N2 Coin (ticker symbol: N2C) is a multi-functioning cryptocurrency. N2C can be used to benefit from various services on the N2 platform. The team behind N2 is currently working on the platform development, while the N2 Coin ICO pre-sale is live now.

Pre-sale Details

Ticker Symbol: N2C
1 N2C Price: 1 USD
Pre-sale Period: Dec 15, 2020 - Jan 31, 2021

Pre-sale Quantity: 450,000,000 N2C
hannahlorenz 23 december 2020, 9:09

A Hybrid Crypto Exchange Software combines the best aspects of Centralized and Decentralized platforms to provide the best trading experience for the users. It includes the liquidity of a Centralized exchange and the security of a Decentralized exchange. Currently, Centralized exchanges are facing security issues due to frequent hacking attacks and Decentralized exchanges are incapable of handling huge trading volumes and suffer from scalability concerns.

The main features are sufficient liquidity management, escrow management, institutional-grade security measures, 100% custody of funds, utmost user privacy, the funds of the users are backed up in secure cold storage facilities, an atomic swapping option, and the integration of multiple payment gateways for smooth execution of transactions.
aaronsilva691 21 december 2020, 11:59

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India is a global focal point of finance and commerce and is a growing place for people to buy, sell, and trade bitcoin in India which is legal after the RBI lifted the ban on cryptocurrency. If you are want to buy, sell & trade bitcoin in India then there are two ways available which help to buy bitcoin in India effectively.

Two Ways To Buy Bitcoin in India

There are actually two ways you can buy bitcoin in India. You can go online to one of the best bitcoin exchanges or move to a local ATM where you can exchange your INR for Bitcoin in an instant.

Buying Bitcoin online From India

When it comes to buying Bitcoin online From India, there are a wide range of options available to you. Depending on your requirements and how deep you want to get into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Here, we have suggested Bitcoin Exchange platform is the best option that builds new paths that have worked well for both newbie and well-experienced traders.

So in India, there is N number of Bitcoin exchange platforms available but before you are going to buy Bitcoin in India you must find and choose the best Bitcoin Exchange which one id provides the secure trading with high liquidity features at a low transaction fee. Here we are going to explain the best exchanges in India to buy bitcoin.

KOINBAZAR - Indis’s most secure Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange Website

Koinbazar is a Centralized & P2P Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency exchange website in India that facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Users of Koinbazar are entitled to like three primary benefits - simplicity, security, and liquidity. The bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading platform is designed to support the buying, selling and trading of cryptocurrencies with both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Countries that Koinbazar’s platform supports all around the world especially for India. The cryptocurrency exchange platform supports the most popular cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT etc. Koinbazar accepts payments by bank transfer and in cryptocurrencies.

Key benefits of the Koinbazar platform, which can be defined as an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange platform, include:

Users can buy, sell, trade Bitcoin and other crypto’s at ease with a low transaction fee and free Koin Bazar Coins (KBC).

Koinbazar prioritizes the security of traders' funds and transactions by deploying multi-layer encryption models with credible technologies.

The simple interface and quick cryptocurrency conversion facilities help traders enjoy a silky-smooth experience. 

To provide an authentic experience and expand globally, Koinbazar complies with legal regulations. Also, rigorous resource emergence strategies are followed to maximize trader benefits.

Referral Program - Koinbazar also offers a referral program. You can also earn 50KBC token for your Profile verification

Koinbazar follows industry standards and protocols in helping its traders to trade in a safe and friendly crypto environment.

With high-end security being the basic principle, Koinbazar utilizes the following elite safety standards to guard traders’ data and funds. 

* Two-factor authentication. 
* Email encryption.
* SSL encryption. 
* IP change verification.
* Anti-phishing code.
* 24-7 customer support

Want to know more about KOINBAZAR? Or want to start your trading with Koinbazar? Visit here & start your happy trading with Koinbazar here!
aadhyafalak 19 october 2020, 13:01

The P2P cryptocurrency exchanges empower traders and investors to buy Bitcoin and hold their digital assets into wallets which helps to secure more. The structure of the crypto exchanges should have an advanced feature that ensures maximum profits which allow traders to trade bitcoin and another crypto in the market quickly.

So if you are planning to buy Bitcoin in India with the highest liquidity then Koinbazar is the right place!

Koinbazar is the best and most secure Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange in India allows worldwide traders to buy and sell Bitcoin with high trading volume at ease with a low transaction fee and free Koin Bazar Coins (KBC). Our goal is to allow traders to buy bitcoin hassle-free trading experience. As an Indian trader, you can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with INR instantly.

Why Koinbazar is the best bitcoin exchange in India?

High liquidity
An easy way for beginners to buy bitcoins
Well- established and most secured Bitcoin exchange
Eminent for security & data protection
Private, fast, and easy
And more

To buy Bitcoin in India visit our dedicated page for Koinbazar!
aadhyafalak 12 october 2020, 10:31

Enable faster processing of transactions by utilizing a reliable p2p cryptocurrency exchange script made to perfection by CES. With features like a professional trading interface for users, an accurate matching engine that supports a wide variety of orders, multi-level referral programs, and sufficient liquidity, we strive to enhance your presence in the market quickly. Talk your needs with our noteworthy developer team and get a trustworthy package soon.
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