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World of Warcraft Classic: Guide To The Darkmoon Faire

WOTLK Classic Gold has lots of activities and events to help keep players busy, the other very popular is the traveling carnival, the Darkmoon Faire. This unique event happens each and every month, appears in three different locations, and such as a proper traveling carnival, the Faire offers games, prizes, as well as other incentives in return for special currency.

WoW's Darkmoon Faire trades tickets for prizes, where there are several daily quests that players can perform to collect possibly possible. The Faire stays for any week, however, it returns the next week, as well as takes multiple trips to accumulate all those precious tickets.

The following guide is designed for the Wrath in the Lich King version of World of Warcraft: Classic. The Darkmoon Faire following the Cataclysm expansion is considerably different, like being in a stationary location and constantly open, even though there are portals on the modern island in the Darkmoon Faire from the old fairground locations.

Darkmoon Faire Locations

There are two places in Old Azeroth the place where the fair sets up and something located Outland. They rotate each month, going from Goldshire to Thunder Bluff after which to Shattrath before returning to your woods of Elwynn again.

Elwynn Forest. The small wooded field just south of Goldshire is conveniently close to your Alliance capital city of Stormwind. Horde would need to tread softly to travel to this location.

The Plains of Mulgore. The peaceful hills of northern Mulgore are quiet and isolated, beside but well-separated on the high-mesas in the Tauren capital, Thunder Bluff.

South of Shattrath. The only neutral location in the Faire, it's located outside on the southern entrance of Outland's capital city in Terrokar Forest.

Not each of the characters that players meet around the fairground is trading junk for tickets. Some sell rare goods for old-fashioned gold, these items are only obtainable when the fair was in town. Proprieter Silas Darkmoon is normally near the front gate, flanked by bodyguards, greeting visitors.

Sayge: Raiders still come go to Sayge for his precious scrolls and world buffs awarded by merely answering easy questions. There's a possibility to get a quest using a fortune when the player asks for just a written version.

These are definitely the NPCs that trade certain special goods for Darkmoon Faire tickets. Some have different tasks than these, but all reward you with Darkmoon Faire tickets, apart from one.

Yebb Neblegear: This creative goblin is building something, but he needs Vibrant Plumes, Glowing Scorpid Blood, and Evil Bat Eyes.

Rinling: This troll could be the local repair carnie but needs some Repair Kits and Thorium Widgets to try and do his job.

Chronos: An NPC that rewards leatherworkers, he accepts many different leather-crafted goods, many of which drop or can be bought during certain quests.

Morja: This NPC provides a quest, nevertheless it's not just what a player might expect. Morja features a secret quest plus a rare pet in return to get a mug of Dark Iron Ale. This can basically be purchased inside Grim Guzzler, the tavern in Blackrock Depths.

Grinding rep with all the Darkmoon Faire in wotlk classic gold doesn't need many benefits apart from tweaking some from the prices from vendors or counting towards one with the Exalted reputations which might be part of the Insane In The Membrane Achievement.

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The Darkmoon Faire Card Decks

These cards drop virtually anywhere inside the open realm of Azeroth, while they tend to appear often in higher-level instances like Strathholme. Since Inscription was added to your game, some can basically be crafted. The Aces out their decks include the most difficult to seek out, dropping randomly from specific bosses in endgame raids and selling for any small fortune for the Auction House.

Every single deck requires that the participant find a total of eight cards, from Ace to Eight, to perform a set. They all start the identical quest: the deck is returned to the Darkmoon Fortune Teller or Professor Thaddeus Paleo to get a reward.
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