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Which is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore?

NIDM (National Institute Of Digital Marketing) Bangalore Is One Of The Top Digital Marketing Institute In Bangalore, India And They Get Brand Value For The Excellence Of Education Which they Provide. Our Educational Program/ Courses Are Designed with Practical knowledge and Fully For Job Inclination Bases.

National Institute of Digital Marketing India (NIDM India) provides Short-term Courses for Students, Job finders, Experts. Institution gives a Major transfer in learning scale from Anonymity to Identity.

NIDM India was Established by Online Marketing Professionals of Standing who are proven as Digital Marketing Experts worldwide. Institution offer courses like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Adwords, Social media Marketing (SMM), Google Analytics, Web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Wordpress. At a time when Extra Skills are an added advantage in the Job market, Internet Marketing skills will make a big difference and acclaim a New Creation in the Marketing World.

What is Google Adwords Course?

Google AdWords is a marketplace where service providers pay to have their website rated right with the top natural search results, based on key words. The basic effect is, you select to advertise your brand based on keywords. ... Google counts the clicks on your ads and rates you for each click.

Google counts the clicks on your ads and charges you for each click. They also count impressions, which is simply the number that tells you how often your ad has already been shown when the users searched for that keyword.

If you divide clicks by impressions, you get the click-through-rate or CTR. This is the percentage of users who land on your advertised page, because they clicked on your ad.

What is Adwords Click?

Consider Google AdWords to be an auction house. You set a budget and a bid. The bid sets how much you are willing to pay per click. If your maximum bid is $2, Google will only show your ad to people, if other aren’t bidding more on average.

Google doesn’t just want to show people the ads by the highest bidder – they could still be horrible ads. They care about their users so much that they’d rather show them a more relevant and better ad by someone who pays less.

Therefore − Quality ads + good bid = win!

What changed Google AdWords into Google Ads?

On July 24, 2018, the new Google Ads brand—including the new name and logo—was updated in the product interface, Help Center, billing documents, and more. The URL you use to reach your account modified from to, and the Help Center evolved from to

Changes to the Google Ads branding will not impact your campaign performance, navigation, or reporting.

What Are Google Ad Networks?

Google AdWords allows companies to focus users on two main networks – the search and the display network.

On the search network, advertisers seek on the relevant keywords. This gives them a expose their advertisements to users who submit those keywords into Google as part of a search query. The submitted search results are usually displayed on the top and bottom of the page have a tiny ad icon next to them.

The display network provides advertisers the opportunity to display their banner advertisements on the websites that are a part of Google network.

What Is Ad Rank?

The Google AdWords system is mainly a live auction where marketer places a 'bid' in the AdWords system to assure a particular ad position. Depending on the competition and price bid by other advertisers, the advertiser either gets the desired position or related to a lower position.

Your actual ad position is, however, determined by two factors, your maximum bid multiplied by your quality score.

While maximum bid is how much you’re ready to pay when viewers click your ad, quality score refers to how well an ad is improved, the quality of landing page, your expected click-through rate and the relevance of your ad to the searchers. The better your ad rank, the higher your ad is displayed in the google search results.

High-quality ads and well-performing AdWords campaigns are also rewarded by Google with discounted per-click costs, higher ad ranking positions and are more likely to show in top placement above organic listings.

How Use AdWords?

To use Google AdWords, follow the steps below:

1. Establish your account goals. For example, if you are using your Google Ads for brand building, the account structure and the features that you use will be completely different if you use ads for lead generation

2. Develop audience personas by determining who your ideal customers are, what they do, what are they searching for and on what device

3. Conduct keyword research by using keyword tools, such as SEMrush, to discover, cost, competition and volume for the search terms at every stage of your search

4. Structure your AdWords account into different ad campaigns and ad groups, each featuring relevant keywords and ads

5. Once you’ve listed the keywords relevant to your business, you can place your ads in the search results by bidding on the keywords. If the competition is high for the keywords, your Cost Per Click (CPC) would be too high to bid. In this case, it’s better to get granular and bid for long-tail keywords that are relevant for business

6. Create the ad copy. Make sure that you include relevant keywords, a compelling headline, a clear call-to-action and ad extensions

7. Design a mobile-friendly landing page that focuses on the benefits and features of the product or service that you’re trying to sell, has good-quality images, a form and a clear call-to-action

8. Place a Google Analytics code on the website for conversion tracking

9. The key to a successful ad campaign is routine optimization and A/B testing all your ad copies and landing pages

How Does Google AdWords Charge?

The amount that Google AdWords expenses advertisers hinges on what they are advertising.

Since Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program, your ads are displayed for free and you’re charged only when someone clicks on your ad on Google search results page. Also, the AdWords system is a live auction, therefore, the click prices are determined by the amount of competition, and how much they’re willing to pay for a click.

When done correctly, Google AdWords can drive maximum quality traffic to the website at costs that are much more competitive as compared to other forms of marketing.

When you don’t know how to efficiently manage the process, costs can rack up fast while you possibly drive low-quality traffic. The key to running a successful AdWords campaign is to realize the factors that play into how much each click prices you.

Keyword competition

· Maximum bid and bid position

· Your average monthly budgets

· Click-through rates

· The quality score of your keywords

If you are focusing on high-volume keywords with lots of monthly searches, you could be paying a big amount for that traffic, which can be wherever between a few dollars to over ten cents for each click.

To manage your AdWords prices, set a daily allowance at the campaign level. You’re free to make changes to this when you like. usually, beginning advertisers should start small with a low budget. Based on the insights and the quality of leads, you can decide whether you want to boost your budget or stop a campaign.

Accounting that makes you look good.

Do Google Ads Really Work?

Google Ads can work for all types of enterprises – big and small. It’s an affordable form of advertising that can target qualified, in-market prospects when managed correctly.

The key to making Google Ads work for you is to understand the ins and outs of paid search, bidding strategies, keyword research, account structure etc.

Map out what you are able to spend on every campaign, set your daily finances accordingly and keep monitor of the spend

Do your keyword research and bid on the phrase and exact keywords at higher bids to get more relevant clicks

While creating ads make confident they are relevant and attractive enough for the customer to click

Optimize your getting pages by running A/B tests to try out variations of a page

Try remarketing to reinforce your brand

If you’re still wondering if Google AdWords is worth the cash, it’s best to start small, adjust based on results, and double down if your campaigns are generating inexpensive and benefit sales.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

Absolutely. Google Ads are worth it because they provide a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach a virtually unlimited, targeted audience. They’re extremely flexible and you can start, stop, pause, or even adjust your bids at any time.

Is Google Ads a Good Career?

If you're looking to further promote your jobs online, Google Ads are an excellent cost-effective way to increase awareness of your services and to help drive candidates back to your job board.

For more information visit NIDM
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