Why Your Construction Business Needs Construction Submittal Software?

Now after you understand what the submittal construction and process, how exactly do you increase the essential submittal workflow, but sometimes frustrated? As indicated by the 2018 Construction Technology Report from JBKnowledge, by far most of development organizations (65.7%) just have somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 committed IT staff. According to statista, nowadays construction companies uses construction submittal software. It starts with increasing three main pillars:

Streamline Administrative Work: Reducing Mistakes and Mouth delays and Improving Organizations with Automatic Workflows
Give complete visibility: The entire team has access to documents and information needed right at their fingertips
Advanced tracking: anyone can see where shipping goods are in process, anytime, and know where they need to take the next action
Technology plays an important role in allowing pillars above. But where should it start? Here are 9 steps to help you streamline the submission process today with Cloud-based technology.

1. Automate your shipping log shipping
As mentioned earlier, the construction specifications describe the material and workmanship needed to build a project according to the design. Depending on the size of the project, specifications can range from 100 to 2,000 long pages and contain requirements for thousands of shipping items delivery.

With automatic submittal log (ASL), you can create a shipping log from the spec book at the beginning of the project. Whether your spec book is 100 pages or 1,000, ASL allows you to make a spreadsheet that can be downloaded and accurate with all the item register shipping your project in just a few minutes. The process saves your time and eliminates the possibility of errors.

2. Save personal and safe project information
The shipping process involves dozens of people who send and approve product data, shop images, and closeouts to ensure that buildings are being built according to specifications. Although it is important for external individuals to be fully participated in submittal workflows, as important as sensitive project information is stored personally. Utilizing technology that gives you flexibility and control to assign submission to non-project members by clicking the button.

Without added to projects, subcontractors, vendors, and designers can send or review all shipments via email. Because external partners do not have to be added to the project itself, personal information includes sheets, annotations, and documents can always be kept confidentiality - and the project can continue to move forward.

3. Add filters to submission to find information faster
With all information to track the entire submission process, it's easy for items to sneak through a gap. No matter how many items register shipping you have, technology that allows you filter allows you to narrow the list of shipment to find what you need. You can filter with anything like the specification section, priority, status, approval, reviewer, created by the date, the due date, and the type of shipping.

4. Take advantage of email notifications
The submission process has many steps before the approved document is shared with the field team to start building. From vendors or subcontractors upload the shipments to the design or consultant team approve them, there is no extra time to be wasted to get partners set on the tracking system. Send you.

Utilizing construction submittal software that sends an agreement warning via email. When approvers receive direct notifications to their inbox that shipping items have been assigned to them, it increases accountability, transparency, and empowers them to send a response faster.

5. Assold submittal markup
For every single shipping, there are many people involved in reviewing and agreeing before being published to the field. Through all these handoffs, submittal documents are marked, renamed, reorganized, and labeled to ensure that the field team is built according to specifications. If the team does not have the right tools, they can jump from several platforms, or return to the system manual, inefficient.
6. Activate many reviewers at once
When sending it is sent for review, it is very rare that it only needs to be approved by one party. Instead, approvers can include architects, mechanical designers, electrical designers, and plumbing designers. Because most of the ship playback boats need a two-week window to receive final approval, unproductive to wait for each party to review submittally independently before proceeding to the next reviewer. By being able to set a submittal to all the reviewers required at the same time, it reduces the risk of delay and the time you spend to manage and collect feedback.

7. Save the project team up to date
In addition to individuals required to submit or review the submittal, additional team members must be aware of the status of items when developing through workflows but do not need to take action can be added as a member of the distribution / surveillance list. They will be notified when shipping items are made, transmitted, reviewed, or published to ensure that all ingredients are correct. Examples of individuals can be added to the watchlist / distribution list including additional vendors, subcontractors, internal team members, designers, and even the owners.

8. Apply clear submission status
Status problem in terms of submission. Materials or products installed in a project without the official consent of the design team can be subject to deletion and replacement with the cost of contractors. This can be a very large headache and leads to the order of potential changes, which takes time and causes delays in the project.

9. Make a special report
Getting approved submissions on time is very important to ensure the project on schedule. To ensure they are on track, status updates, and reports are often requested from project engineers who manage them.

Set and point your submission process today

Previously, manual and fragmented systems to make, track, and approve the submission had been inefficient and manual processes. But now, but there are no more tools available to help you streamline the shipment, save time and very large resources.

If you want to automate and standardize submissions to your project, consider adopting industrial special tools from Ncrypted. By using the right Construction software development as a tool to help move shared submissions, you can achieve faster construction with reduced risk of errors, delays, and overruns.
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