-90OVR Unknown Collectible
    Tier 9-91OVR 2100 Training
    Tier 10-94OVR Unknown Collectible
When you upgrade your player card to 94OVR, you will find that Lamar Jackson’s attributes have greatly improved in all aspects. The corresponding data chart is given below:
Madden  21 Lamar Jackson
And the price of this card is also very cheap. The prices on Xbox, PS and PC platforms are 3K, 4K and 5K madden 21 coins respectively.
Snow Beasts-80OVR
Lamar Jackson’s player card was launched during the Zero Chill event just in the past. We don’t know his selling price on various platforms for the time being, and it’s only worth 160 Training on Quicksell. But the attribute data of this player card is still good. For those gamers who have just finished Madden 21, this is a good card to enrich their team. The following is the detailed data of this player card:
Madden 21 Lamar Jackson
M21 Reward-86OVR, 91OVR
Lamar Jackson has two M21 Reward player cards, they are 86OVR and 91OVR. The selling price of these two player cards on each platform is not yet known. Known gamers can supplement this article. But if you don’t want to use these two player cards, you can sell them at Quicksell. The 86OVR player card is worth 650 Training and the 91OVR player card is worth 2500 Training. 86OVR's player card attribute data is:
Madden 21 Lamar Jackson
91OVR player card attribute data:
Madden 21 Lamar Jackson
Core Elite-86OVR
Lamar Jackson’s core elite player card has a total rating of 86 OVR. Gamers can use this item to complete a step on this player's Power Up item. If you want to get this player card, then Xbox One gamers need to spend 21.1K madden 21 coins, PS4 gamers need to spend 23.6K madden 21 coins, while PC platform game players need to spend 34.9K madden 21 coins. If you don't want to use this player card, then gamers can also use it to get 1300 Training at Quicksell. The following is the detailed data of this player card:
Madden 21 Lamar Jackson
Superstar MVPs
This player card should be what gamers want most! Although the total rating of this player card is not the highest, this item is equipped with Safety Valve, Dashing Deadeye, Escape Artist, and the Truzz X-Factor. Due to this feature, this player card is worth 70.6K on Xbox One madden 21 coins, which are worth 89.3K madden 21 coins on the PS4 platform and 97.6K madden 21 coins on the PC platform. Although he only has 89OVR, he can still redeem it for 3600 Training at Quicksell, but I believe that no gamers will sell it. The main attributes of this player card are:
Madden 21 Lamar Jackson

The above is a brief introduction to Lamar Jackson’s six player cards. Do gamers want to get one of them?
goodgamer 12 january 2021, 2:35

The NFL game has entered the 17th week of the schedule, and the playoffs are already at hand. At this time, what gamers want to know most is which teams can enter the playoffs. Now, in order to satisfy the curiosity of game players, U4GM has simulated the subsequent game in Madden 21. Let’s learn more about it. For more information, come to U4GM. There is also mut 21 coins for sale.

Week 17

DOLPHINS (11-5) 17-7 BILLS (12-4)
The Dolphins came up with the upset in the final week to stop the Bills trying to get the #2 seed. This was enough for the Dolphins to secure #5 spot ahead of the Ravens. It wasn't a high scoring game, but the Dolphins defense did enough to hold Josh Allen to a no-score game with the Dolphins superior run game being the difference.

SAINTS (12-4) 35-28 PANTHERS (5-11)
The Saints secure #2 seed with a win against division rivals playing for pride. Drew Brees has a very efficient day, throwing three TDs and no INTs in only 20 completions. Alvin Kamara has a 113-yard day running the ball to get the W .

JAGS (2-13) 19-17 COLTS (10-6)
The Jags give up the 1st overall pick in a surprise win that fans may actually be annoyed about. At the same time, the loss costs the Colts a playoff appearance and handing the Titans the #4 seed on a tiebreaker. Jags fans won't be thanking Gardner Minshew for his standout performance.

TITANS (10-6) 21-28 TEXANS (5-11)
Another upset with AFC South teams. The Titans scrape the #4 seed on a tiebreaker despite the loss and the Texans give up a hefty amount of spots in the draft. But as the Dolphins have their pick, their fanbase will be OK with this. The Texans defense held Derrick Henry to only 51 yards and then Deshaun Watson did the rest on offense.

PACKERS (13-3) 28-21 BEARS (8-8)
The Packers lock up the #1 seed in the NFC with the win and get a well-deserved bye week. The Bears finish 8-8 and just outside of the playoffs. Aaron Jones was unstoppable with 15 carries for 156 yards and two TDs.

RAVENS (11-5) 51-20 BENGALS (4-11-1)
The Ravens end the season with a great record but can't edge the Steelers, so finish with the #6 seed. The Bengals add another loss to the season and are in the mix for a top draft pick. Lamar Jackson and Willie Snead team up for three TDs as a duo that schools the Bengals defense.

STEELERS (13-3) 30-24 BROWNS (10-6)
Despite the close Steelers win, both teams make the playoffs. The Steelers come away with the #2 seed thanks to the victory though. The Browns scrape in past the Colts on a tiebreaker to get #7 seed. Plenty of turnovers with both QBs handing the ball to the opposition's secondary, but a pair of Vance McDonald TDs make the difference.

VIKINGS (6-10) 24-28 LIONS (6-10)
The Lions edge the Vikings in a game with no playoff implications, both teams finished 6-10 and will have question marks over their QBs and the plans going forward. Dalvin Cook has 118 yards and a TD but Stafford is Golladay has the same through the air and they edge it.

CHARGERS (6-10) 21-49 CHIEFS (15-1)
The #1 seed already locked up doesn't stop the Chiefs from destroying the Chargers. Chargers fizzle out and look to next season as an improving team. Mahomes does Mahomes things with four TDs. But then Le'Veon Bell also has three on the ground.

JETS (2-14) 10-28 PATRIOTS (7-9)
The Jets get the #1 pick back after the Jags unlikely win. The Patriots end the season with a losing record and look forward to questions about their QB. Hello Trevor Lawrence. Stephon Gilmore helps out a struggling Cam Newton and returns one to the house .

COWBOYS (6-10) 10-17 GIANTS (6-10)
Don't let the records fool you. This was a massive win for the Giants and enough to move them to #4 seed in the NFC by winning the NFC East. Three teams with the same record but the Giants win the tiebreakers. The QBs match each other distinctly average play, but defense wins championships, and a Julian Love pick marks the gap between the teams.

FOOTBALL TEAM (6-10) 17-24 EAGLES (5-10-1)
The Football Team fans are gutted here. A win would have taken the division and the playoffs, but it wasn't to be. The Eagles can't even get in but they get the win to spite their rivals. Steven Sims has a breakout day with 6 catches for 120 yards and a TD but it's not enough to get the W.

FALCONS (4-12) 28-35 BUCCS (11-5)
As much as they try, the Falcons can't upset their rivals. They go away with a top 5 pick for their troubles. The Buccs could have rested players as the #5 seed was locked but that doesn't matter here. Ryan throws two TDs but also two INTs. Antoine Winfield and Shaquil Barrett gratefully take the game bonus and the takeaways.

RAIDERS (7-9) 35-38 BRONCOS (6-10)
The Broncos edged the Raiders in a thrilling game that unfortunately means very little apart from a few draft places. Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs both have monster days, but then so does Jerry Jeudy and Melvin Gordon. Defenses stayed at home in this nothing game.

CARDINALS (9-7) 14-13 RAMS (9-7)
These NFC West foes come close in a brawl, but it's actually enough to see them both through. The Cardinals win gives them the #6 seed, whilst the Rams take the #7 seed. Both teams disappoint, particularly Kyler Murray with zero TDs and a pick. A pair of Eno Benjamin TDs on the goal line is enough.

SEAHAWKS (12-4) 31-7 49ERS (6-10)
It's too much for two 49ers upsets in a row and they lose to the eventual #3 seed Seahawks. The Seahawks running backs have a day. Carson with 101 yards and Penny with 44, both scoring TDs.


The headline awards are done and dusted and these were the key winners:
MVP-Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
Coach of the Year- Andy Reid, Chiefs
AFC OPOY-Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
AFC DPOY-Zack Cunningham, Texans
AFC OROY-Justin Herbert, Chargers
AFC DROY-Patrick Queen, Ravens
NFC OPOY-Kyler Murray, Cardinals
NFC DPOY-Devin White, Buccaneers
NFC OROY-Antonio Gibson, Football Team
NFC DROY-Jeremy Chinn, Panthers

Super Bowl LIV Winner

The Cleveland Browns
The fans are dreaming in Believeland. They have waited decades to even get to the playoffs and despite creeping in at #7 seed they do enough to go all the way, beating the #1, #2, and #4 AFC seeds along the way . They beat the Packers 38-23 in a thriller in Tampa Bay. Baker Mayfield has nearly a perfect game, and the Browns defense picks off Rodgers three times.

The above is the final prediction of the NFL game at madden 21. How many of them do gamers think is closer to reality? Welcome to express your thoughts, or come to U4GM to discuss relevant information with other gamers. At U4GM you can also buy the cheapest Madden 21 Coins.
goodgamer 30 december 2020, 8:17

The superstar abilities and X-factors in Madden 21 have greatly enhanced the playability of the game and have been loved by gamers. And recently EA plans to add new superstar abilities to Madden 21, I believe this will make Madden 21 games more interesting. But do gamers understand the difference between superstar abilities and X-factors? Which of the two is more useful to us? Let's briefly discuss it below.

Separating great from good
The addition of X-Factor and Superstar abilities as part of the newness included in Madden 20 has had mixed reviews. With criticism around how they rate players, EA Sports tried to slowly lower the average rating in the game and create a bigger spectrum. With that, they needed a way of making good players really good. Let's face it, there's not a massively noticeable difference in-game between a player with 80 speed and 85 speed.

So they introduced the abilities model. Depending on the players stats, they will unlock abilities that match their play style and development traits. Over time, players can gain and lose abilities as their stats change. If a player becomes an X-Factor development trait, this then unlocks those abilities in game.

What's the difference between X-Factor and Superstar abilities?
The biggest difference between them is that Superstar abilities are always activated. Many players are drawn to flashy X-Factor abilities. Having a QB with the Omaha ability meant you can see what coverage they are in. There's no doubting they make a huge difference. But they often come with barriers in play to activate.

For example, the Omaha ability mentioned requires you to have 6 consecutive completed passes of more than 5 yards in the air. Then once you have them activated, you can lose them by taking a sack of a tackle for loss. In the CFM world, many running leagues have commented on how this has encouraged spam styles of playing as players try to unlock them for an edge.

Superstar abilities are more important
There will be around 120 Superstar abilities in Madden 21 and the sheer volume makes them as valuable as the X-Factor ones. Because they are active permanently, they do damage to the opponent on every single play. Using Derrick Henry's 'Arm bar' ability on every single tackler in a game makes a bigger difference than the 'Freight Train' X-Factor he has that requires three 10+ yard runs first. Once you manage to activate this ability, it only takes a single tackle for loss for it to disappear again. When building a MUT or Franchise team, don't be distracted by the X-Factor stars. There's much more value in Superstar players.

Which of these two jobs do game players think is more helpful to the game? Welcome to express your opinion. Or come to U4GM to discuss related topics with many gamers, this U4GM also has Madden 21 Coins for sale.
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There are many excellent WRs in Madden 21, but who is the best among gamers? I think many gamers will say without thinking it is DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals, because his overall rating is 99OVR, he is the only WR currently in the Madden 21 99 club. But gamers don’t forget that there are Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill and Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams. Although both of them are now only 98OVR, based on their performance on the field, I believe that gamers will not doubt that they are eligible to join the 99 club.

First of all, let us first understand the details of DeAndre Hopkins, who can be named a member of Madden 99 club by Madden 21, I believe his strength is absolutely top. In this season, DeAndre Hopkins has performed well on the court, and on November 19th, the data of 700 receptions broke the record set by his teammate Larry Fitzgerald, becoming the most in this data. Young player, because of his outstanding performance, he was also named NFC offensive player in the tenth week. As a 99OVR WR, he has excellent attribute values ​​in the game, including basic attributes such as 99AWR, 99CTH, 99JMP, 99SPC, 99CIT, 99RLS and 98STA. I have to say that it is absolutely right to be rated as 99OVR with such excellent strength.
Then let us take a look at the performance of Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill. I believe that many gamers will not be unfamiliar with his performance, especially in the 12th week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Hill finished the game with 13 catches for a career-high 269 yards and three touchdowns during the 27– 24 victory. He was also named AFC offensive player this week. In addition, Hill started the 2020 season with four consecutive games recording a receiving touchdown. And in the following games also has a good performance of five consecutive touchdowns and 9 times. In the game, Tyreek Hill only has a total rating of 98OVR, but his 99SPD and 99ACC attribute values ​​make any opponent feel a headache. In addition, Tyreek Hill also has 99COD, 97DRR, 97JKM, 96BCV, 98AGI and 96AWR attributes. Value. Although the attribute value is not as good as DeAndre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill is definitely the top WR and is not inferior to anyone's excellent WR.
Finally, there is WR Davante Adams of Green Bay Packers. He was just rated 98OVR in the 13th week, but he definitely owns the strength of the top two players. Although he was not rated as an offensive player like the first two players, nor did he have an explosive performance in a certain week like them, the strength of Davante Adams lies in his stability, which makes him and QB Asia Len Rogers has a seamless fit on the court. And in Week 12 against the Chicago Bears, Adams recorded his 500th career catch on a 12-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers, becoming the fifth receiver in Packers history to reach that mark. In Madden 21, Davante Adams also has 99CTH, Excellent properties of 98AWR, 96STA, 99SRR, 97MRR, 97RLS and 94JMP.
The above is a simple comparison of the three top WRs. Who do gamers think is the best WR? Welcome to express your thoughts?

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The next generation of Madden 21 has been launched. EA has announced earlier that gamers with Madden 21 Xbox One or PS4 version can upgrade the game to the next generation for free, and will perfectly inherit the game progress of the previous generation game and Madden 21 mut coins . But do game players guide how to do it? Here is how to pass Franchise move files to the next generation.
Before we go over what you need to actually do, remember the following two points before actually transferring over any files.
goodgamer 7 december 2020, 9:34

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As we all know, Madden 21 is a video game that is updated in real time based on the performance of players in reality, especially the overall rating of players that can reflect the recent performance and status of players. When using Madden Coins to buy players, game players will also choose players with higher total ratings. However, the total ratings of some players in the game will also be considered to be unable to truly reflect the player's strength. Today we will discuss Allen Whether Robinson's rating in the game is appropriate.

Is Allen Robinson underrated? When it comes to his actual rating in Madden ‘21, the Bears star receiver certainly thinks so. To get his ratings boosted, Robinson teamed up with Adam Lefkoe to put together a highlight reel illustrating exactly why he needs a bump in his numbers.
goodgamer 3 december 2020, 9:50

After the main content of Madden 21 Blitz was released, Madden 21 launched two LTD players for the Blitz event. In the game, both players have an overall score of 93OVR, and the gamers who form the ultimate team can use mutcoins to get them. Let's learn more about it below.

Kyler Murray
Our first surprise of the Blitz Program is LTD Kyler Murray! His latest item has been released into packs for a limited amount of time. Kyler is a Scrambler QB Archetype with 92 SPD, 93 ACC, 93 COD, 92 THP, and 89 SAC ratings . This item quicksells for 250,000 Coins and is Power Up eligible.
Madden 21 Kyler Murray
DeForest Buckner
EA has released a new LTD DeForest Buckner into packs for a limited-time. Buckner is a Speed ​​Rusher DT with 73 SPD, 93 FMV, 93 PRC, 93 AWA, 92 TAK, and 91 BSH ratings. This item quicksells for 250,000 Coins and is Power Up eligible.
Madden 21 DeForest Buckner
Are gamers interested in these two players? Now you can enter the game to get them. Among them, Kyler Murray is worth 825,000 and 955,000 Madden 21 Coins on Xbox and PS4, respectively, while DeForest Buckner is priced at 680000 on Xbox and 770000 on PS4.

Gamers go to the game and include them in their ultimate team.
goodgamer 30 november 2020, 9:42
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