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Then, it's a contest for players to complete

WoW Classic Gameplay: Player's Quest to Be a Scarab Lord Highlights What is it that makes this event so Special World of Warcraft content creator Barny64 set out on a journey back in the summer of 2020 to be the Scarab Lord in WoW Classic's famous Gates to Ahn'Qiraj event. Two years more later, her documentary covering her lengthy journey has been completed and it's quite possibly the most detailed look at what makes the game's AQ event so distinctive.

A little background. "The title, Scarab Lord, and an exclusive bug mount, are awarded to players who have completed an extremely long quest line as part of the AQ event within a predetermined time frame. The process of getting there is a server-wide collaboration, since all Horde as well as Alliance players must contribute an enormous amount of money for the "war effort" to enable the event's start. The first player to complete the quest and then ring the Scarab Gong will actually bring the event to a close just a few minutes later which will be celebrated by the start 2 new raids.

Then, it's a contest for players to complete the quest and turn it in before deadlines run out. It's not even getting into the requirement that the quest practically requires a whole guild's worth of players to complete through a myriad of different levels as well as a section that requires players to collect 42.000 items by killing thousands and thousands of bugs. For all the reasons given above that very few players won the title when it first happened in the original version of WoW in 2006 and those who did , went to the bottom of WoW history.

As WoW Classic's version of the AQ event was announced to 2020 in the year 2020. the players were prepared. They knew what supplies to buy the required items, what they should do to complete the quest, and what obstacles they would have to over. This was in contrast to the initial version of the event, where players entered without prior experience and only a very few could claim the exclusive title and mount certain WoW Classic guilds wanted to see as many players be able to claim the title as they could.

Barny64 is a World of Warcraft rogue and just one of more than 12 people who advocated for Scarab Lords in her guild in its entirety. The result is a 4-part video series that covers every aspect of the story--the lore, the quests, Guild drama, server politics, Horde as well as Alliance collaboration--all. Two years is a lengthy time span, and a lot of gamers have been waiting to find out if Barny64 really did get her wish to become a Scarab Lord. This isn't a spoiler and the entire video is recommended to learn more about the things that make MMORPGs such as The Gates of AQ in WoW Classic more than just an event in the game, but a social event that could bring about some twice, and soon, for the duration of a lifetime.

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