We’ve got a lot of bots behind the scenes here at Virtuoso (maybe you remember our introduction of them all?) and they all do a very special task. Just to give you a quick reminder, we’ve got D0c who handles test authoring, Ann3 who makes sure that the tests execute, Cl4rence who heals the tests, S1mon who reports the results, C4meron who checks for visual regression, and Glady5 who does API testing. Oh and Budd1, but his job is to look cute. So lots, of bots, but only some of them fall into today’s category of Robotic Process Automation.

What is Robotic Process Automation?
Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, creates bots that execute certain tasks defined by a set of rules-based parameters. The goal is to be able to execute some of the more boring, manual tasks that people would normally do to allow them to focus on tasks that only a human could do. Anything that has to do with understanding what's on the screen, entering information, navigating systems (websites, web apps, software), any basic action that can be automated.

Robotic Process Automation Benefits
There's nothing wrong with having people do these kinds of tasks, but these are pretty dull and repetitive tasks. Plus, bots don't need a lunch break or get distracted by adorable cats wanting attention. Bots can execute tasks faster and often more accurately, letting people do the things that take creativity, intuition, and other traits that bots haven't managed to learn (yet). I don't know about you, but I'd much rather write an article full of cat puns rather than, say, manually test a website.

Using RPA can also save businesses a lot of money. According to a survey by Pegasystems, 45% of their respondents reported cost savings as one of the top three benefits of RPA, the other two being more efficient and accurate results (51%) and improved employee experience (42%). RPA is also scalable without the cost of having to hire more bodies.

RPA is non-invasive and can be quickly deployed to accelerate Digital Transformation, of which 63% of global executives say RPA is a key component. RPA bots can ramp up rapidly to meet peak demands and respond quickly when there is an increase in work volume. These capabilities help companies avoid downtime and keep operations running smoothly even during periods of high activity.

Challenges of Robotic Process Automation
RPA does not come without its challenges, just like any technology. 52% of the Pegasystems survey respondents reported that RPA was difficult to deploy. So RPA can be tricky to navigate and implement, but as time has gone on and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have continued to improve, RPA can be a risk-free, valuable addition to any business model. The 21-22 State of RPA Survey Report by the Acceleration Economy Network found that the largest issue with adopting RPA was the lack of internal resources. IT definitely needs to be updated accordingly going into RPA, and internal resistance is another factor in that adoption process as well: approximately 51% of respondents found that there was significant internal resistance to the addition of RPA. It can be scary to incorporate a technology designed to do tasks that human workers normally perform, but these software robots are just here to help, not replace.

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence
What makes RPA so superpowered now versus several years ago is the addition of AI and ML. RPA bots on their own can't learn. But with AI, after the bots get the initial instructions, they can understand the task and adapt to make sure that things like dynamic data don't affect the process. The more RPA works in tandem with AI and ML, the more capable it becomes and the more tasks the bots can perform.

Making Robotic Process Automation Work For You
If you're looking to add RPA to your testing process but are nervous or unsure about getting it set up, look no further. At Virtuoso, we handle it all on our end! Our RPA bots execute all those pesky manual tasks that no one wants to do. Simple things like "click this" and "type that," but plenty of more complex things like automating API calls, checking for visual regression, pretty much anything you'd want to test your site for. Plus they work with AI and ML to make tests self-healing, lightening the maintenance burdens on you and your teams. So get started on putting those bots to work for you by booking a demo with us! https://www.virtuoso.qa/
Mitesh 5 july 2022, 13:32

Building intelligent client faces, regardless of the development stage is a without a doubt drawn-out and precarious errand. It requires vigorous exertion, complete devotion and appropriate focus to fostering every part of a site. Notwithstanding, React JS is a JavaScript library that makes building UIs much better and life much better for developers. It has as of now become standard and is utilized by various large names including Facebook, Netflix, AirBNB, DropBox, IMDb, PayPal, Tesla Motors, Walmart and numerous others. Very great organization to keep, wouldn't you say!

However, how would you contrast React and different frameworks? Every framework has its own advantages and disadvantages and is consequently totally non-tradable and is completely reliant upon what you are attempting to accomplish.
Bruno 5 november 2021, 7:12

The OTT Platform makes you start video streaming services with a lot of flexibility over the end-users and content owners. Due to its hype now everyone planned to enter the streaming market by creating an OTT platform. Do you have any idea about launching your own OTT app/platform check out the list here?

1. VPlayed

VPlayed’s OTT solution enables media broadcasters, television production houses, content owners, and others to develop a Whitelabel upgraded OTT video monetization platform that expands the reach of crystal-quality video content across many platforms with less effort. They can send HQ video content to a variety of devices, including the Web, Android, and SmartTV.

Some Of Its Features Are:

VPlayed’s Whitelabel OTT solution allows you to create and personalize your own customized platform
With the built-in video CMS, you can upload and manage your entire archive
Utilize a cloud transcoding streaming technology to compress OTT video files
With a critical HLS video solution, you can distribute your best OTT works
6+ revenue monetization models will triple your total streaming income
Secure over-the-top streaming platform with Multi-DRM protocols that are certified
Dwarakesh 25 october 2021, 11:31

Before we plunge into it ask yourself: what number hours of your day are devoured by exercises identified with the every day regulatory administration of your organization? How long of your workday is spent following, checking, and executing undertakings that could be mechanized and performed by your staff?
Unquestionably, the everyday exercises in running an organization burn-through a great deal of time, energy, and consideration, which could be better utilized in the execution of key, instead of operational, errands.

The Management System Integrates All Areas
Merged View of Activities and Facilities Utilization Rates
Key Advantages for Your Business calls attention to the fundamental advantages this kind of framework can bring to your business.
harryjames1694 4 october 2021, 13:36

What is MRP software?

Choose the right material resource planning software vendor

Special MRP software for process manufacturers

Main features of material resource planning software

Support, Implementation and Technology for MRP software

What is MRP software?
MRP software provides increased control over the manufacturing and business process by determining what needs to be done, what material needs to be purchased and when this activity needs to occur in customer demands. It offers tools for planning, counting, and automating key aspects of purchase and production.

In the past, MRP software was offered as a stand-alone product. The initial version of this software is known as MRP I and MRP II, and only supports basic inventory management and accounting features. At present, most buyers buy MRP software as part of a larger company planning software suite (ERP). This system is much stronger, offering a variety of comprehensive and integrated modules for business management, customer relationship management (CRM), plant maintenance and more.

Choose the right material resource planning software vendor
Material resource planning software currently brings great benefits for manufacturing companies. When used as part of a comprehensive ERP system, this software streamlines and automates the main processes and business functions, facilitates communication between departments and offers a holistic view of the company. However, the purchase and implementation of one of these systems also involves large investments in time and money. It is important to carefully consider all your options in terms of vendors and solutions before starting this trip.

When evaluating the potential of MRP software vendors, these tips can help you choose the right one:

Really historical veterinarian, background and their reputation. Anyone with computer skills and programming can start a software company; Keeping one in the business in the long term is much more difficult. Perform a deep dive into the history of each potential vendor, ask questions such as:

·How many times the company is bought and sold?

·Are there many tenor employees, or change changes?

·Has vendor ever bankrupt?

·Do they develop their own software, or are they resellers?

·How do they support their customers and platforms?

You are looking for a system with a long and stable history in terms of leadership, staff and financial position. It is also recommended that you choose vendors who develop their own software, so you can go directly to the source if you experience any problems. Make sure you choose also offer special support, in-house, and routine updates.

Talk to their customers. The best way to find out how well the software will work for you is implementing it. However, because this is a vetting stage, the next best thing is to find a company that is almost identical to you who successfully use the software. If they make the same product, sell to customers who are the same and operate in the same industry as you do, and the software for the worm.
harryjames1694 29 september 2021, 14:45

The current audience is tech-savvy with smartphones in the hands to Google as soon as it discovers a new brand. It is an unspoken rule to search for everything one doesn't know and enhance the newly found knowledge by seeing what the Web has to say about the subject.

Earlier businesses chose to do things the traditional way because they wanted to stay exclusive and valued the non-digital, physical shopping experience much more. However, now times have taken a 180° turn with customers preferring brands which can be found online over those which have no web presence.

That is why the Best Website Design Company in Gurgaon is hired by business owners who want to explore all avenues to scale up their revenue. The current scenario in which a web presence is a necessity and no longer just an option has come to be due to following reasons, listed by CyberWorx Technologies, the provider of top-notch Web Development Agency in Gurgaon.

Digital is easy and convenient. Humans take the path of least resistance so when they can have information at their fingertips in seconds, why would they take the longer, offline route! Even the pandemic propelled the already brewing digital revolution.

Witnessing customers' online preference, your competitors have made a switch. It has become a norm for businesses to be found on the web with an informational business Website. Having a site that informs about your business is considered professional and keeps you in the competition.

Don't just exist digitally, thrive in the online space with CyberWorx Technologies, the provider of the Top Web Designing Services in Gurgaon. Our team of seasoned professionals create custom, conversion-oriented websites which helps businesses garner quality leads and make greater sales.

Collaborate with CyberWorx Technologies to get your business website designed and get a professional digital presence.
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A high-demand restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app holds the current global value of 2.4 Billion USD and is expected to reach 6.5 Billion USD by 2026. [As per some other sources]

Nowadays, where the whole world’s economy is badly affected, every business owner has one question in mind. It is to invest in which product at this time? Well, Ibiixo has lots of Website and Mobile App Clone development ideas. But at this stage restaurant reservation systemor restaurant table booking app is the best for immeasurable return investment.

The time when people used to wait in the queue for their turn in restaurants has disappeared now. Because in this time people want everything to be done at the tap of their finger. The restaurant reservation app similar to OpenTable or Resy has made it possible. They allow people to book their tables at their favorite restaurants within the blink of their eyes.

Not only OpenTable or Resy but also a couple of other names in the restaurant industries have changed the mind of people. Nowadays, people prefer online delivery of food or to pre-book their table before visiting a restaurant. This way, every layperson has adopted changes, so people in business have a great opportunity to invest.

So let’s see which features you can add for multiple user types. Also, we will calculate how much does the basic and advanced restaurant table booking app can cost.

Essential features for multiple user types:
You must plan all the restaurant table booking app features that are in demand in your town. Here we will discuss all the basic or essential features that are a must in the restaurant reservation app.
Features for customer’s in restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app.
The restaurant table booking will help your customer to book their table with endless facilities. Below listed are very basic features; Ibiixo can add as many as you want.

- Easy Login/ Signup: Dinners can easily signup with social media accounts, email accounts, or directly through their mobile numbers.
- Find a Table: Customers can get the best table of their preference according to the function or event on the restaurant table booking app.
- Split with Multiple Payout Options: Customers must have a split payment facility along with multi-payout options in the restaurant reservation app.
- Rewards: To grab the dinner’s attraction, you must include referral rewards or discount voucher rewards. It will force them to use your app again.
Features for restaurant owners’ in restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app
The restaurant table booking app will help restaurant owners to manage all on a single platform. Below listed are very basic features; Ibiixo can add as many as you want.

- Staff Management: With a restaurant table booking app, the restaurant owner can effortlessly manage their customers, kitchen staff, floor staff, etc.
- Branch Management: They can also manage their multiple branches in multiple cities at a single restaurant reservation app with ease.
- Inventory Management: Owners of the restaurant can smoothly handle their inventory stock with the smooth-going restaurant table booking app.
- Complete Analysis & Reports: All the owners can view complete analysis reports of their restaurants, including customer engagement, demand, supply, and much more.
Features for admin or app owners’ in restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app
The restaurant table booking app will help you control customers, restaurant owners, and your staff easily. Below listed are very basic features; Ibiixo can add as many as you want.

- Easy onboarding &verifying restaurants: The biggest trouble is onboarding staff, restaurant owners, and customers for admin, which will solve with our restaurant reservation app.
- Complete control over privacy: You, an admin, have total control over the privacy policies in the app and can change at any time as per requirement.
- A sub-admin module: The restaurant table booking app has an additional facility to control the module that can be used by your various categories of staff and can control it.
How much does it cost to build a restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app?
The exact cost of the restaurant reservation application or website depends on the size and features you need. The cost of only an android or iOS app is different, whereas the cost of a website and an app may differ.

The cost of basic features of android and iOS in both mobile and tablet can be around $50,000 – $60,000. On the other hand, a functional restaurant reservation app on android and iOS platforms with advanced features can have an approximate cost of $70,000 – $80,000. It can also have a responsive UI/UX website as an add-on.
SumUp the restaurant reservation app
Every app is customized, and so its cost may vary with its requirements. But to get the best deal with the quality apps in the market, you must get in touch with the experts at Ibiixo. Also, be aware of readymade scripts available in the market that ruins your business idea completely.

Ibiixo believes in custom ready-to-go solutions for the restaurant reservation app. It will be unique yet affordable and quickly developed yet, customized. If you have any idea, be it weird, let’s discuss and plan a better business for you.

Email us @ [email protected]
IbiixoTechnologies 7 september 2021, 15:18

Campground management software is on the rise as warehouses around the world are looking for accurate, reliable and affordable management solutions 24/7. But many small and large camps have yet to make the leap to fully digital solutions.

If you don't know why Campground management software is the solution for your camp yet, read on! We've rounded up some of the digitizing rights that are too good to ignore.

That's fast
If camp leaders work with comprehensive Campground management software like Campground management software, it's not just the camp staff who benefit from the speed with which tasks are completed. The hosted online registration experience makes camper registration easy for parents. Plus, families enjoy the quick convenience of a personal parental control panel that makes camper updates easier than ever.

It saves
Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of online camping is the guarantee of safety. The user logs in and only sees areas that have been given permission (from you, the administrator!) and uses secure password transmission.

From camper profiles and health data to financial transactions and employee salaries, all information transmitted through Campground management software is 100% encrypted. The highly rated Amazon Web Services platform hosts our software and we offer backup and restore. Campground management software is critical to your data and security - every time!

It's centered
With Campground management software by your side, you don't have time to access multiple boards, databases, files or, sadly, filing cabinets. Everything you need to best manage your Campground management software is accessible from one central location. Multiple active users can log in at any time. Your employees can access the Campground management software dashboard from any device with a secure internet connection.

It's tiring
Perhaps nothing is more appealing to camp professionals than the thought of a comprehensive and easy-to-manage camper profile. We talk about the basics and beyond, like medical history, medication management, attendance lists, transportation preferences, payment history, two-story assignments, and more.

Imagine a platform where employees and families can make important changes or add notes to an RV profile with just a few clicks. It's that easy with Campground management software like a cake walk. Campground management software market is highly increasing according to the reports.

It's available
Today there are a lot of things that people who run campgrounds want with manual, divided, or disorganized efforts. Some might say that Campground management software is worth paying for just to reduce the headache of running it. Luckily, Campground management software is affordable too!

You can easily share video content on social media. Plus, it's a fun way to get to know your community no matter where it is or what time of day it is.

It's never been easier to keep your family engaged in year-round campgrounds and keep them updated. So with a little planning, content creation, and a campsite contact list, you're ready for a comprehensive communication plan. Keep your campsite experience the best regardless of the time of year!

We start each camp with a basic package that meets the needs of most camps. From there you can add modules as needed. This is how you get personal Campground management software that truly cares about your experience - and eliminates annoying headaches!
harryjames1694 6 september 2021, 12:12

Getting your brand a professional business presence with a well-designed website is the starting step in your online marketing strategy. It is of immense importance as whichever way you get your traffic from, whether from search engines, social media or other mediums, your audience will end up on your web pages to employ your services and to purchase your products.

Thus, the much-needed investment you make in hiring the Best Website Designing Agency makes most sense as ultimately, the web pages of your business become the deciding factor in whether the sizable leads you receive will convert or not.

Here, CyberWorx Technologies brings you the essential web elements that set an exceptional website apart from an ordinary one.

A Stunning UX Design. An impactful web site design is the one that is centred around users. Web designs have evolved over time with many advances made in the sector, providing users with a more enriching experience each time. The design utilised by the leading digital performers in the industry is the one that is dynamic, responsive and visual. Make sure you tick everyone of these boxes.

An Engaging Website Copy. The majority of online users are on the web not reading for leisure but scanning for information. Your website copy should be curated mindful of this fact with concise, to the point business content which drives sales.

A Logical Website Navigation. To provide easy navigation to users, you need to make the website structure as shallow as possible. It is mostly recommended to not go above three levels as depth demands effort which disengages users. Follow convention and give your users what they are already used to.

An accessible website. The reach of your business website majorly depends on its design. With a massive number of mobile browsers, not having a mobile-friendly website can reduce your accessibility with your audience bouncing off as soon as they land on your web pages. To deliver an incredible web experience, get a responsive website.

CyberWorx Technologies is the Best Website Development Company that employs the latest tools, tech. and practices to deliver incredible web solutions. Connect to CyberWorx Technologies to make an impactful digital debut.
cyberworx 6 september 2021, 11:55

What is account software?

Accounting software is truly a small bit of business economic management process which processes along with documents the accounting transactions within the purposeful modules for example payroll, accounts receivable, trial balance, common ledger coupled with accounts payable. The best accounting application is primarily used by the accounting professionals, or perhaps possibly business which is really little accounts doing accounting operations. Company accounting strategy runs an organized exercise of chatting or perhaps recording monetary info. It's an organized exercise of comminuting or perhaps recording monetary info. Specialized accounting has systematic, interpretation, varied, classification, verification, in addition to summation measurement of economic info.

The web accounting program is basically created for the goal of internal and external audits, monetary system analysis and needed reports to meet internal besides authorized managerial requirements. It actually is completely apt for barely any company accounts along with companies that happen to be much better.
Best 2 Accounting Software Companies In Pakistan

KALBIT-#1 accounting software in pakistan

KALBITis a cloud account software package for which little enterprise that is going to love to the complete monetary command of the company of theirs theirs. With this particular software program, you are experienced to handle the whole businesses of yours with kalbit. Inside mins track also as shoot the expenses of yours as well as product sales, get paid quicker, make invoicing with no issue in addition to a good deal of additional features.

Kalbit gives you a Cloud based POS system which gives you independence and finish command of the organization of yours yours. You are in a place to access inventory captures, include accounts and payments to and from the organization of yours with a private media from any school across the globe. This specific specific technique was created by a Pakistan based businesses.
kalbit 4 september 2021, 11:49
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