Things you should know before going deep into Path of Exile Expedition

Path of Exile Expedition has been available for almost two months. It can be a great way to eliminate stress and get some rewards. There are also new POE Currency, new store NPCs and new items to collect. Now if there are newcomers who are just experiencing Expedition, they will see a new NPC, a detonator, and several markers around the two. These marks, signs or sticks depict what players can dig into the area, from treasures to enemies or challenges.

If players want to dig anything under the rubble, they must place explosives in the area to be digged. Encounters start at 4, but this limit will increase as the mission progresses. The distance between the explosive and the primer cannot be too far, so place it carefully. They will explode in the order it placed them, and then players can collect loot or fight the enemy. If they fall, it is easy to return to the battle to continue fighting or looting the remaining boxes. Although players will get most of the junk equipment, it is important that they can still get some POE Currency.

The 3.15 expansion introduces four new NPCs related to Expedition. They are Gwennen the Gambler, Tujen the Haggler, Rog the Dealer, and Dannig Warrior Skald. All are merchants. If players have the items or materials they want, they can trade with them for a certain amount of profit. We can find the Expedition log around level 34. These opened up a huge expedition map to get more rewards. Before solving a problem, make sure you are prepared.

In the current game situation, Expedition rewards may not be able to win you some Exalted Orbs. In other words, players should use these artifacts to trade with new merchants to get the best items. Nevertheless, it is worth trying the new skill gems introduced in this alliance, if nothing else. If the players’ financial strength is acceptable, they can buy more POE Currency and go deep into Expedition to obtain greater achievements.
CSCCA 18 september 2021, 1:00
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