Maintaining the availability and stability of a website is not an easy task, especially when it comes to large websites or online stores. But every webmaster knows that it is necessary to properly monitor the website - everything must be set up before problems arise and the site stops working for any reason. If this happens, the website owner will certainly suffer certain losses - from a literally insignificant outflow of audience to huge financial and reputational losses in the case of long-term closure of the website.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to understand that the responsiveness of the webmaster is directly dependent on the tools used to provide monitoring. And the set of tools for full-scale web site monitoring is quite extensive - from web website speed tests, checking the availability of HTTP, TCP, SNMP and all other protocols to checking data integrity or even a routine review of the server hardware. In order to make the most of the tools used in day-to-day operations, the webmaster needs to choose the right set of tools, such as well-made software and scripts. And the ideal solution to most of the problems associated with this task is to use fully automated tools or even fully packaged toolkits.


And one of the best of these toolkits is HostTracker, an automated website monitoring service that's perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Of course, it's not free, but it's available for a 30-day pre-subscription period after registration - and you won't even be asked for personal or payment information in advance. At the same time, it gives you access to a virtually unlimited package similar to the Business package - that is, literally all the tools available.

This will allow you to check your website for free, choosing which services are best suited to your day-to-day website monitoring needs. And a month will be more than enough time to set up, connect, and test everything you need in the real world. Just read some HostTracker reviews if you don’t believe me.


If we talk about the features of HostTracker in general, it will satisfy all the needs of any webmaster and you will have all the tools you may ever need, all in one place, always ready to use and always at your fingertips. This will allow you to control your website without any problems and at the same time be more proactive and nimble in case of an emergency. To ensure the latter, this toolkit is fully automated and comes with an instant notification system that will alert you if something is wrong with the stability or availability of your website based on tests and overviews.
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Creating a Spotify Like Music Streaming App, Service or Website That Actually Boost Your Revenue

One of the world’s popular music streaming platforms, that provides a personalized in-app experience through the biggest audio repository of music has been none other than Spotify!

Wondering on how to create a popular music app just like Spotify? Not to worry at all!

Right! Let’s get started!

We all know that the minimum hours spent on listening to Spotify on a monthly basis would stand about 25 hours. Here the reason for its highest engagement would support the type of audio content that is being consumed by the end-user.

Certainly, through varied custom creations of browsing playlists via Spotify has made a huge impact in expanding its customer reach all over the world.

When it comes to delivering audio content, Spotify allows content creators to make sure they canvas their own curated playlists. With the assistance of the freemium model available in Spotify now you could also build your own best music streaming service & provide uninterrupted high-quality on-air recordings.

Challenges of Creating an App Like Spotify

Licensing - Music streaming services are a legal way to listen to music which involves royalties payable to digital rights holders. You statutorily need a public performance license to stream a song which is issued by performing rights organizations that collect and distribute royalties for songwriters and publishers. Licensing often constitutes the bulk of expenses in developing an audio streaming app.

Personalization - Creating a unique interface that appeals to the user while differentiating from existing streaming services is where most platforms fall short. Spotify personalized playlists for listeners which enabled more artists and songs to be put on each one, since they won’t all appear for everyone.

Accurate recommendations - Providing recommendations that matched a user’s preferences is what builds engagement on a music streaming app. Collecting and analyzing data about a user’s musical preferences is the base of customizing a streaming platform. A strong technology core in the form of collaborative filtering to make accurate recommendations by Spotify.

Online and offline access - Listeners prefer a choice to stream online and offline. Offline access lets them enjoy their favorite track or songs without depending on an internet connection when they have run out of data or are too far from an internet source. Online access provides dynamic access to the latest content at the listener’s ease.

Monetization - Any business must have a well-defined revenue plan. Building a music streaming platform must be backed by a sustainable monetization plan that can be ad-based or subscription based. You can also combine both models and create a customized strategy that ensures users’ retention and loyalty.

Introducing VPlayed, one such customizable audio streaming platform that has been developed with a decade of market research invested in the particulars of music streaming. This effort stands out and makes Vplayed one of a kind, making the products they build a certified success strategy

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From entertainment to banking or healthcare, every industry has a mobile app. Moreover, the mobile app is expected to generate 935.2bn dollars in revenue. Mobile apps have indeed formed a part of the modern lifestyle. In turn, this emphasizes speedy innovation.

It is very important to provide an enhanced user experience. Thus one has to use agent-garde technology. There are several platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. It is time and cost-consuming to develop dedicated apps. Hence cross-platform app development is favorable.

React Native is one such distinguished solution that is popularly used for cross-platform app development. This JavaScript framework was developed by Facebook in 2015. React Native acts as a platform-specific language for coding purposes.

The similarity to the React framework has helped React Native to gain popularity. It is backed by Facebook and wide community support. With its high-quality performance, it has won a wide user base too.

Let us understand why is React Native a reliable option for mobile app development.

Though React Native may not perform as fast as platform-specific applications, it gives near-native performance for image, view, and text.

Do not generalize React Native as a hybrid application. It is a real mobile application. The best part of React Native is that you can optimize the native code to enhance performance. React Native is unique as it allows you to employ native codes too. With the combination of native codes and React Native, get the best performance.

Facebook created the React native framework and employed it in their social app. This open-source network provides the best experience like that of a native app. Also, leading apps such as Instagram, Bloomberg, Skype, Walmart, and others use this framework and add to its credibility.

Single Codebase
With a single code, you can ensure the proper functioning of the code for all native platforms. It acts as a link between native and web. You need not hire two teams for platform-specific software development. Sync layouts with ease. Ensure faster app development and save on time and money too.

Lesser Efforts
Access a pool of experienced developers. The framework not only reduces the developer’s effort but also eases it with code-reusability.

In this technology-based era, an online presence is a must. For startups with a limited budget, React Native is a boon. It cuts down the time and money. Thus, it ensures faster time to market. Also, the users can gain a large customer base with an online presence.

Building up entirely new software is time-consuming. React Native is powered by JavaScript libraries. Hence, the developers can use plugins to ensure a faster development cycle without compromising on functionality.

Bug fixes
If you develop platform-specific software, debugging is challenging. One has to shell downtime and money for the same. But, with react native, you can fix bugs easily across platforms. Thus, debugging becomes less cumbersome.

Personalized User Interface
React Native is highly adaptable. It supports unique UIs. The framework also supports personalized user experience. Ease your work with pre-built components and your own components.

Easy Transformation
Save time and convert a web app to a mobile app. The modular and intuitive natures help the developers to reuse the codes with minimal changes.

Less Storage
React Native apps require less storage space, be it any platform. It eliminates the need for linking cross-bridge. This helps to execute the codes in the runtime of the app.

Community Support
The advantage of the wide community support is that you can reach out for guidance anytime. Get online support in less time with React Native app development.

The Future

The stability of react native in the past three years is considered stagnancy by some. However, the below google trends report shows how React Native has a firm hold in the app development industry.

React Native does not try to replace itself with other technologies. Rather, it focuses on improvising itself. It is worth remembering that React Native has inspired other technologies such as Instant reloading code.

React Native improvisation involves revising native models. This provides higher safety and faster loading. The re-architecture plan- “Fabric” focuses on flexibility and smoother integration. Also, it aims to restructure APIs that help the developers to connect with the JS engine easily.

Final Thoughts

Not only React Native holds a bright future but also holds its momentum. The new releases have made React Native business-friendly. The framework supports innovation with high functionality.

Get next-gen mobile app development solutions with react native development company. Hire experts and get going on your React Native mobile app development without any second thought. Join the footsteps of credible apps.
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If web design of a business website is the stage on which action is performed, the web development is the backstage, unseen by the audience yet crucial to ensure everything goes well on the front. A sign of good web development is that it goes unnoticed with smooth working of a website. We talk about web development only when there is a glitch in the situation.

The Top Website Development Agency, India is hired by the businesses to equip them with flawless website development, engaging web design and to render an overall amazing digital presence. If your website has a robust development, it would incorporate the following:

Website Loading Within Microseconds. Any smart business that wants to make the most of its online presence gets this one thing ticked off at the earliest. Fast loading speed means less bounce rate due people's miniscule patience. More and more web traffic gets to experience your brand and have a fulfilling experience this way.

Responsive design. It is in the favour of your business to get a mobile-first website with responsive design that adapts web elements to the screen size it is viewed on. The majority of the online population access the internet on the go by mobile phones. This fact is even embraced by Google which ranks sites with responsive design higher on its search engine result pages.

CMS Enabled web pages. There is a constant need of updating the website with fresh content. A CMS enabled website puts the reins in your hands as to what changes are made into the website content for getting greater engagement.

CyberWorx Technologies is the Top Web Development Company that offers customised, conversion-oriented web solutions to businesses. Collaborate with CyberWorx Technologies to get a professional business presence.
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The ultimate goal of your business website is to make massive sales by acquiring new customers on the web. However, this becomes less likely when your website experiences a high bounce rate. Bounce rate of your business website is a big deciding factor of how much sales your business gets.

What exactly is the bounce rate of a site?
Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to check out your site but leave quickly, not being satisfied as they view and go through the web pages. Bounce rate is conducive in web traffic analysis, representing the total number of visits which go away from the site.

It is the measure of stickiness of your traffic, making one gauge whether one's business website is engaging enough to make people stay and reel in customers or not. That is why businesses hire the Best Website Developer Agency in Gurgaon to ensure that their business website has a lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate.

What are the things one can do to lower website bounce rate?
There are plenty of things one can do to ensure that your site has a lower bounce rate. There are many reasons why web pages experience high bounce rate such as slow loading speed, unappealing aesthetics, complicated navigation, simple content, lack of calls to actions and much more which need to be fixed. Tackling these would make your web traffic stick.

Ensure that your website has fast loading, engaging design, easily browsable web pages, quality content, enough calls to action and you are good to go. CyberWorx Technologies is a leading Website Development Company in Gurugramweb-development-company-in-gurgaon that ensures that your professional business presence incorporates all the web elements that make the traffic stick and increase its stay time on the site.

Hire the provider of top-notch web development and designing services to get your business website designed. Collaborate with CyberWorx Technologies for flawless Website Development, Gurugram.
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Many businesses are operating successfully in the market through their commendable services, but they might need expert assistance from the computer services Tamworth for handling the businesses' software. Since everything gets operated through computer software these days, the business should take assistance from software companies to build appropriate software for different purposes. For example, a financial corporation might need assistance for developing software for online investments and many more. In this case, an IT company or computer software company can do the needful for them.

Generally, software companies follow a conventional and effective framework to provide the best assistance to the businesses. The framework includes the following steps:

Listen and Plan: The first step for the computer software developer is to listen to the requirements of their clients and plan an effective idea to fulfil those requirements.

Execution: After planning out everything, the computer software developers execute the plan that has been built to fulfil the requirements and needs of clients. In this step, the software developers perform coding, developing, and testing processes.

Delivery: In this step, the entire developed software is delivered to the client for the further utility of customers and audiences.

Monitoring: After the delivery of software, the next step of a software company is to monitor the processing of the service rendered. In this way, the software company can keep a track of any rectification requirement and general issues of the software.

Rectification: If the service rendered includes some severe issues, then those issues are solved or rectified by the service provider. This can ensure the delivery of quality service to the clients and end customers.

If you are also looking forward to the best assistance associated with IT support in Tamworth NSW, then the best available solution for all your needs is Cloudwize. It is an IT solution provider that has helped numerous businesses experience comprehensive services. With a team of more than 20+ years of experienced members, Cloudwize provides effective computer support solutions to its clients. The perks of enabling the services from Cloudwize are their prompt and time-efficient response to your problems. Cloudwize aims at fulfilling your needs within a limited time frame. It delivers what you need and acts accordingly.

About Cloudwize

Cloudwize is a computer help desk that has tailored its services exclusively for you. So, hurry and enable the best IT support from Cloudwize at affordable prices.

For more information, visit: https://www.cloudwize.com.au/
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Do you know mobile app development and designing are two different things?

If not, remember your mobile app is designed and developed by two different teams where mobile app developers handle all the coding and technical requirements. On the contrary, the designing team manages tasks like research, user experience design, interfaces design, and so on.

That’s means you have to hire remote app designers and developers separately to build a dynamic app. And, obviously, you also have to set a separate budget for mobile app designing and development.

In this post, you can read out all the different aspects of app designing and the cost of hiring remote designers. So, let’s get started, people!

Cost of Hiring Remote Mobile App Designers Based on Design Elements

As of 2020, around 218 billion mobile apps are downloaded worldwide. In this vast mobile app market, your app can only thrive if all your design elements are simply perfect. So, based on different design elements, hiring designers will cost you as:

Research: It is a fundamental design component. In research, three main things are considered — users, common business challenges, and your competitors. For this part, you’ll need to hire a highly experienced remote designer with good technical knowledge. The research part roughly takes 20 to 40 hours to complete, which can cost you anywhere around $2000 or higher.

UX design: This is the main app layout structure part. Here specialist designers create a user flow diagram that shows a complete user journey on your app. Before creating the UI, designers often create prototypes into wireframes to test the user interface layout. So, to complete this mammoth task, designers have to spend 40 to 160 hours or more. It is hard to predict the exact UX designing cost, but it starts from around $8000 and goes beyond.

UI design: UI design gives a look and feels to your app. This part contains all visual elements like colors, fonts, shapes, etc. For this work, you require a creative and technical designer who can give a unique identity to your brand. UI design takes up around 80 to 320 hours, and accordingly, you have to pay UI designers.

This blog is originally published at:- https://cloudlabs247.com/blog/remote-app-designers-hiring-cost/
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Introducing more user - oriented advanced capture and document processing capabilities to its award-winning AI enabled intelligent process automation platform - docAlpha, Artsyl strives to extend its scope and workability to diverse document-based processes.

ONTARIO, CANADA (July 14th, 2021) — Artsyl Technologies, Inc.™, a leading global provider of Artificial Intelligence enabled Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) technologies for document capture and workflow automation, today announced the release of docAlpha 6.4 — adding greater intelligence and focused functionalities to its proprietary digital transformation platform.

docAlpha 6.4 introduces a no-OCR Data Ingestion option to fill fields digitally in the case of digital documents. One of the priorities with the launch of docAlpha 6.4 has been to reduce the number of steps needed to complete a job. With this custom digital import feature, users can browse, parse, and read incoming documents in any format, and map it to fields in the backend profiles of ERPs/ECMs — without the need for advanced capture or OCR.

The new version brings with it a great deal of workability and flexibility for users to configure specific steps for document recognition the way they like— in any order within the same workflow, with the option to discard or add workflow steps a la carte. Document recognition, separation, and splitting parameters can be modified. There are options to perform functions like zonal or full-page OCR, text-based or image-based document classification, document assembly and separation, including based on self-learning technology, in any order, depending on the job at hand.

The ability to separate documents based on self-learning technology is really a nod to customer feedback and our dedication to meeting customer expectations.

Another key feature in this version of docAlpha has been the introduction of a Universal Data Provider (UDP) that dramatically removes the complexities associated with any backend programmable environment. ERPs and various document management systems work using different communication protocols including SOAP, REST, and web-based APIs. Implementing docAlpha with each of these complex backends is now a piece of cake as the software views the entire backend as a simple data source. The newly developed UDP for Acumatica greatly removes the need for customizations and the endless cycle of running and testing custom rules.

User engagement can be met with a user-friendly interface. “All the new features and system enhancements in docAlpha 6.4 have been done with the aim of prioritizing user experience. We believe our customers and partners should be able to apply Artsyl’s AI enabled intelligent process automation platform- docAlpha, to meet their critical business requirements, and that’s exactly what we have tried to achieve with this latest release— a digital transformation solution that works for your business!”- Artur Vassylyev, Founder and CTO, Artsyl Technologies.
Other notable feature upgrades & enhancements include:
● Timer- and schedule-based events to coordinate document processing steps and workflow team collaboration based on specific events and time-sensitive requirements
● Option to apply multiple OCR engines each with potentially different settings and processing goals, for the best document capture results
● A range of import and export connectors for seamless end-to-end intelligent document processing
● Real-time dashboard to monitor workflow progress and status of jobs and reveal any bottlenecks
● Flexible UI with options to show/hide editable fields dynamically based on requirements as a document walks through the workflow steps
In the age of Big Data, business process optimization is not possible without an intelligent mechanism to capture and process that data. Artsyl provides that intelligence— enabling companies to consolidate critical information from unstructured and structured documents for business use.

Contact Us for a demo of our AI enabled intelligent process automation solutions, where we will be showcasing the full list of our latest upgrades that enable uninterrupted document processing.

About Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
Artsyl Technologies is a publisher of an Intelligent Process Automation platform that eliminates the inefficiencies of manual and error-prone processes. The platform utilizes Digital Transformation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive AI, Machine Learning, IDC, OCR/ICR, BPM and iPaaS. Artsyl solutions achieve lower operational costs, improving cash management and increasing business velocity. From this platform, Artsyl also offers pre-packaged Action Solutions delivering process-specific intelligence such as Invoice and Sales Order automation, making implementations efficient and cost effective. To learn more, please visit https://www.artsyltech.com/
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With the advent of on-demand apps, people nowadays are habituated to the ease of acquiring services online. This trend has made people look for professional movers and packers solutions to help with the shifting services rather than doing it by themselves.
Let’s see the benefits offered by Uber for moving app:
It helps in establishing a good relationship with the customer.
Gains a wider reach for business.
Facilitates better customer service.
Offers ability to order and manage staff efficiently.
Easy order assessment and so on.

The pandemic has halted many businesses that have skyrocketed the demand for on-demand movers and packers services to assist users in relocating their goods with additional care. This offers a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore the on-demand moving service market with Uber for moving app solutions. However, to stand out from the majority crowd, your app needs to have a unique design that distinguishes it from the other.

Let us have a look at some of the distinctive features to have in your app.
Price Bargaining Tool: This option allows the customer to virtually bargain with the service provider on the quoted price for the service.
Schedule bookings: Offering the Schedule booking feature allows customers to book a moving service for a specific date and time, avoiding last-minute hassle.
Real-time tracking: Customers can use the live-tracking feature to track the exact location of the assigned driver, ensuring that their items are delivered safely.


TurnkeyTown, being a leading mobile app development company, offers Uber for moving solutions with cutting-edge features that can be further customized according to your business needs. Take the chance and soar high in your niche by partnering with us!
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Today for most people playing online poker is entertainment to kill their boredom and stress. Many gaming operators are starting their online poker rooms and tournaments to engage their audience worldwide. The boom has just started now, and there is still time before the online live dealer casino business becomes saturated. For sure, the online poker business will grow at a rapid pace, and it has already turned into a multi-billionaire industry.

There are many live dealer casino providers in the market that exist, but it is quite tough to choose the best company that can provide you with the most appropriate product for starting your online poker room and making your footprints in this world of online gaming.

Below, I am providing how to choose the best live dealer casino software provider to fulfill all the requirements.

1. Licensed Poker Software

When providing the best-in-class poker playing experience to the users, you need to buy licensed poker gaming software from reputable and most reliable gaming developers. Developing your poker software and acquiring a license is a costly and time-consuming process. One of the most affordable ways to start your online poker business is to become a licenser of the online live dealer casino software provider company.

2. Multiple and Secured Payment Options

When you select a reliable and reputable gaming provider who delivers the best-in-class solution to the customers, the company should also integrate a large number of payment options into the poker gaming software. An established payment system is required to gain the players' trust and enable the players to deposit and collect the money safely and securely without barriers.

3. 3D Support and Quality Graphics

Choose the live dealer casino game development company that develops the best quality graphics, and the rummy site should also be supported by high-end video and audio clips. In addition, 3D support enhances the overall quality of the game and provides better gaming experiences.

4. Talented Team of Experts

The company uplift if there has a talented team of experts that equally contributes in the developmental phase. They apply their skills and experience to take the company to heights. An extremely talented team of artists, engineers, game designers, and developers work closely to create transformational experiences.

5. 24*7 Technical Support

The live dealer casino gaming solution provider should be able to take care of the hosting, configuration, and extend full support and maintenance so that you can focus on the marketing and promotional activities. Working on the customers' reviews and feedback and resolving their issues is most important in the support phase.


Overall, the live dealer casino software provider that fulfills the customer needs and provides them with the customized solutions, and round the support, the guarantee is considered the best. But all in all, these of the above parameters will help judge the best casino software providers.
Jacob 8 july 2021, 12:46
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