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[Introduction]Sodium butyrate is an organic compound. It has a great effect when used as a feed additive. Generally, the amount of sodium butyrate added to the feed is about 100-150 grams. Farmers can decide according to the physical conditions of livestock and poultry.

Sodium butyrate is commonly used asFeed additives, sodium butyrate feed additives can not only promote the intestinal development of early weaned piglets, enhance immunity, and prevent various viruses, but also improve the production performance of sows and prevent diarrhea.

The efficacy of sodium butyrate feed additive

1. Butyric acid in sodium butyrate can improve the digestion and absorption capacity of the animal intestine, sterilize and enhance immunity, and also improve the resistance of animals to the environment, so it is widely used in feed additives.

2. Sodium butyrate plays a particularly important role in pig feed. Feeding sodium butyrate to early weaned piglets can promote intestinal development, enhance immunity, and prevent various viruses.

3. The use of sodium butyrate in sows can improve production performance and prevent diarrhea. Butyrate also inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and can replace some antibiotics.

The addition amount of sodium butyrate in the feed

1. The amount of sodium butyrate added in the feed is generally about 100-150 grams, and its addition amount cannot exceed the amount of the original feed, because it is only an auxiliary agent, if it is used too much, it may not reach the level ideal effect.

2. The specific amount of addition must be determined according to the physical condition of the livestock and poultry. If the physical condition of the livestock and poultry raised is not very good, more can be added appropriately, but the dosage must be controlled.

3. When adding, it is necessary to check which animals are more sensitive to sodium butyrate. If allergic or adverse reactions occur, the use of sodium butyrate must be stopped.

4. When adding, be sure to check whether there are ingredients in the original feed that cannot be used together with sodium butyrate to avoid some adverse effects on animals.
arshine 7 november 2022, 8:35

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After I have read another smartphone review that started with words "definite leader in its screen size of 4.6 inches", I could not resist writing this post.
I am totally confused, watching the current trend of new products:

• Huge screen!!!
• More than 320 dots per inch!!!
• Quad-core processor!!!
• Separate GPU!!!
• 12000000-pixel camera!!!
• 4G/LTE/WiFi n-standard!!!
• GPS / A-GPS / NFC / Bluetooth!!!
• Only for 600 euros!!!

Where are innovations in the batteries?
Pirat 11 january 2014, 22:21


The iStorage datAshur is the Fort Knox of the flash drive world. This USB stick is designed to be hack-proof with its built-in encryption system and PIN pad. Embarrassing photos and important documents, you may consider yourself safe from being snooped.

The iStorage datAshur’s most noticeable feature is its keypad lock. The lock can be set with anywhere between a seven and 15 digit password. If someone enters the wrong PIN number 10 times in a row the stick will wipe all of its data. The iStorage datAshur also features a military-grade encryption system that encodes all data entered. The flash drive automatically powers off and unlocks once unplugged from the USB port for added security. The datashur protects your data with a “Brute Force Hack Defence Mechanism”.
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In July 2010 Indian officials said that soon will go into production an affordable tablet device that will cost only 35 U.S. dollars. Time passed and the concept of "soon" gradually transformed into "maybe, probably and possibly." However, the Indian government always has said that the tablet will be released that the device is not just fiction, but a few people believed. So, this week the tablet went on sale for 35 U.S. dollars. The truth was that the price of 35 dollars for the tablet was considering the state subsidies. Namely, at this price it will be sold to the educational institutions and their students.
Pirat 9 october 2011, 14:07