Main features and circuit diagram of RF modulator

Main features of RF modulator
1. Program sources such as digital TV set-top boxes, satellite receiver set-top boxes, video recorders, and DVDs can be connected.
2. Adopt high and intermediate frequency modulation, primary frequency conversion, and acoustic surface filter processing.
3. Up to 21 4-channel modulators can be connected by the mixer to form 84 channels.
4. Microcomputer control, double phase lock-in image and sound, standard video and audio input.
5. High-level output, continuously adjustable audio channel deviation, high reliability.
6. The RF modulator has an automatic RF output level calibration function.
7. Using frequency synthesis technology to ensure the frequency stability of the output TV channel.
8. Convenient operation, volume, video hue saturation, and RF output level can all be adjusted on the front panel.

9. The image, sound high and intermediate frequency, and radiofrequency local oscillator all adopt MCU phase lock technology.
10. Adopting intermediate frequency sound meter filtering and standard vestigial sideband characteristic technology.
11. Wide-range linear power supply; using SMD technology, the stability of the whole machine is good.
12. The signal mixing system can mix the radio frequency signals output by multiple modulators into one radio frequency signal.
13. The signal transmission system consists of an amplifier and a branch distributor, which can amplify the signal and send it to each terminal TV through the branch distributor.
14. The entire system is composed of cost-effective equipment and has a good input-output ratio. It can realize the smooth upgrade and expansion of the system scale and new business without affecting the normal operation of the original business. It is very convenient for later transformation.

RF modulator circuit diagram
Radiofrequency modulators are essential components for televisions, video recorders, satellite receivers, system converters, home computers, and game consoles. The circuit is simple and easy to manufacture, stable in performance, reliable in operation, and can be conveniently connected to various circuit boards and applied to the above-mentioned various electronic devices. The figure shows the specific circuit of the radio frequency modulator. ICl is the modulator-specific integrated circuit TA7673. Its 10 pins and 11 pins generate image carrier frequency signals through an external crystal oscillator, and the 4 pins and 5 pins are connected to an LC oscillator circuit to generate a 6.5MHz second Sound signal. The audio signal is input from pin 6 of ICl, and the video signal is input from pin 16 of ICl. When a crystal oscillator with different operating frequencies is connected between pin 10 and pin 11 of IC1, the circuit can be connected to pin 2 and pin 15 of ICl. Output the image carrier frequency signal of channel 1~5. There is no need to debug after the circuit is assembled, but the whole circuit should be shielded by a small metal box.

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