Runescape changed the game

I think this statement is personal , however. I don't think everyone agrees that the game was "un-old school" due to the release of Summoning. This is your personal opinion. I understand a lot of other people have this same opinion, but that doesn't mean that it's an accurate one.

I played Runescape through all these changes , and as significant the changes were I was able to cope with the majority. The summoning feature was a new and interesting ability, and while it could have had better methods of training it (mostly obtaining charms) It was enjoyable to make use of various familiars. Ancient Curses were massive and Soul Split was a game-changer and I loved it; I wouldn't want it in OSRS however because it massively alters how the game plays (maybe in the event that it was tweaked or nerfed so prayer actually drains regardless of what it is the game is playing, and it can't be used to switch). I loved Dungeoneering and wouldn't like playing it in OSRS (it's an advanced CG that's less boringand would have to be adjusted to fit OSRS Also, rewards were available).

Bonus XP weekends weren't one thing I particularly liked. The game felt unprofessional and holding on to the items until the weekend made me feel like the game was not designed properly. Changing HP to Consitution did not affect any significant amount, but it was a big change in the way that the game initially was. In the past, Effigies were not a good design for games as they changed the way the skilling system worked and also created a new metagame for slow skills. Korasi Sword wasn't the worst thing, but it significantly changed the way PvP worked as it was an untradable weapon that was better than AGS/Claws. It also devalued PvP IMO.

Loyalty Programme is a great idea, but it came with bonus XP rewards and auras that gave numerous benefits to players who didn't have them and resulted in a myriad of cosmetics that were unattractive and unfit for the game. The shout of Fortune was the start of the end. That was the moment that Jagex proved that they only cared about was the money, and not the players. In the end, Evolution of Combat, this is when I left. It was the final straw and was the most significant of all. I could've been content with anything else, but EoC changed the game and made Runescape distinct from other games. (MTX was also my second biggest factor but it didn't affect me in any way, rather it devalued my game and my achievements since people could buy the game).

Every person has their own view as to when Runescape was no more Runescape to the players. We all agree on the fact that EoC was the final straw. Most of us hate MTX. But I'm sure there are only a handful who dislike things like Summoning Dungeoneering and Effigies (bullshit playing metas with op skills) or the loyalty program (dumb non-fitting cosmetics) as well as Bonus XP (just completely bad game design, as 90% of people never trained in summoning, herb or prayer or their toughest ability to master up to that weekend).

I'm thinking that a good portion of these "bad updates" aren't all bad and were appreciated by many gamers. You're right, some of them do not fit OSRS However, this doesn't mean that they can't be altered to fit OSRS and later added (that being that said, not everything from rs3 needs to be added).

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Emilylowes 26 july 2022, 7:21
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