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The blacksmithing trade is definitely less interesting

So the second thing that I believe is worth mention is play with the nameplates. Now this for me is possibly one of my most favorite things. If you look closely here, you'll be able to see the moment I'm close enough to that the bar for health. This is the first time I've completely customized this. So let me show you what settings I've actually used.

Health bar look allows you to customize everything in this but I've made it as simple as possible. Also, I've gone with a simple type of look. This is way of looking. like it. So I'm thinking that all is set to clean clean. And I've set the border thickness to the highest you can see that we can make the observations downturn or even show you see Oh, I like this way of looking.

And look, you can set that to full you can sort of too high I'm thinking 1210 might be the level I'd like to set it. However, it is most likely in the same range. It looks great. Well, then it's basically like this was my UI This is how I got it through the one we talked about earlier, which was questi. It's really easy.I still would see this as an excellent way to passively make gold through an automated via cloth cooldowns off the ah as well as crafting into the bag after cooling down and then just taking the profit but probably an easier and more reliable method would be making smaller quantities of gold using those 20 slots of frost bags or even Soul Shard bags and enchant in bags.

The blacksmithing trade is definitely less interesting to speak about than tailoring , since the bulk of your gold-making potential comes from actual here you'll be able create a full set of the basics gear that you can play PvP or even half decent PvE improvements from slots left out of the decent quest rewards. You could make the complete set for holy Paladins. It's a strong set that any strength using DPS can use or even tempered items which are intended for tanks.

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Emilylowes 20 march 2023, 8:55
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