EHS software is one handy tool that enables companies to safeguard the health and safety of their staff. Given the reason for its existence, we don’t have to tell you just how critical a part it is of businesses today — even though it is a relatively new provision to be born out of the continued evolution of technology. We digress; the point is that such software even though essential and for a lot of other reasons besides the one mentioned above. They also help organizations to boost sustainability in their operations, enhance productivity across the board, and boost profit margins among so many other things.

It enables the benefits above owing to its extensive list of carefully curated elements; a typical EHS offering encompasses things like audits and inspections; hazards and risks; environmental; work observations; incidents; and more. EHS software is designed in an all-encompassing manner and yet we find many companies struggling to reach a decision. And it’s not because they don’t see value in the prospect of integrating EHS in their business, but because of myths that continue to be perpetuated despite being debunked repeatedly. Nonetheless, to help make sure that you, too, don’t fall victim to such misinformation, we compiled a list of the most popular myths about EHS and explained benefits mentioned above why it is that, i.e., a myth.

Here it goes.
  1. A tailored EHS offering is a must: You wouldn’t believe just how many people in the ecosystem believe that when it comes to adopting an EHS solution, customized software is the only way forward. But that’s not true. The market is brimming with an ocean of distinctive EHS solutions, which means that as long as you look hard enough, you will find an off-the-shelf product that will fit your business’ requirements.
  2. They cost a fortune: Yet another unfortunate and yet persistent myth about EHS solutions is that if you want to integrate it in your business, you must be prepared to pay the earth. If you are considering adopting a customized solution, then yes, it can burn a hole in your pocket. But that doesn’t mean that are no moderately priced options in the market — in fact, there are plenty of them. And we can thank innovative technologies such as SaaS (software as a service) for it since it has ensured that EHS adoption isn’t a distant dream even for companies that operate a smaller scale.
  3. It’s a complicated nightmare: One of the more compelling reasons why some companies choose to stay away from EHS is because, for some reason, they believe that such solutions are far too complex to operate and use and thus, just not worth the effort. But if you ensure the software is standardized, all those things you may have heard about using EHS software are immediately rendered untrue.

We don’t have to tell you just how beneficial a software solution for safety management can be for any company, no matter the industry it operates in. So, don’t believe the unfounded myths you may have heard and will probably hear in the future as well because it will directly impact your business.
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We are all are know that the food delivery industry has become trendiest one. Many restaurant owners started to provide their service through online and started to develop their own food delivery/ordering app. so there is a huge demand for food panda like clone app.

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In this digital era, ride-sharing apps are creating astounding turnovers for new entrepreneurs as well as investors. With the integration of evolving technology and innovation, this type of taxi business holds everlasting opportunities for newbies, whoever wishes to generate huge revenue.
As the taxi-hailing industry emerged as a successful one, many started to create their own ventures thereafter. Uber became a prime source for other taxi app creation as it enabled other entrepreneurs to follow its business model.

Today, there are numerous taxi apps just like Uber but with different operations which in turn increases the utilization of cars. However, the government is taking steps to make this service eco-friendly by urging companies to operate electric vehicles. As a part of this, carpooling service has been introduced which enabled people to share rides and pay only their part. This service is initiated by giants like Uber and Lyft to cut the cost of the ride as well as to operate green. If you wish to start a carpooling business, this blog will help you with information that you will need to know before beginning.

Why you should develop an app for carpooling service?

Carpooling service is when the car journey is shared. That is, the fare is split among the passengers who travel in the same car in the same direction. Even authorities encouraged carpooling during times of high fuel prices and traffic. The service possessed benefits that favor both passengers and drivers.

Developing an app for carpooling or integrating the service in the existing app will be useful. This will act as a connecting source between users and drivers. With all the necessary details automatically generated, the commuter will experience a smooth service. Entrepreneurs planning to develop can easily launch on both iOS and Android platforms.

You can even customize and add features if you opt for clone apps. Creating a new app is a real tough job so choosing an existing app solution with carpooling service is a wise option.

Although the clone apps come with fully integrated features, you must thoroughly know the workflow and operations of the application. Know the technology stack behind the development and ensure that your developing partner is aware of those.
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The healthcare industry has been admittedly slow to adopt modern technology. Nonetheless, as it finally starts to embrace newer and more advanced resources to assist with overall operations and much more, they are faced with a particularly crucial challenge: regulations and laws. The companies operating in this space have to map the maze of industry regulations carefully. And, while their choices in the context of technologies and tools they can use are minimal. And yet, the need for efficient assistance persists.

Thankfully, it's not all doom and gloom, for the market does have one highly qualified solution to offer - SharePoint. This nifty tool by Microsoft has consistently proven its mettle as a practical resource to not only store and structure the vast amount of data healthcare organizations generate, but also to ensure seamless and efficient collaboration across the board, enhance productivity, and so much more. Its immense popularity in this industry can also be ascribed to how it rapidly facilitates extraordinary levels of efficiency, thus making sure that companies can stay focused on their primary responsibility: patient care.

Listed below are some of its more compelling benefits and tips to make efficient use of SharePoint in the healthcare ecosystem.

1. Communication: It is practically redundant to say this, but smooth communication is a crucial aspect for any healthcare company. In this regard, SharePoint helps by providing unfettered access to authorized personnel, such as doctors, who can quickly lookup a patient’s history with just a few keywords. It also allows doctors and other professionals in the ecosystem to communicate with each other albeit without necessitating the use of emails or even a phone call.

2. Automated workflows: Yet another factor that is vital to companies involved in healthcare is the efficiency of operations. And a sure-shot way of achieving that is via automated workflows and, of course, SharePoint can help with that. Be it payments to automating manual tasks; this tool can do it all, thus enabling efficient operations without requiring any additional time to be devoted to doing it.

3. Secure document management: Considering the sensitive nature of the data involved in healthcare, companies are required to ensure top-notch security as well as traceability for the documents. SharePoint facilitates this straightforward content access, productive sharing of information and data, and safe dissemination of patient data, among other things.

4. Emergency management: Healthcare companies can also use SharePoint to enhance how they manage emergencies in their facilities. One of the many ways it helps here is by offering a list of color codes for emergencies and linking them to the necessary procedure for each one of them. SharePoint also provides an emergency contact directory that helps staff quickly get in touch with the relevant people.

As you can see, SharePoint software development stands to deliver for your healthcare business. However, when you do decide to take the plunge, hire a vendor who will be able to help you integrate SharePoint in your business with minimal disruptions to daily operations. It will help make sure that you can glean the best value this tool has to offer!
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If you are in the restaurant business or planning to start an online restaurant business, then you must know about the importance of restaurant management software, and how it will be beneficial to enhance the restaurant business.

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Taxi shuttle service mainly aimed at school going kids can have a customer app used by the parents from which the parents can track the location in real-time. This surely increases the trust factor for the parents. Read the complete blog post here: Uber for Kids App Solution
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“Drivers used to spent 20 minutes in pursuit of a parking space”, according to a report from IBM Global Parking Survey. This is how parking is painful nowadays and metro cities like NY, LA are worse. However, parking apps made things easier for users in order to park their vehicles more easily.

So, as an entrepreneur, you can run the car space booking app in your locality. Next step for you is to consult a trusted mobile app development company that have a dedicated team of full-stack developers and can give the best technical assistance pre and post-deployment.

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