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The idea was further developed into Diablo 3

If you're not aware, in Diablo 2 you would hire followers to go through the gates of Hell along with you, but once they were killed , you were required to rehire them with cold, hard cash. New followers were introduced in each zone, which meant certain followers were more powerful than other followers.

The idea was further developed into Diablo 3, where instead of hiring mercenaries to help you, you obtained three companions in the story-driven campaign. You had the Scoundrel, Sorceress, and Templar, who represented various aspects like DPS tanks, ranged DPS, and magical players respectively.In the course of my Diablo 4 adventure I only encountered friendly NPCs who stuck around for a dungeon or two before heading off into the sunset. When I inquired of Jackson what their thoughts were on how the game's Follower function would work in the game, they said "for the initial release version, we do have a few places in the story in particular that you'll encounter certain named NPCs who will follow you and help you as you figure out the what Lilith is doing around the globe.

"We don't have anything we can announce about the Diablo 2-type follower you've hired, so we'll stick with the campaign for now." Insist on the present.

With a wry smile , they continue "stay tuned, we may have something exciting in the near-term to share, but there are no promises." The announcement immediately provoked an explanation from the producer for dungeons Ash Sweetring, who channelled her the"Mr. Burns with an 'interesting hand movement as the backdrop. It's a lot of sus.If any iteration of the follower system does make it into Diablo 4, I'd prefer a Diablo-style hired gun rather than omnipresent companions. I really enjoyed the vast range of different abilities followers could bring to the table in Diablo 2 and would love to see this expanded upon. It creates more space for different designs, and awesome demon-slaying ability chains.

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