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AnnaLisbeth 15 may 2020, 11:14

Start your venture with well grounded cryptocurrency exchange software development services from one of the dependable companies in the market, CES. From legal compliance, multi-currency support, readily- integrated liquidity, matching engine, payment gateways, integrated API, our development comes with all inclusive services required for your exchange. We make sure your exchange sustains over the long run, and gains a competitive advantage among potential global customers.
AnnaLisbeth 14 may 2020, 10:57

Aspiring to launch a crypto exchange like an already existing successful model like Binance? You can achieve that now at ease, by getting the cryptocurrency exchange script offered by CES. We integrate the features, technical integrations, security protocols that match the model of Binance, added with your personal customization preferences at the most affordable prices. The script can be launched in the market within a week, which will get you up to speed among your competitors.
AnnaLisbeth 13 may 2020, 10:40

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AnnaLisbeth 12 may 2020, 11:00

Acquire whitelabel decentralized exchange solutions from CES, that includes every integration you need from legal frameworks, multi currency support, multi-currency wallet, powerful trade matching engine, liquidity API, payment gateway, security integrations and customization based on your preferences. With this whitelabel decentralized exchange solution, you can conduct highly-secure peer-to-peer transactions. The solutions are also available at the most affordable prices.
AnnaLisbeth 9 may 2020, 12:41

Obtain a cryptocurrency exchange with leverage platform from CES, that rightly fits your business model and is integrated with features that will make your business highly profitable and viral among global investors. It offers you several benefits such as high leverage ratios upto 100X, auto-deleveraging option, Take Profit(TP) and Stop Loss(SL) etc which will help you gain better chances at huge profit returns and their risk management strategies will limit your losses, making your business successful over your competitors.
AnnaLisbeth 8 may 2020, 11:28

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Looking for a perfect solution for your crypto exchange business? Get connected with a team of skillful developers from CES, a cryptocurrency and blockchain development solutions company. Our expertise will help with an all-inclusive cryptocurrency exchange software that is legally compliant, and inbuilt with top-notch technical and security features, advanced blockchain technology and smart contracts etc. Our services are highly dependable, and will ensure a seamless business experience to global customers.
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At CES, we offer you the most reliable, robust cryptocurrency exchange script that will uplift your business among potential customers. Our crypto exchange scripts come with a legitimate basic database, with every essential integration inbuilt by our professional developers. Our exchange scripts are highly- programmable, scalable and can be customized based on user preferences at cost-effective prices.
AnnaLisbeth 30 april 2020, 11:44