According to Flexera report, most software products have a lifecycle of five years. It gets harder and costlier to support older software—companies may spend from $7 to $19+ million per year on legacy applications. And still deal with bugs, errors, and outages.

Application modernization may be the solution. It's the process of converting a legacy system into a modern app which helps to improve its security and scalability.

In this guide, we’re discussing business application modernization—what it is, what it brings to business, and where to start modernization from.
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With the advent of technologies, mobile app development changed over the years, but the foundation of building a mobile app from scratch is the same, and I don’t think it is going to be changed even after ten years.

So is there any particular strategy on how to build a mobile app in 2021 to achieve digital success, yes, there are steps to consider while working on building an entire mobile app development plan with top-edge tech integration for a premium mobile experience for your potential customers?
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Social networks are on it's development peak and the necessity to edit photos quickly and without undue efforts appear more and more often. Since people are sometimes obsessed with making their photos to look like from the magazine's pages - a photo and video editing is a good niche to jump in. In this article, we are going to consider how to create a Retrica camera app.
Retrica review: market niche

Category: Photo & Video

Platforms: iOS, Android
Downloads: over 100M
Total Equity Funding: $6M
What is Retrica app? It is worth mentioning that Retrica app is Korean startup that was launched in 2012. Retrica for iPhone was released two years earlier than for Android devices. From that time the app has gained a huge client base over Europe and America.
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Every day we observe, businesses are becoming more inclined to get a mobile app developed. But recent studies suggest that mobile apps are becoming inefficient and are losing their appeal to many of the users. In such a case, what is a better solution for businesses who want to become more profitable in the digital era? Building Progressive Web App (PWA), which are accessible both on desktop and mobile but again, the question comes which web technology to integrate for a robust PWA? There are numerous technologies & programming languages to choose from. Still, for building an efficient and powerful PWA, a leading technology would be ReactJS, which is launched by Facebook, which has become a favorable choice over the years. And to utilize ReactJS potential to the fullest, a prominent ReactJS development company is a business need.

So why is ReactJS considered a significant technology? Open-source software for developing front-end frameworks, ReactJS is an efficient, robust, and interactive JavaScript. Initially created by Jordan Walke and maintained by Facebook, ReactJS has become popular in the web app development space. Today, over 298,174 live websites and more than 3204 companies use ReactJS to deliver an appreciable performance to their users. With so many companies incorporating ReactJS, it must be an exceptional technology, right? Even surveys show that ReactJS is topping the game for the most used frameworks at 74.5%. The extensive convertible elements ReactJS offers and allows developing a dynamic web are the key elements to hire ReactJS developer.

Moreover, ReactJs aids in creating a front-end application based upon MVC (Model, View, Control) architecture. Features like - a simple framework, reusability of components, and providing a great user experience from the front end is the main reason for the popularity of ReactJS. Also, it has the potential to optimize the whole development procedure into a desirable front-end technology.

Original source: Essential Considerations to Hire ReactJS Development Company
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Subscription is one of the most widespread business models for digital products, be it a streaming service or cloud office software. They charge our money on a monthly or annual basis and sometimes it is hard to track all expenses. Especially if these subscriptions are for the entire company. So, for efficient money management, it is vital to keep track of your personal subscriptions or the ones provided to employees. Subscription billing software solves this problem.

If you are considering an opportunity to create a subscription management platform -- this article is exactly what you've been looking for.

Capabilities of a subscription management service

Subscriptions are becoming more and more popular in the business world. Many industry giants like Google, MailChimp, Zendesk, and others already use this model for their products.

The subscription is not a new revenue model, however, it still works pretty well. For service creators, this model allows planning their company's revenue in advance, while it's users benefit from the fact the provided service constantly gets new updates and have a convenient payment method.
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Mobile wallet applications have become the new trend in today’s world. Apps like Amazon Pay, Paytm, PayPal are some of the leading apps that are owned and used by millions. Be it paying bills, recharging, or money transactions, everything has turned easier because of these apps. There were days when people used to travel for hours to do these tasks have been totally transformed. Moreover, consumers can use these e-wallet apps while paying in a store, either for shopping or while eating out. Thus, as far as mobile wallets are concerned, they are a convenient way for handling all the tasks involving finance.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, if you wish to succeed in your business, without second thoughts, go for Amazon Pay clone app development. Let’s narrow down your thinking processes for a quicker stride forward by analyzing the types of apps first.
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As an aspiring entrepreneur, we bet that you might have seen numerous blogs that tell you about how having a mobile app can give you a skyrocketing revenue and how well your business could be growing, and so forth. But ever wondered how true these are, or is it worth developing an app for a business? Apart from reading everything and hearing a lot of advice from people around you till your eardrums can’t bear any of it, the one question that you might be asking yourself at the end of the day is: ‘Is it worth the investment?.

And our dear reader, that is why to stop all the banters and debates, we are here with a blog that gives you the liberty to do the math on the potential revenue and people you could miss out on if you deny restaurant delivery app development
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Hello! Thanks for bumping on to this blog. This blog will be about one of the popular food delivery apps like Grubhub. Also, you will take away insights on how come investing in the Grubhub clone app development will be profitable.
Food delivery services are gaining hype throughout the world. Nowadays, people prefer to order food online and enjoy the food at their homes. While there are many food delivery apps in existence the Grubhub app is arresting the attention of users for so many reasons.

The first thing being the number of service providers or restaurants associated with the app. More the number of restaurants more is the number of menu options. Apart from the restaurants, the app has many alluring features from basic to advanced ones. Users can place their orders conveniently via these features.
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When customers order software development, everything they need is to get their mobile or web app development as quickly as possible and it should have high performance and quality. Customers usually imagine that a software development process is something incredible, unclear and time-consuming, whereas skilled developers consider it as one more task that will be solved in a short period of time. But what exactly does software development includes? This article will show you how an average development process looks like and what it consists of. Let’s go!

Steps Involved in Process of Software Development for Mobile and Web

Agile methodology: that is what a project team starts with

Of course, each software development company has its own rules and guidelines it adheres to, but today we will take basic Agile methodology that is used by many companies during the development process. Agile implies splitting of software into sprints. Sprint is a stage that includes a specific range of tasks that should be implemented during this stage.
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However, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology stands out as one of the most promising ones. By implementing IoT solutions, medical institutions will be able to enhance and improve the workflow of both medical specialists and providers of medical services. It helps to reduce the amount of administrative work and boosts the overall efficiency of business processes.

Why Are Healthcare and IoT Perfectly Compatible?

With no doubt, the healthcare industry is among the most promising fields of activity for implementing IoT solutions. The main idea here is collecting information about people’s health conditions with sensors and its further transmitting to healthcare providers or doctors. This approach offers a lot of possibilities, such as remote monitoring or early diagnosis.
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