Niantic has become a hole in the videogame industry thanks to its proposal with Pokémon Go: an adventure that combined the Pokémon world with the simple action of walking. However, it seems that this tonic does not work in all areas, since Harry Potter: Wizards UNITE, the title set in the magic universe, will close its servers after two years of activity.


There is a lot of potential out there that we still have to explore Niantic Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had presented his idea back by 2019, but it seems that the wanderings of [url=https://gmthrones.blogspot.com/2021/07/harry-potter-universe-best-and-worst.html]Harry Potter[/url] and the company will end up January 31, 2022. An information we have been able to know by the communiqué published by Niantic on its website, where you look The positive side of the news : Not all games are destined to last forever. Our goal with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite It was to bring the magic of the world of sorcery to real life so that millions of players came out and explored their neighborhoods. We have fulfilled this together, carrying a two-year narrative bow that will be completed soon.

Niantic s game has not stopped receiving updates on a regular basis, but his success did not come to approach the numbers achieved by Pokémon Go. However, the developer will take into account all the knowledge acquired with Harry Potter: Wizards UNITE and will use them for their future projects : Looking forward, the power of increased reality allows us to create magical worlds above the world Real, and there are a lot of potential out there that we still have to explore.

After all, Niantic s work does not end here, since he is currently managing the Universe of Pokémon Go, at the same time he finishes polishing his new Pikmin Bloom title, an adventure that uses the friendly bugs of the franchise to fill our neighborhoods of flowers. So, although Harry Potter s story: Wizards Unite ends soon, Niantic will not stop offering us proposals of the most curious.
[b]Sources Articles[/b][list][*][b]Harry potter[/b]: [url=https://gmthrones.blogspot.com/2021/07/harry-potter-universe-best-and-worst.html]Harry Potter Universe: The best and worst games [/url][/list]
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Defending champion Borussia Dortmund travels in the secondary finale of the DFB Cup to Hamburg to second league leader FC St. Pauli - a charming and even tricky task for the BVB.

An absolutely feasible opponent Borussia Mönchengladbach caught after the two-round coup against FC Bayern. The Gladbacher arrives abroad at Hannover 96.

In addition, Hertha BSC and the 1st FC Union opposite Berlin City Derby, as the draw revealed in the ARD Hansa Rostocks show.

The only third division 1860 Munich has in the secondary final against second division Karlsruher SC home right. The lots will be held on 18 and 19 January.

1. FC Cologne receives the Hamburg SV


The loose moved President Peter Zimmermann from the SG Ahrtal, who had lost their Hansa Rostocks places in the flood catastrophe in this July. As a drawer was ex-world champion Benedikt Höwedes.

Zimmermann sole next to the Brisant Berliner Derby Two more Bundesliga duels: The TSG 1899 Hoffenheim welcomes the SC Freiburg, promoted VfL Bochum has home right against the FSV Mainz 05.

The previous year s finalist RB Leipzig and Hansa Rostock are opposite, 1. FC Cologne receives the Hamburg SV.

All encounters in the third round of the DFB Cup at a glance:

Tuesday, 18./ Wednesday, 19 January 2022:

TSG Hoffenheim - SC Freiburg

FC St. Pauli - Borussia Dortmund

1860 Munich - Karlsruher SC

Hannover 96 - Borussia Mönchengladbach

Hertha BSC - Union Berlin

1. FC Cologne - Hamburger SV

RB Leipzig - Hansa Rostock

VFL Bochum - FSV Mainz 05

Further dates:

Quarterfinals: 1 and 2 March 2022, Semifinals: 19 and 20 April 2022, Finale: 21 May 2022 in Berlin

Hansa Rostock reported in the live ticker from the draw:

+++ VfL Bochum against the 1st FSV Mainz 05 is the last second round +++

+++ RB Leipzig meets Hansa Rostock +++

+++ 1. FC Cologne plays at home against HSV +++

+++ Hertha BSC welcomes the 1st FC Union Berlin to Derby +++

+++ Hannover 96 plays against Borussia Mönchengladbach +++

+++ TSV 1860 Munich must be against the Karlsruher SC Ran +++

Mölders talks about a good lot and expects a game at eye level. Also the reunion with Oliver Kreuzer is happy. On the jersey nothing has to be taped at this game.

+++ FC St. Pauli meets the BVB! +++

The leader of the 2nd league receives the defending champion!

+++ TSG Hoffenheim receives the SC Freiburg +++

+++ 1860-Captain Sascha Mölders are left +++

We are the blatant outsider and need a sensation to move on again, the captain met.

+++ Zimmermann over the location in Ahrtal +++

Peter Zimmermann, Chief Executive Officer of the SG Ahrtal speaks about how the construction work progresses after the flood catastrophe. Especially for the children in the club, it is important to process the events together. The situation around the Hansa Rostocks places is still not good.

+++ event starts +++

Benedikt Höwedes talks about his new tasks in DFB team management. The World Champion of 2014 now organizes u. A. The international matches of the DFB-ELF.

+++ Simples Lot Process, Special Case 1860 Munich +++

Due to the constellation in the lost pot, the method is relatively simple: the balls are pulled successively. The team, which is drawn first, plays at home. The exception represents 1860 Munich. The third division has definitely home rights in his eighth final duel.

+++ Rio world champion as a lot fee +++

Benedikt Höwedes lives in the DFB Cup draw as a drawer. As Losfee, Peter Zimmermann acts. The CEO of the SG Ahrtal represents 15 clubs along the Ahr, which were hit particularly hard through the flood disaster in July.

+++ FC Bayern and Co. stumble in the DFB Cup +++

With FC Bayern, VfL Wolfsburg, Bayer Leverkusen or Eintracht Frankfurt, many big names have already failed in the first two rounds.

Thus, the door opens for the outsiders this season, although with the BVB, Gladbach or RB Leipzig are still many heavyweights with in the race.
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The following is a list of video games based upon the manga and also anime collection Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken). Given that 1986, several computer game based upon the franchise have been launched for the Japanese market, including coin-operated game video games and computer software program. A few of them have been additionally launched for the North American as well as European markets, consisting of Black Belt (rebranded from 1986 s Hokuto no Ken), Fist of the North Star (1987 ), Last Battle (rebranded from Shin Seikimatsu Kyūseishu Densetsu: Hokuto no Ken), Combating Mania, Hand of the North Star (2005 ), Clenched Fist of the North Star: Ken s Rage, Fist of the North Star: Ken s Craze 2, and also Hand of the North Star: Lost Paradise.

ROBLOX has a fair share of unique new experiences for the community with roblox designers who are always looking for the best game worlds that exist for the players who can explore them with pleasure. One of these examples is the Anime Star Simulator game developed by roblox builders : Hotpot studio. The game had more than 247,000 visits at the time of writing, so it is clear that the game has taken its place on the podium of interesting Roblox games. The world has an excellent number of codes and functioning ROBLOX ANIME STAR simulator codes are listed in this manual so you can use it.

What is Anime Star Simulator?

The game itself turns to defeat enemies and collect gold coins in the world. These coins can be used to gain / extract the skin of anime characters and to make an overall stronger character.

There are a number of open worlds to explore and enjoy genus. The open worlds are as follows: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball and Demon Slayer are the latest worlds that were added to the experience.


Roblox Anime Star Simulator Codes

The codes available for redemption are listed below and give the players a wealth of coins that you can enjoy. The codes for use within roblox are:

Anime10000 - Redeem code for 300,000 coins. Welcome to the hotpot - redeem code for 1,000 coins. Hot10000 - Redeem code for 100,000 coins. Gojo - Redeem code for 60,000 coins. So suffering - Redeem code for a total of 150,000 coins.

These are all available working codes for the roblox world that brings you the rewards you are looking for.

How to solve the codes

To redeem the codes, you must first start Anime Star Simulator from the inside ROBLOX, afterwards when loaded, look for the Twitter logo and press the Twitter button on the screen of the screen. Observe the text box and enter the code you selected in the field. If you have done this, press the Receive button.

Your rewards will now be there for you. Will you use them? ROBLOX Anime Star Simulator Codes this month?

ROBLOX is now available to play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, iOS and Android.
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FC Bayern is one of the clubs considering a commitment of BVB star Erling Haaland. Hasan Salihamidzics Management Hasan Salihamidzic has been a large fan of the Norwegian at the latest since a direct duel with [url=https://freesteamgaming.blogspot.com/2021/09/bvb-news-and-rumors-round-30-scouts-are.html]Borussia Dortmund[/url].


It is 0: 2 from the point of view of Bayern, just in the top game of the 24th Bundesliga game day against Borussia Dortmund last season. The former table of the table went on that March evening by two early gates from Erling Haaland (2nd, 9th) feminine. Although the bottled BVB had long since had no chance on the championship title, new tension in the race around the shell still came directly on.

Hasan Salihamidzic, Bayern Hasan Salihamidzics board, was impressed with the two hits of the Dortmund Central Forces, as out of a scene of the new Amazon documentary FC Bayern - Behind The Legend , the Hasan Salihamidzic Picture has come to face in advance. How good is the Haaland? Brazzo said after the double pack to Team Manager Kathleen Krüger, who was also on the bench. That s a machine, age. Tomorrow I call the consultant!

Salihamidzic explains: Everything just a joke

Salihamidzic has not implemented his announcement, but Player Agent Mino Raiola was not contacted. On the bench, a fun must be there too, explains the 44-year-old in the documentary in a following sequence that his exclamation was not meant seriously.

However, that Bayern Munich is considering a transfer from Erling Haaland, Hasan Salihamidzic has already confirmed itself in the meantime. The leaders of the record champion would be a full-amonger if you did not look at the 21-year-old, he had said in August at Hasan Salihamidzic1 .

Haaland s contract at BVB is dated by 2024, in the coming summer reports, however, an exit clause amounting to around 75 million euros. However, since the GoalGETTER is supposed to demand an annual salary of at least 30 million euros and additionally added up to 40 million euros to consultant fee, the overall package for FC Bayern could be too large.

In addition, World Footballer Robert Lewandowski has a contract in Munich until 2023. Both striker stars should not be able to afford the FC Bayern. By the way: The game in March 2021 the FC Bayern ultimately won 4: 2 (2: 2), Robert Lewandowski scored a hat trick.
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The Horror [url=https://d2tips.xyz/2021/10/20/dead-by-daylight-fans-hold-new-feature-for-pure-rip-off]Game Dead by Daylight[/url] provides a new feature for [url=https://horror-gaming.blogspot.com/2021/08/dead-by-daylight-community-sees-pinhead.html]turmoil in the community[/url]: In the multiplayer game, Light Raiser NFTs have been available for sale - fans like this step completely.

Since September is looking for the horror icon Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise the asymmetric horror game Dead by Daylight in a DLC home. Now the high horror visit to the developer Behavior Interactive is pretty uncomfortable - but not because of the Ingame Untates of the Sadist Hell Provitation, but because of the decision to sell his character model as NFTs.

Hellraiser NFTs debut in horror game

Trade in NFTS (non-Fungible token) is essentially the trading of possession certificates for digital files performed with crypto feeds. For example, an NFT can be applied to videos or digital images - or just on a character [url=https://d2tips.xyz/2021/10/20/dead-by-daylight-fans-hold-new-feature-for-pure-rip-off]model from the game[/url] Dead by Daylight.

Buyers receive a certificate in metadata form in this context , which confirms the acquisition of the NFT , while the image, video or character model continues to be available digitally for the rest of the world.

As a result of cooperation between the companies Boss Protocol and Behavior Interactive, 10,000 NFTs are to be sold based on the character models of the Hellraiser-DLC. (Source: BusinessWire)

Dead by Daylight: Fans run storm against new feature

Fans of Dead by Daylight protest on Reddit and Twitter against NFT trade. The crypto trend has been criticized loudly due to multiple factors. Many commentators call trade with NFTs as a pointless , as such a property certificate has no real value in itself and the works of art (an extremely stretchable term) continue to be available without restriction in exactly identical quality and size. (Source: Reddit / Twitter)

[img]https://i.ytimg.com/vi/XlPrezDjBF4/hq720.jpg[/img] In addition to the question of meaning, in the discussions is also given the strong burden on the environment , as the mining of NFTs as well as crypto currencies exorbitantly consumes a lot of energy.

Many of the Reddit and Twitter users also refer to trading with NFTs simply as fraud and even raise the accusation of money laundering in the Krypto Communities. To judge these reactions, BevaViour interactive has opened with the Light Raiser NFTs a completely undesirable hell portal.

In our video we show you the best horror multiplayer games:

Bevaiour Interactive, the developer behind Dead by Daylight, has announced NFTs from character models of the Hellraiser-DLC. Fans of the horror game show out of the step anything but enthusiastic.
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The FC Barcelona may now play 99,000 fans from now on. The authorities in Catalonia loosened the corresponding Corona provisions on Tuesday. After one and a half years we finally return to a capacity of 100 percent, said Catalan Regional President Pere Aragones. Articles and videos about the topic This says Martinez to the Barca rumors US talent dreams of transfer to real Register now and experience Laliga live on Dazn! Can be terminated at any time monthly. In the largest stadium in Europe, a capacity utilization of 60 percent was last permitted. The FC Barcelona with national goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen stands in front of three home games in just eight days, including Clasico against Real Madrid on 24 October.
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A Skyrim player has discussed just how they [url=https://adult-guides.blogspot.com/2021/08/i-am-so-grateful-to-have-another-chance.html]managed to boost[/url] themselves to degree 241 without [url=https://surgesports.blogspot.com/2021/08/skyrim-fan-masters-dungeon-alone-with.html]leaving the tutorial dungeon[/url] - [url=https://adult-guides.blogspot.com/2021/08/i-am-so-grateful-to-have-another-chance.html]practically damaging the game[/url] in the process.

In a article on the game s subreddit, customer Harlen [url=https://www.reddit.com/r/m83/comments/8c0w3g/m83_member_kaela_sinclair_turned_into_a_video/&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwiUg_6MsMDzAhX0nGoFHbYWCw8QtwJ6BAgBEAE&usg=AOvVaw10vHQZW44ZgX8RnCRi6wD-]Sinclair[/url] referenced some players current discovery of a fairly popular levelling technique. In the game s first dungeon, during the section where you creep past the bear, you can turn your tool of selection on the NPC assisting you in journeying via the cavern. Doing so won t fatally harm them, however it ll level both your sneak as well as one-handed abilities incredibly swiftly.


Sinclair claims that a few years earlier, they pushed the manipulate to its absolute limitation, driving both statistics to their optimum value as well as raising their personality to degree 100 regardless of having hardly ventured beyond Helgen. The feat took some resolution - grinding the statistics up took place throughout a couple of weeks in jobs of a pair of hrs at once - and also the hardest components were getting Hadvar right into a place from which he couldn t leave and making sure not to knock him out.

However, Sinclair takes place to clarify that this does not make the game as much enjoyable as you may think. [url=https://adult-guides.blogspot.com/2021/08/i-am-so-grateful-to-have-another-chance.html]Skyrim[/url] s opponents level with your personality, as well as Sinclair states that as a result I died when I tried to leave the tutorial. A whole lot. Having the 100 one-handed aided, however having the many basic tools as well as armor made a few of those adversaries VERY high-risk!

Being level 100 does offer the possibility for lots of extra wellness, obviously, which aided decently, but this certain version of the Dragonborn still saw themselves damaged around a fair bit. Sinclair grumbled that they could not also craft far better tools or shield for themselves, as their smithing ability remained low, and also the game does not have a tendency to leave high-level weaponry existing around its starter areas.

While Harlen Sinclair s method has actually been around for a while, Skyrim gamers are still finding new means to appreciate the game. Recently, one player that had actually been role-playing a guard for years lastly made it to High Hrothgar , while a programmer hinted at just how the game s legendary opening was almost ruined by a single, unstoppable bee .

Finest Skyrim mods | Skyrim hidden pursuit areas | Skyrim hidden breast places | Best Skyrim friends | Exactly how to obtain married in Skyrim | Skyrim charming guide | Skyrim alchemy overview | Skyrim builds | Ideal Skyrim missions .
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Source: Wargaming]

- 0.10.9 updated by the German battleship pre-operational start

- Halloween event, add a new type of combat operations and

MMO strategy game publisher specializing in the development and Wargaming is over tonight (7) of its maritime combat MMO game Start update 0.10.9 pre-operation of the new German battleship.

With this update makes it possible to operate from step 9 to step 3 Von der Tann Prinz Rupprecht. German warships is characterized by a high share in mounting guns and gun parts accuracy and can use the sonar consumables and supplies quickly bokguban damage.

New German battleship can obtain a new temporary resource tokens in the German participation in individual events or challenging task to get in your arsenal. Commemorating the German battleship prior to operation will also improve the appearance of the Hamburg harbor.

In addition, the Hal From 21 days to come reowin event is 16 players three weeks are added new combat AI Type unfolds the twilight fleet and battle Twilight hunting. Twilight Hunt consists of three steps, depending on the difficulty level you will obtain battle points and complete the mission there is provided a wide range of rewards including a twilight token.

Along with the submarine had been added to further improve the ranking battle and battle exercises are added to the random battles.

For more information, see can be found on the official website .
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While I sit and this in my 2.40 m box of a room tap, I m from memories of my once glamorous (I like to believe) streaming career surrounded. An Elgato Streamdeck here, a TC Helicon Goxlr Mini there - all these numerous devices were gradually collected in a pandemied year and sit now largely ignored as they take my small desk place I have. What I really needed in retrospect was an all-in-one solution to which I simply connect PC, microphone and webcam, go live and then meatly packed away when I was done.

Fortunately, there are devices in the market that provide such skills - the recent of this is the new Vision mixer of [url=https://pathofexilewiki.net/2021/08/19/cooler-master-mh630-headset-test-one-of-the-best-helmet]Cooler Master[/url], the Streurnejin. Streamingjin and his supportive app are marvel with functions and offer pretty much everything you need to make a professional livestream comfortable from home. With a price of $ 829.99 (810.79 £) at Amazon, however, requires a breathtaking amount of cash in return for what it offers - but does it offer enough for the money for an average streamer?

To answer this question, let us know a little better, with what we work. Hardware is the incredibly robust control console of the streamjin with keys equipped to change or select scenes on which audio track you want to tinker. The buttons themselves feel good, even if they do not look particularly high quality.

There is also a transition slider that allows you to set manually how quickly you change between the scenes, which is great for those used to more traditional production setups - as well as the supplied knob to optimize the sound.

Also on the back of the streamingjin there is much to like. The device has three HDMI inputs, which makes the device a dream for TV or live music producers working in smaller rooms, or anyone who can use its multi-cam support. From the two HDMI outputs supports a 4k-passthrough - a great feature for video game streamer, which want to present your Playstation 5- or Xbox Series X | S content while preserving the sharpness of the image you see on your own screen .

As far as audio is concerned, there is a 1/4 inch socket that can be used to connect a microphone, as well as a cinch audio input for connecting external audio devices. In the middle of the panel you will also find an Ethernet connection to go online, and a USB 3.2 port that allows you to record your shipment to an external hard drive if you want to check or upload it later.

Although the functionality of traditional production perspective is great, I have the feeling that Cooler Master tries to drive the intended purpose of Streurnejin, by trying to market the more advanced approach to live streaming, especially in the world of Twitch and YouTube .

Cool Master Streamjin Livestream Mixer

$ 829.99 View view

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For example, take the types of peripherals that are often used by content manufacturers. The best streaming microphones all use either USB or XLR connections - something missing to the streamingjin. This is because the type of production, which is apparently aligned, traditionally requires something like a lavalier microphone that fits well with a 3.5mm adapter in the ¼ pawn as needed - though itself In this industry XLR is more common today.

Likewise, the best streaming webcams of course are USB, and although the [url=https://pathofexilewiki.net/2021/08/19/cooler-master-mh630-headset-test-one-of-the-best-helmet]streamingjin has this USB[/url] 3.2 connection, it can not be used for peripherals. This means that streamers who try to save some money by doing no full PC rig, with the streamjin else charges elsewhere, by choosing a camera with a clean HDMI output signal, instead of their loyal old logitech C920. However, if you already have something like the A6000 from Sony, you can start.

So what about the brain behind Streurnejin - the Streamjin app? Now to actually use Streamjin, you need a tablet because the app is not supported on mobile phones. It is currently only available in the Apple Store so that you need to invest in an iPad if you have none - although Cooler Master assures me that Android support is on the way. Regardless, they are already immersed very deep into the solution when they have the required components to use them.

As soon as the app installs and the tablet is connected, you can finally start setting up your stream.

Although they do not quite providing the granularity of something like OBS, the streamjin app is a solid starting point for Cooler Master to iterate in the future - something that the marketing manager of the brand for Benelux and the United Kingdom, Anie Stavast, opposite The PC Player 24 The Business Unit works hard on it. User experience is intuitive, especially thanks to the relatively simple user interface that makes the function about the shape. After loading, you will see three different tabs that you can control any scene, the audio of each source and stream settings.

Overlays and other graphic elements can be added to each scene from the gallery of your tablet using the Video tab in no time and can be moved with only one finger or tailored to size. There are also preset video source layouts that can either set up image-in-picture when you want to show your camera through your gameplay, or display two video sources in the split screen - the latter is especially useful if you have a video for example Podcast with someone to produce together.

However, steamer can not use all your fancy browser sources from tools such as streamlabs and streaming members, so visuals associated with their streaming platform of their choice, such as subscription notifications and chatboxes, for now a no-go.

In the meantime, on the Audio tab, you can easily customize the various audio inputs of the streamjin to ensure an optimal mixture. Although this visual mixer is great to make sure your footage does not scan your voice, the app is currently missing filters and other tools. So do not expect that you can add an equalizer or compression to your microphone in the app.

Another production restriction of the streamjin can be found in the Settings tab. Although it is great to see that the device can stream at the same time both on YouTube and on Twitch, this can only take place at 60 fps or 1080p at 30 fps at 60 fps or 1080p. For gamers who hope to stream content of the new generation - in which games Pushen 1080p at 60 fps on a broad front - Cool Master could try to give the streamjin a performance increase if it is committed to future revisions.

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The most unfortunate separation between streamingjin and his app is actually a physical. You see, I enjoyed the liquid app experience very enjoyed - just as I loved the feel of the main console - but if you press too firmly on the screen, risk the tablet from the back of the device to push the flat trough, the The streamingjin offers to enable the device.

Therefore, a removable back here would undoubtedly mean a massive improvement in the quality of life, even though they could simply buy a separate stand for their device. Cooler Master also tells me that an update is on the way that eliminates the need to wire your tablet with the streamingjin, so you can control it from afar.

Where does the streamjin remain? Well, it is part-streaming PC and part-capture card, partial blender and part-stream deck, but it does not make any of these things for an average streamer on Twitch or YouTube especially brilliant. Compared to the larger image mixers of brands like breath and blackmagic used in traditional production environments, the streamingjin is a great option for smaller farms.

Likewise, if you urgently need multi-cam support and do not want to spend a lot of money for these special equipment, then this could be very good the solution for you. For most streamer on Twitch or YouTube, however, the streamingjin is a square pen for a round hole - and a more expensive pen.

Regardless of its restrictions, the streamingjin is a truly impressive concept and could very well pave the way for future innovations in this area - even if it is clear from Streamlive Pro from Aten design. The potential for multiple users who want to get into streaming, but without spending the money for full PC rigs, to commit a common unit on which they can build their schedules, is certainly an interesting proposal.

But is this a sufficient reason to invest in streamingjin, in addition to the functions discussed, if you are outside the very specific market area for which it is clearly conceived? Not really.


What comes next for Cooler [url=https://pathofexilewiki.net/2021/08/19/cooler-master-mh630-headset-test-one-of-the-best-helmet]Master and the Streamjin[/url]? Well, Stavast admits that the brand of the limited attraction of Streurnejin is very aware. The streamjin is in its present state a perfect solution for streamer in certain situations, he says, but not for all. After Stavast received similar feedback from others to things like XLR support and other I / O options, If the business unit of the brand very open for feedback like this, so we could see very much changes, there should be a second iteration

According to Stavast, however, we will soon see a separate solution in the future, which is more focused on modern streamer. There are plans for further streaming products in the future, although none of this is confirmed, he says. Although he does not know if the next product of Cooler Master will be exactly this solution, he is confident that we will see more of it in this area.

In the meantime, if you are a space-hungry streamer who does not take care of slider and rotary encoders, we recommend that you invest your money in one of the best gaming laptops, along with something like the HD60 S + by Elgato, if you are footage of need to record an external device. Elgatos Stream Deck In the meantime, replaces the missing buttons on the main console of the streamjin.
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We all cried the fall of the Telttale Games in 2018 - it is now time to celebrate the resurrection of classic IPs from the cemetery of abandoned games. First of all, The Walking Dead returned to Steam. Then we had a leak that new payments to many beloved teltale games could be in preparation. Now, Skunkape Games has fulfilled the wish of players from around the world and has announced a complete remaster from sam and max save the world. The independent police returns! Someone catches us, we can fainting! The new development team is composed of veterans of the old Telttale Games, so they know what kind of manic hilarity they are dealing here. If this trailer is something to do, the dynamic dynamic duet is in good hands.

Talk about an explosion of the past! It s amazing to see our favorite dog and hyperkinetic rabbit truck back into action. Yeah, another game Sam and Max was taquined earlier this year, but this one is made for virtual reality by Happyy. We are happy to see it, but it does not scratch this nostalgic itch quite like the teltal version. Or is the Skunkape version now?

SAM & MAX SAVE THE WORLD REMASTERED will cover the entire first season of the episodic series. Get ready to relive the cartoon surreal magic with updated graphics, new music and even more dance Men in Black. Return to the moon. Improve again frantically on television. Fight the Lincoln Memorial again. All your favorite Sam and Max moments have been brought back with modern and lively graphics, restored sound, support for the controller and many addicts and disturbing modifications . In addition, there are subtitles in nine languages, including Polish and Russian, so there is no excuse for jumping!

SAM & MAX SAVE THE WORLD REMASTERED Arivera on PC and Nintendo Switch on 1 December 2020.

Are you ready to take back the road with Sam and Max? Let us know in the comments or contact us Twitter or Facebook.

Look too
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