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Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is the popular fundraising technique in the crypto market space. ICO mimics the process of the reservation system. YES! Before the launch of cryptocurrency, the start-up team reserves and pre-sales a certain amount of tokens to the “whitelist” investors who are potential to invest in the project. The ICO fundraising project receives capital in the form of BTC, ETH, Litecoin, XRP, and other popular fiat currencies.

In general, the purpose of ICO is to promote the circulation of new launch crypto coins among the crypto market space before the launch of crypto coins. To attract the crypto investors, you must build the potential ICO with advanced features & functionalities.

In this blog post, you can find how to find the best <a rel="nofollow" href=">ICO development company</a> to build your ICO tokens!

Essential things to look at before partnering with an ICO development company

History of the company

You must kick-start your selection process by checking out the history of the ICO development company. The reputed ICO development company would showcase their potential clients and their feedback on their service pages. If your investment and potential of the project are high, then running a background check on the history of the company would save you from losses and counterfeit activities.

Business strategy

You must then jump towards the technical details of the ICO projects developed by the company. If the company is legitimate, they would offer the client details to contact and get feedback from them. The technical details of ICO include the backend technologies, framework, design software, and other features in the ICO website.

Quality & customer support

Analyze the quality of services and customer support rendered by the ICO development company. Once the ICO is built, they handover the ICO website and other products to the clients. However, you must check on the factors of whether they would support setup, installation, deployment, and other processes. The ICO development company must render round the clock support at the initial stages of deployment to surpass the technical glitches.

Innovative strategies in Outreaching the ICO

Not all the ICO’s listed in the exchanges reaches the hard cap value required by the investors. Some even fail to attain soft cap values after listing on the exchanges. The difference lies in the innovative strategies applied in outreaching the ICO to the target audience. So, while picking the ICO development company do check their marketing strategies for successful ICO launch.

Thorough knowledge of licensing & legal clearances

The key aspect of launching an ICO is to clear the licensing and other legal clearances formulated in the country. ICO development company must have a thorough knowledge of getting legal clearances on the country in which it's being established. US federation has regulated the launch of ICO tokens to avoid ICO scams; whereas China & India has banned the ICO sale. So, it's a mandate to the company to know about the legal terms and conditions before the launch of ICO.

Integrate blockchain technology

The tech world and crypto space have evolved a long way. The investors are showing up interest in blockchain evolution to enter into the next-gen industrial revolution. Hence, inculcating blockchain technology in the projects can potentially reach the hard cap values of the capital.

Final verdict!

ICO seems to be the best fundraising technique in the crypto realm. However, it comes with certain risks like there are no regulating authorities and hence it’s purely the investor's responsibility to find the legitimate ICO project to spend assets. If you’re longing to raise capital funds, do consult with an ICO development company!
haileygarcia 30 december 2020, 12:00
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