The years of Amazon gaming have been difficult. Although established in 2014, the studio only released one PC game (Crucible), and the company’s production budget seems to be supported by the resources of its parent company. Now, the first full version of the studio has finally arrived. This is a MMORPG called New World focused on production and PvP. As an MMO, New World, priced at $39.99, relies heavily on its full-map PvP and faction wars to fill the void left by its monotonous mission structure and flat story.

Fortunately, the New World battles represent some of the best moves we have seen in the genre, making ordinary tasks more attractive and challenging. New World did better than any other MMO before it, but it also found itself stuck in about 12 other puzzling design decisions that came directly from 2002. As a publisher, the legality of Amazon’s games has been questioned from the beginning. The wider gaming crowd sees it as another tool in the long-term that Jeff Bezos believes he can use to buy profitable parts of the economy. Of course, true innovation is not so easy to buy. This is the lesson that Amazon Games has learned from Crucible’s failure. They ridiculed it as a dull, formulaic shooter, adding nothing new or exciting to the genre. Now Amazon Games Orange County hopes to change this statement and develop an MMO that contains many new ideas about how combat and PvP should work in this genre.

However, combat is only one of many aspects that determine the success of such games. It is the sum of all the different parts working in a wonderful concert, thus creating a once-in-a-lifetime MMO, such as Everquest or World of Warcraft. Heroic attempts like Wildstar learned from the painful lessons.

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If players have played the game for a while, then they may know the "Elder Scrolls" series of action role-playing video games very well and understand the importance of ESO Gold to the game. Players can freely adventure in this open world and do what they like to do. This series is more like an adventure, including free-form games in the open world. Over time, role-playing games have become popular in the gaming world, and their users have grown to millions. The Elder Scrolls Online is a multiplayer game released in the series in 2014.

The video game is developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and can be used on different platforms such as Windows, macOS, PlayStation and Xbox. The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay includes different missions, random events and free roaming to explore the world of adventure. Players can use ESO Gold to do many things in the game. The game has been running until recently, however, some Xbox gamers now suddenly start to encounter errors when playing the game.

According to reports, The Elders Scrolls Online crashed on Xbox Series X consoles. This problem occurs after users download the latest patch that arrived recently. Some players said that he had bought Elder Scrolls Online Gold, but his game crashed when loaded into the public dungeon of Blackwood and could not be re-entered. Other players said that he doesn't understand whether the game crashed or his Xbox Series x had a problem.

Based on feedback from many players, it is obvious that the culprit is the latest update. The developers recently released a new patch for the game, bringing fixes, improvements and a series of new features. Some players have prepared enough Elder Scrolls Online Gold but encountered this kind of problem, which is very frustrating. So far, players believe that this issue is related to their Xbox console. However, the developers of The Elders Scrolls Online have now raised and confirmed this issue.

Officials have acknowledged the problem and promised to resolve it. In addition, the company also stated that there is currently no temporary solution. Nevertheless, users can try to get rid of this situation by using different roles, just in case. And developers are already working hard to find a solution to this error. However, the company did not provide an estimated time of arrival. Players hope that this annoying problem can be resolved quickly and that players can prepare Cheap ESO Gold and enjoy this adventure game again. 
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Classless combat has its perks. New World will employ a classless combat system, meaning you won’t have to spend hours at the beginning of the game choosing which combat style to commit to. The downside to this is something called weapon scaling. This is the system that determines your proficiency with various weapons, and it’s a little more complicated than just throwing points into strength to swing your sword harder.

Weapon Scaling is the idea that you can improve your proficiency with weapons by increasing your attribute points. The catch is that you can improve this proficiency by increasing a main and sub-attribute. Take the humble sword as an example. Its primary attribute is Strength meaning that you can do more damage with a sword as you increase your strength stat. Its sub-attribute is Dexterity, meaning and you also increase the damage (at a much lower rate) by increasing your dexterity.

The sword is much brighter in the Strength category because this is the primary stat. Not every weapon has a sub-attribute, like the Bow, meaning you can only improve proficiency one way, through Dexterity. Weapon Scaling matters because you will only have New World Coins to limited attribute points across each character you have in New World. You can earn 190 attribute points by leveling a character to the current max of 60.

This includes the 5 base points per attribute you start with. Once you reach level 20, re-specing points cost coins, meaning it’s costly to make mistakes. You also have to consider that you may need to improve attributes for reasons other than just combat. It’s maintaining this thing balance that. In the end, while you aren’t committing to a class, you need to have a good idea of how you plan to proceed through the game. This way, you can properly plan how to spend your attributes throughout the game.

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In Elder Scrolls Online, one year of content is ending, and its arrival will be huge. The Gates of Oblivion adventure will end with the Deadlands DLC, which will be released with Update 32. If there are players who want to have an outstanding performance in the new update, then they’d better prepare some ESO Gold to enhance their strength.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands will be launched before the end of the year, ending a year of continuous content release. Players will explore possibly familiar parts of Oblivion and even brand additional parts of the Elder Scrolls game. The Land of the Dead, the title of the DLC, is one of these locations, and the area called Burning will be worthy of its name. Melting rivers, flames, dangerous hot creatures, etc. Players can buy ESO Gold so that they can easily explore more new content. A new part of the dead land to be explored is called Sever, and the environment is harsh, with unstable storms and winds. Other places where players may hunt, exploring, fighting monsters or taking part in public dungeons and powerful magic include the desert city of Fargrave.

Update 32 is scheduled to take place in November. Some of the major changes include the new Armory system, where players can exchange free items Armory Station for their custom character construction, which players can place at home. They will no longer need cumbersome construction exchanges, reconfigurations, rollovers, or charges. If the selected item set is dropped, it can also make their lives easier. This will check what items they have and increase the chance of missing items falling. Players can also buy ESO Gold to get the items they want. Not all collections will be curated, but this should help, along with the item collection UI to keep track of what players have.

It will purchase separate deadlands DLC through membership or through the crown in the store. If players want to know more about it, they can check the update on the ESO official website. But the most important thing is that players need to prepare enough Elder Scrolls Online Gold before the new update arrives. This will make the game journey easier for players. Go! 
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Path of Exile's interesting game mechanism allows players to choose different classes and create their own unique characters in the game according to their own ideas. But more people will choose Duelist Class, which seems not surprising. At the same time, everyone wants to have excellent performance in the game, so preparing enough POE Currency may help. But for novice players, they also need to have enough understanding of Duelist Class. Here are some content.

Buy From The Vendors. Duelist is a relatively weak class at the beginning of the game, and the advice of experienced players may not sound that useful. When they complete the most difficult moves in the game or complete the perfect robbery, they forget what the Duelist is in its infancy. Other classes can rely on random drops and play games like ordinary predators. Players can buy POE Currency to purchase equipment and gems to make it easier in the later game.

On Critical Hit Advantages. Duelist breaks the rule that players need to be inconsistent at unpredictable times. Due to the very high attack speed, the spells triggered on heavy hits will disappear regularly. Therefore, when other classes discard these gems, Duelist should pick them up. After gaining sufficient attack speed, it is equivalent to releasing additional damage. If the players have the conditions, they can also Buy POE Currency to get better weapons to increase their damage.

Max Out Spell Resistance. Around the fifth act, the Duelist will feel the heat from the enemy’s spells. As a melee role, these are largely inevitable attacks. Life stealing will help, but the blow will be devastating before Act 10. Use equipment with magic resistance. If the players do not have equipment, then they'd better prepare some POE Currency to buy better equipment.

Keep An Eye On Impale. The initial "best" build of Duelist involved mobile piercing, which can wipe out the biggest and worst enemies with a single energetic blow. This move and its corresponding Ascendancy, champion, have been weakened. The build is still an excellent build for a single goal, but the community is under great pressure to restore this fan’s favorite build.
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Several sources stated that during the New World Beta, the market value of secondary holding runes was approximately 500 New World Coins. This is twice the number of coins the players initially spent to purchase those rare items. The idea is to buy Minor Rune of Holdings, put them on the trading station for sale, and then accept some faction missions while waiting for the runes to be sold. The price of Perseverance Runes of higher faction levels is much higher, but it takes more time to get faction tokens.

Because the economy in MMORPG games is constantly changing, New World players should also pay attention to earning as much New World Coins as possible. They can often check resource prices at the trading station and then record which resources are most suitable. Fortunately, players don’t even need to visit each town to find out the price of resources, because the drop-down tab in the upper right corner of the trading station screen allows them to compare prices in different towns. In addition, some resources may sell for more than other resources in one settlement, so if players have many of these items, they can put them in the trading station and make money quickly and easily.

In order to get the most ideal resources, players need to spend some time collecting items to improve their trading skills. They can check the New World leveling guide provided by IGGM to learn how to do this effectively. If the player looks at the map and selects the resource location, they will get a table showing the location of some materials. If you can, try to equip tools and bags with perks, as they can help accumulate experience, reduce the weight of resources, and so on.

When players devote more time to upgrade these trade skills, please pay attention to the trade posts in each town to see which resources sell for the highest price. If they do not have enough New World Coins to purchase those resources, they can also buy the safest and cheapest New World Coins from IGGM so that they can quickly reach their goals.
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NBA 2K22 has recently undergone an update, a next generation with some quick fixes based on the 1.5 patch notes.

The latest updates of NBA 2K22 have been released on PS5 and Xbox Seriers X/S. Taking its size as a reference, there are not many obvious major changes. The download size on PS5 is only 301.8MB, while the download size on Xbox is currently unknown. But considering the size of NBA 2K22, the content of this update is relatively small. Although 2K called this update New Gen Patch Update 1.5. However, this 2K22 MT update is version 1.006 on PS5 and version on Xbox Series.

At present, the complete patch notes for the latest NBA 2K22 update have been announced through 2K. 2K said it will continue to improve the player’s user experience and other stability of the game.

This update fixes the problem that City/Rec/Pro-Am/W Online will be disconnected at the beginning or end of the game. It also solves the problem of MyCareer saving and loading the wrong code in the city. In addition, when players re-enter the city from inside buildings such as apartments or Event Center, the loading speed has also been improved. The frame rate for navigating the city on the Xbox Series has also been improved. In MyNBA, the traditional broadcast video recorder can now also continue to be used, and the problem of MyNBA Online saving overwriting other pre-existing saves has also been fixed. Gym Rat and On-Court Coach badges are now correctly applied to all badges loading. At the same time, the speed of the player before falling into or passing through the first line of the crowd through momentum is increased. Finally, when the player approaches the quest NPC, DJ Booths will no longer allow tipping.

However, these attempts to improve the stability of the game seem to have encountered obstacles on the PS 5. After the update of NBA 2K22 on PS5, MyTeam had an error and caused a crash. So although 2K hopes that this update can reduce some problems, it seems that the opposite is true on PS5. It is still unknown whether the same problem has occurred on Xbox Series X/S. But MyTeam card Buy 2K22 MT seems to have been lost on PS5.

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Players can choose different classes according to their preferences in Path of Exile. Some players may buy POE Orbs to configure better equipment for it after choosing a role. And some characters are very useful in themselves. Duelist is one of them, and many old players will choose it. If players don’t know something about it, here are some professional tips.

Tinker With The Skill Gems. Most of Duelist's skills and weapons are rigid, but in addition to using POE Currency to buy better weapons, skill gems seem to be used to stimulate their imagination. Some of them mix well with the class and don't have a consensus on the person they like the most. Duelist may blink with Flicker Strike, use Viper Strike to poison enemies, or use Cleave to kill followers. Or even all three are in the same version.

Guardian is either the worst or the best. Many people may think that saying that any combination of skills is either the worst or the best in the game is a sloppy statement, but in the case of Guardian Ascendancy, this is definitely true. This makes ranking it among other Ascendandies a very difficult task. The entire Ascendancy will enhance the companions in the party. Because the Duelist usually has no servants, it means it only works for other party members. Single players should not consider it. Group players should not consider anything else. If you want to quickly enhance yourself, players generally Buy POE Currency to quickly improve.

The Dominance Of Life Leech. For novice players, they need to fully understand the content. Helpful experts will always ensure that information about the Ascendancy course is included in advance. And at least they will not mention that Slayer will cause harm. There are several life-sucking skills in this tree, which are very different from Duelist. In addition to parrying attacks, Duelist does not have many natural defensive capabilities. Players can prepare some POE Currency to buy better equipment for them to increase their defense capabilities.
YYJJJ 23 september 2021, 1:58

With Amazon New World, MMO fans are considering how they can get enough New World Coins to start their journey in New World. In other traditional MMORPG games, if players want to earn Gold quickly, they need to pay a lot of energy and time. Although they can indeed gain some in the end, it is not enough to support them towards higher achievements.

Houses in New World are not the only things players can buy with many RPG New World Coins. If they want the best weapons, they must spend some NW Coins at the trading post in any town to purchase specific resources. However, players can also profit by selling equipment and resources they don’t need in these shops. There are several ways to make a fortune in New World. Although they are all easy to perform, players still need to spend some time to do some fairly mundane tasks. Another way to get New World Gold is to complete missions, so if players are tired of those repetitive methods, they can also choose to complete the missions given to them by the citizens of each town.

Although the faction missions themselves will not reward players with many New World Coins, they will receive a considerable amount of tokens after completing each mission. When they have saved enough tokens, click the “Buy Rewards” button to open the reward store while talking with the New World faction leader. Inside, there are many weapons and armors available, but this is not the most profitable. The most valuable items are holding runes that require tokens and New World Coins to purchase. Players can use these runes to make better packages. In order to get higher quality runes, they need to improve their rank in the faction by completing faction missions.

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For the old players, they all like to play Duelist, because it not only damages high but also has a large range. In battle, players who use Duelist are generally able to survive to the end. Although many players have bought POE 3.16 Currency to increase their damage, but they will also lament that Duelist is a great class. Here is some content about Duelist.

Stay away from smart trees. Even though it is good to conduct a lot of experiments in the game, the duelist starts with the lowest intelligence score and trying to solve this problem requires too much work. By insisting on dexterity and strength, the duelist will be in his element and cause the greatest damage. For those who are curious to explore, there are some niche constructions to try, but it sacrifices what makes this character so good. If you want to increase damage, players can prepare some POE Currency.

Survive by sword. Take a sword. If necessary, please learn to trade. When viewing the game list guide, please turn to the sword section, do not turn the page. Duelists have a large number of accessible sword lovers and should make the most of them. Deft Blade and Blade of Cunning each increase sword damage by 22%. In addition to these skills, there are some skills that can increase damage and attack speed. For a wise player, this cannot be given up. Or players can buy POE 3.16 Currency to get some better weapons.

Balance strength and dexterity. In Path of Exile, developers have balanced the game many times, and of course, Duelist is no exception. But the coexistence of strength and dexterity is very important. Some powerful people may miss a lot of time when they are hurt. Those with too much dexterity will often attack but cause very little damage. Duelist should send at least one bridge in each passive skill area of strength and dexterity. In any case, if the player wants to maximize the strength of a character, it is essential to prepare enough POE Currency
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