Where should you put your shoes in a small bedroom?

There's nothing like the joy of waking up to find your closet organized. Whether it's cleaning out your closet for the New Year or bringing some peace to your countless band shirts, we've got clothes storage solutions that make organizing a breeze.
Closets often become a dumping ground for all kinds of clothing - sometimes even non-clothing! That's why there must be some key components in order to store clothes effectively. In our collection of closet organizers, you'll find clothes covers, layered sweater organizers, shoe organizers, drawer organizers and more. Clothes organizers are a must-have for organizing your closet, allowing you to find what you want at a glance.

Bedroom Storage Container is perfect for keeping your closet organized and functional for every season. Store bulky winter coats safely under your bed during the warmer months and put your new favorite clothes front and center.

Make sure anything you put in your clothes storage bin is clean and dry. This will prevent odor and mold buildup. Keeping your out-of-season clothes fresh is easy with IKEA clothes storage boxes, which feature ventilation mesh to allow air to circulate, keeping clothes dust-free and fresher for longer.
No need to worry about dust and moths either - our clothes storage bins will keep your clothes safe and clean for months. Get more closet space with stackable storage boxes that can be hidden under your bed until your next ski trip or beach vacation. the

For everyday items, look for storage that will keep out dust and stains, since these two items are more likely to gather under the bed. So look for containers with closed lids or zippers to avoid finding dusty items after opening the under-bed locker. Even after you tidy up, you may need to store leftovers. Under-bed storage can be a solution, especially for smaller apartment dwellers with full closets and dressers. “Under the bed is an often overlooked primary storage space

Before buying under bed storage you must measure the area under your bed, taking into account the height and placement of any support beams, all beds are different so you want to make sure you buy the right fit. And whether it's a plastic crate, box or fabric container - you should determine the ideal size and preferred material.

If you have too many shoes and nowhere to put them, organize your closet and stop rummaging through shoe boxes, an under bed shoe cabinet is also a great option for more space - holds a lot of shoes, up to 12 pairs. Durable enough to use every day. It fits perfectly under the bed or in a closet and looks great too! Adjustable compartments fit different shoe sizes, from kids shoes to heels and boots. Can also be used as a container or box for storing towels, clothes and more. The see-through upper lets you see your shoe collection at a glance and keeps them out of dirt, and the low-friction fabric on the bottom of the under-bed shoe cabinet helps it glide effortlessly on hardwood floors and even carpet. Sturdy sides and durable handles let you pull them out from under the bed with confidence

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