The concept of cryptocurrencies are thriving among the business world and is widely booming with every passing day. Many of us are familiar with cryptocurrencies now compared to earlier. But to quickly simplify for you, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and they are exchanged for other digital assets or fiat money.

What is a crypto wallet? How does it work?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a secured, digital wallet that helps store, send and receive various cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin, ethereum, dashcoin, litecoin and more. It is more like a software program that stores both public and private keys that connects with various blockchains to exchange cryptocurrencies and secure them with encrypted codes. Blockchain allows multi ledger wallets and completely protects investor’s interest.

Now, bitcoin being the most popular out of all cryptocurrencies, many budding entrepreneurs aspire to create their own bitcoins to earn huge sums of profits for their business. With the tremendous demand and popularity, it is very essential to have the most secure wallet to protect your bitcoins and conduct a smooth business. Let’s see what are the most essential features for your bitcoin wallet development.

Key features:

Multi-Factor authentication

Readily-available wallet addresses


Instant updates in changes of crypto values

QR code scanner

Push Notifications

Merchant services

Enhanced security

Auto denial of duplicate payments

Favourable session logout

Transaction history

Wallet backup

These are the top core features that need to be integrated in any crypto wallet for seamless, efficient transactions. As this requires a lot of qualified technical knowledge and assistance, the best choice is to hire a well recognised cryptocurrency wallet development company like Blockchain App Factory, whose knowledge and experience is unmatched and therefore will offer 100% pre tested whitelabel solutions for multi-crypto wallets , that is feature-rich and robust and will ensure a successful, smooth business. So, get in touch with them and protect your cryptocurrencies today.
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Stablecoins are the new hot cryptocurrencies making rounds in the market. They are backed by real-world assets. Stablecoins can be precious metals backed cryptocurrencies, fiat backed cryptocurrencies or gold backed cryptocurrencies. Because of this, they become stable and less volatile to constant price fluctuations unlike other existing cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins are also backed by blockchain technology that ensures high-volume liquidity, high-end security and user transparency. Stablecoins also come along with several other benefits that include,


User privacy

Faster, cheaper, borderless transactions

Reduced costs

High programmability and scalability

Price stability

Thus, due to these many advantages that come along with stablecoins, the demand and popularity is widely booming among potential investors all around the world. If you are looking to create your own stablecoin, you can’t stop with developing, but also carry out distinct, sound launch services that will grab the attention of investors towards your project and make your coin “stable” and sustainable in the long run over existing competitors. For that, let’s see some key launch services that will help you.

Tricks for a unique stablecoin launch:

Drafting a engaging/ informative whitepaper/ investor prospectus that explains about the purpose and benefits behind your stablecoin

Easy navigable/ efficiently designed website that drives customer’s attention to get to know about the stablecoin.

Listing the stablecoins in recognised platforms

Landing page with clear vision communication and dashboard with three stages, pre-post and burn coins

Coindrop to wallets with bonuses

Referrals and promo codes

Roadmap strategy

Blockchain and smart contracts deployment

Price volatility hedging and due diligence

Tech support, bug support 24/7 customer support

These are the most essential launch services that will make your stablecoin a hit and stable in the market. Gathering these elements together will consume a lot of time, money and demands technical assistance. The wiser choice will be to hire an existing stablecoin launch service company, who will provide you both pre and post launch services that are reliable and effective. And also, you could avail cost-effective solutions and your stablecoin will be ready to hit the market in no time! So, get in touch with a company today, launch your coin and spin millions!
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Cryptocurrencies are making huge rounds in the market and revolutionizing almost every industry. They are set to be the future currency for businesses.Many budding entrepreneurs pursue a dream of creating their own cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. With the evolving demand and popularity, and the widely spread competition, you cannot be just done with creating a legitimate crypto with necessary integrations. You should also protect them with the most secure wallets, to avoid any risks and sustain them in the long run! What does a crypto wallet basically do?

Cryptocurrency wallets are digital wallets, a software that stores your public and private keys, transaction information, records, ownership details etc. Crypto wallets are highly-secure and prevent hackers from accessing your crypto assets and the information related to them. To attain a robust cryptocurrency wallet development service, you must conduct massive research, and seek advice from experts in terms of technical and security protocol aspects. The simpler way is to hire an existing cryptocurrency wallet development services company who will build your wallet for you! Let’s take a look at the services you would avail by doing so.

Essential Cryptocurrency wallet development inclusions:

Multi-currency storage wallets
End-end security with multi signatures, Multi-factor authentication etc
Notifications for attempts from third parties
Easy, hassle-free access for users
Reduced cost, zero latency global transactions
Multi-layered high end security
Both web and Mobile wallets
QR scanner
Admin panel
IOS and android support
Multiple payment gateway integrations

These are the most essential integrations for a proper, secure cryptocurrency wallet. And gathering all these elements and building from ground up, will consume ample time and money, also involves a lot of technical factors. So, make the smart choice. Hire a well experienced cryptocurrency wallet development services company, attain whitelabel solutions from them and secure your million dollar value cryptos and carry out a hassle-free business in the long run!
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Here is the curated a list of 15 global blockchain technology companies that are set to make a big impact in 2020. The list has been curated after a lengthy in-depth analysis regarding their performance, turnaround time, reputation and other key factors. Go through the list and choose the most suitable blockchain development company to turn your ideas into reality!

Somish 19 march 2020, 7:07

Blockchain technology is changing the way businesses approach crowdfunding. The decentralized platform enables entrepreneurs to circumvent third-party networks and reach investors directly. This helps startups to raise funds quickly and efficiently. Today, there are many blockchain-based funding models such as the Initial Coin Offering, Security Token Offering, Tokenization, and more. Of these, the Initial Exchange Offering or IEO model takes the cake.

As the name suggests, IEO projects are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. This benefits both the entrepreneur and the investor. While the former can promote their projects better and raise funds faster, the latter is assured that they are investing in compliant projects. Using this funding model, projects can reach their hard cap goals within a matter of seconds. Here are some features that you can include when developing your platform:

Tokenization Support: Help startups with the token creation and distribution process.
Compliance Checks: Reduce fraud by verifying projects and checking their compliances before listing on your platform.
Listing Marketplace: Allow investors to view the different IEO projects available on your platform easily.
User Dashboard: Enable investors and entrepreneurs to manage their portfolios and products effectively using a robust and secure platform.
Admin Dashboard: Track activities and trends as well as organize different processes through an integrated and powerful admin panel.

In 2020, launching cryptocurrency or blockchain projects is not a hassle. With the presence of many companies offering premium development services, startups can easily benefit from these nascent technologies. Blockchain App Factory is one such company that is both trusted and experienced. They have a spectacular developer team who can help you build IEO Exchange that are fast, feature-rich, and scalable.
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An Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraiser that is conducted by a cryptocurrency exchange on its platform. The token issuer is relieved of the burden of issuing tokens, performing KYC/AML procedures, and other processes.

They can take advantage of the existing user base of the reputed exchange. Partnering with an exchange to issue tokens can help the company earn recognition among credible investors. Although an exchange markets the issuer's tokens, it is not enough to ensure a successful IEO.

An exchange does market your project. But, is it enough? Of course not! You are not their priority. An exchange is going to launch your IEO and a hundred others too. If you’re looking for someone who will have a good understanding of your vision and objectives, who better than yourself? Set up your own team or hire a marketing agency who can work with you in close proximity.

Marketing doesn’t stop once the sale is completed. You have come this far and built value for your project. Now, it is crucial to maintain this status. Constantly work to implement new strategies and advances in your project to achieve relevance and perfection.

For this reason, a company conducts its own marketing or hires a team that focuses on marketing the tokens. Are you in search of an agency who can help you market your IEO? Go check out Blockchain App Factory and the services we provide to help companies conduct successful IEOs.
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Why the economic feasibility may lead to the collapse Bitcoin

The author of the article is Alexey Malanov, an expert of Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus technology development department

We will discuss what determines the profitability of mining bitkoy, what principles for adapting the speed of mining were laid in it initially, and why these principles can ultimately lead to the collapse of this crypto currency.


We assume that the reader has an idea of ​​the basic mechanisms of Bitcoin operation, such as: blocking , mining , mining pools, reward for the block.

Warning. In this article, we explore the theoretical possibility of developing the described scenario, taking into account the algorithms put into Bitkoyn. We did not set ourselves the goal to analyze in detail the cost structure of the miners, electricity prices in various parts of the world, bank rates and the payback period of equipment.
Papay 19 october 2017, 16:01


Recently, I have read some article where was a discussion about multiple use of cryptographically strong hash for a password. That discussion has pushed me to a math topic. The essence of the problem arises from the idea of multiple (1,000 or more times) password processing before storing by any cryptographically strong algorithm (typically, it is a hash function) in order to get a slow algorithm of verification that effectively resists brute force in case of interception or theft of this value by an intruder . This idea is not new, and it is used by the developers of Cisco, RAR and many others. But, as far as hashing is an operation that compresses many values, there is a logical question - don’t we damage the resistance of system? I will try to answer this question.
Pirat 13 march 2012, 15:50


U.S. chemists have devised a method of genetic marking of proteins so that they start lighting up using one of the seven colors in the visible range. The seven colors come out as 49 color pairs, which is enough to encode the letters, numbers and other characters. Scientists have demonstrated a new technology on the bacteria Escherichia coli.

In order to protect the encrypted text is used an additional gene that is resistant to the particular antibiotic. That is that the sensible text of the color pairs appears only after the antibiotic treatment of bacteria, when the "extra" bacteria die. It turns out that the antibiotic plays a role as a key to decrypt the message. The potential attacker will have only one attempt to find the right key.
MeLavi 20 november 2011, 17:32

It has been a long time that the idea of a full-fledged quantum computer thrill the minds of scientists and people that are interested in the field of cryptography. Indeed, the forthcoming of the computer is able to solve the complex problems as well it questions the existence of cryptography in the form in which it is now. Cryptographic protocols with public key will no longer make sense, because one-way functions are no longer remain unchanged. Sun goes down, the world will overturn, the river will flow backwards ... But we do not hurry to give up, right?
Pirat 18 october 2011, 14:25