A blog about how ACCELQ — Low code automation solution helps in achieving in-sprint automation

Software test automation is the crucial phase of the software development life cycle and aims to make sure your product quality is maintained to the highest standards. With this in mind, there are many different approaches to test automation, especially when creating reliable and efficient automation cases. One such automation approach that is currently followed in software testing is In-sprint Automation.

In-sprint Automation

In-sprint test automation is a unique testing approach that is used in iterative and agile software development. It attempts to maximize the value of automated tests by leveraging short release cycles. Automating within product sprints is one of the most effective ways to increase your team’s efficiency, productivity, and alignment. In addition, it makes sure that everyone is focused and does the right work, ensuring that there is less automation debt in the project.

There are quite a few automation solutions available to support in-sprint automation. Software testing professionals have a wide range of solutions, from traditional automation tools like selenium to the latest technology of using no-code automation. However, many difficulties are faced with the traditional automation framework approach in automating and testing a feature within a sprint. As a result, testing professionals face a lot of time crunch for achieving in-sprint automation, which further impacts the automation debt of the project. In this blog post, I will summarize how in-sprint automation can be achieved and provide insights into how ACCELQ helps in achieving in-sprint automation with its unique aspects. To begin with, let us first understand what is required to achieve successful in-sprint automation.

What does it take to achieve truly effective automation in the sprint cycle?

Test automation is a common challenge for most product teams. Many teams struggle to automate their tests within the same sprint that the feature is developed, thus leading to technical debt. So what can be done to achieve effective automation within the sprint

Start automation during the development phase — A sprint is usually considered for two weeks. Within the two weeks, developers and testers have to ensure completion of user story development+testing+test automation. During the testing phase of the feature, a majority of time is invested in creating test automation. Most of the time, testing professionals cannot start with automation if the feature is not ready, leading to a time crunch at the end of the sprint. To achieve in-sprint automation and ensure the maximum productivity of software testers, it would be a better approach to start automation during the development phase.

Faster test case execution — Having many test cases automated won’t help if your automation framework doesn’t have a supporting infrastructure for quick test case execution. In-sprint automation is time-bound, so it is required that each test case can run independently to support parallel execution. This can ensure that in case of failures, they can be caught and fixed quickly.

Easy maintenance of Automation code— Introduction of a new feature can hamper the existing automation code. There can be changes in element locators, redirection links, etc. This can further cause and hinder achieving the in-sprint timelines. It is vital that the automation framework supports features such as self-heal and, it should be easy for anyone on the team to read and debug the issues faster.

Right automation skills — This is a crucial point to be considered for in-sprint test automation. Test professionals in the team should be highly knowledgeable regarding the automation tool used for automating the feature. Having the right skills can accelerate the timelines in which the feature can be automated.

Smart automation tools — Traditional automation approach makes it mandatory for testers to learn programming languages. Working on automation with this approach is time-consuming. The error handling messages also provided in the console are not user-friendly, leading to investing a lot of time debugging and resolving the errors. Today, we have more intelligent low-code automation tools which allow testing professionals to focus more on automating the feature instead of understanding or rectifying the framework-related issues. Testers will get more time to test the feature as these automation solutions will take care of most of the automation features provided by any framework.
What makes ACCELQ- Low code automation tool unique to achieve in-sprint automation?

ACCELQ brings together the best of AI and human ingenuity to help companies launch high-quality software on time, every time. From test design to test execution and reporting, ACCELQ utilizes the combined power of AI and experienced QA engineers. Let us view some more features from ACCELQ that helps in achieving in-sprint automation —

1. Ability to drive automation when the feature is still in the development phase

For in-sprint automation to succeed, it is important to start with the automation when the feature is still in the development phase. This will ensure that software testers can focus on testing the project instead of developing automation code when the feature is out for testing. ACCELQ has this amazing feature of creating test scenarios and automating them to specific endpoints during the development phase of the requirement. Then, once the feature is out for testing, it seamlessly helps to reconcile the new feature with the automation code. This ensures that testing professionals are at their most productive front during the development and testing phases and helps provide a quality product at the end of the sprint cycle.

2. Integration with a project management tool to track automated cases

A project management tool allows you to quickly establish a hierarchy of tasks for effective and efficient completion. It gives us a picture of the current stage of the new requirements and a one-stop view of the status of the feature. It is required to have the automation status also integrated with the project management tool so that all stakeholders can access and view the automation results for the project. ACCELQ has considered this requirement and is integrated with JIRA — a project management tool to plan, track and manage agile software development projects. This integration allows teams to view automation results in JIRA user stories with every run of the automation suite.

3. Data variation in Test cases

ACCELQ offers an in-built data variation approach for test cases. This low code automation solution has even provided a feature to auto-generate combinations and includes them during test automation execution. This simple feature is highly beneficial for testing professionals since a wide range of data can be tested with automation with just a click of few buttons.

4. Automation Reports

ACCELQ Reports give you a centralized reporting platform to see the reports from all of your existing tests in one place. It allows you to define various filters to drill down your test reports and see the most recent results. In addition, it provides functional insights into the test execution results, giving you the ability to quickly identify and fix automation issues that prevent your tests from running successfully. Finally, test Reports provide a unified execution results view of both local and external execution results like BrowserStack, SauceLabs, etc.

5. Seamless integration for bug reporting and tracking

This one is one of the best features that ACCELQ offers and helps reduce a lot of software testers’ effort. In case of automation failures, a bug can be created in the JIRA project tracking tool with just the click of a button. Moreover, all the details related to the automation failure are attached in JIRA through this bug reporting integration.

My Takeaway

ACCELQ has redefined the way test automation can be successfully achieved within the sprint. ACCELQ focuses on real-time problems test automation engineers face during in-sprint automation and has enhanced its automation solutions to provide solutions for the same.

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There is still a long time before the release of The Elder Scrolls VI, but at the same time, The Elder Scrolls Online is ending its year-long Gates of Oblivion event and is preparing to release its next expansion pack, Deadlands. Players can use it on November 1st. If players want to have an advantage in the game, then they'd better prepare some ESO Gold.

Before the release of the Gates of Oblivion expansion pack, it was stated that players will spend a lot of time in Deadlands at the end of the event. This is because Bethesda plans to follow up on Oblivion's proper Deadlands expansion chapter at the end of 2021. Many players have already bought ESO Gold to have an excellent performance in the game.

In the Gates of Oblivion year-end live broadcast, the Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands will be launched on November 1. The free Deadlands Prologue chapter is now available. Players only need to get the mission "An Apocalyptic Situation" from the in-game Crown Store for free, and learn more about Mehrunes Dagon's latest evil plan, which will directly lead to the expansion next month. Players can also prepare Elder Scrolls Online Gold in advance.

However, the Deadlands extension is not free and can be accessed through Elder Scrolls Online membership or using premium currency crown purchases in the Crown Store. The expansion pack will include the last area in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as well as new locations such as The Sever and Fargrave. If players want to easily explore new areas, then it is best to buy ESO Gold.

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So how do we quickly get New World Coins in the game?
Aeternum’s economy is based on New World Coins. NW Coins is the currency in Amazon New World, which can be got and traded in any major settlement in the game. It can buy weapons, armor, potions, and houses. As the player base grows, so will conflicts, and the control of each settlement will become turbulent with the economy of each region. Before the war, players often donated gold to the treasury of their faction. They can buy territory to gain the upper hand at the end of the war.

According to each player’s game style, their contribution and responsibility to wealth will play an interesting role in the game. Therefore, players can use some popular methods to increase their own resources.

Trading Post
In any MMO, the market is one of the popular methods players can use to sell goods. They can sell everything from raw materials to refined armor at the settlement trading post. Of course, it does not include items bound to the character. No matter which settlement they are in, there are players flocking to the trading station. From low-level to high-level, everyone will eventually sell or buy items in the market. We can say that it is your job to become the wolf of the trading post. Some of the more profitable options are cloth, linen, arrows, and ammunition. This may change because the market may become saturated with such commodities, reducing the chance of their own inventory being bought out.

Mission Accomplished
This method is laborious, but players will not only get New World Gold Coins but also gain experience. Therefore, it is best for them to follow the main tasks and community committee and faction related tasks. Since the missions of factions and town committees will never run out, players can continue to accept them! The reward is a small amount of RPG New World Coins on top of faction points, tokens, territorial prestige, and prestige. Be prepared for multiple round trips, but players can make themselves easier. But before setting off, plan your route by fixing the nearest task to your side. After that, just jump from one target to another in a row.

Craft Bags
After completing a few hours of missions in Aeternum, players may already feel overburdened. This is annoying, because they can’t do much to correct the problem other than discarding some items. This is where Craft bags come into play, because they can expand inventory space. Collect materials for these bags, make them immediately and list them on the market. Bags are just one of the high-quality daily necessities that everyone needs, so it is best for players to have more bags.

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If the players are sitting on the solemn carriage and going to the cutting board when they play Skyrim for the first time, they may not know how to get out of this predicament. When they were approached by the executioner to be beheaded, there was a huge roar from the mountain, which sounded like thunder mixed with howling coyotes. It will be very difficult if the players do not prepare the strategy in advance or buy ESO Gold enters the sky.

Helgen is frightening because of its insurmountable halo of fear. When Alduin killed the Centurion and Wizard, the players had to go to the torture dungeon in the basement. After escaping, when they helped Whiterun and his lords deal with the dragon invasion, another battle broke out. This is surprisingly easy. There is a reason for this. They play Dovahkiin, a mortal with dragon blood and soul. They were called by the gods and empowered them, especially Akatosh. Because of their blood, this mythological power often appeared on emperors like Uriel Septim. Most battles in Skyrim are easy, and if players buy ESO Gold, they will greatly increase their strength.

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As in other MMOs, players will start by creating characters, although the number of unfamiliar faces and hairstyles in the new world is relatively small. Then they will choose their own name, and then they can set off. Nothing is deeper or more complicated than this, and there are no additional races or professions to choose from at the beginning. If they want to keep it simple, that’s great, but it certainly won’t provide customization options that almost all MMO fans may be familiar with. And players also need to prepare some New World Coins.

Once on the island, players will be introduced to battle and basic missions. In either case, expect nothing groundbreaking. When they talk to NPCs with quests, they will get a preview of a page of dialogue and quest rewards, which in practice feels as deep as any interaction fans might have in World of Warcraft or Destiny 2. But at least these dialogues are decent dubbing.

People have not yet decided whether they think New World battle will last for a long time. It does not differ from other RPGs, although it does often allow players to block, dodge, and break opponents’ defenses to make a difference. The swing of the weapon is also very good. Your location and timing have a major impact on your combat efficiency, although once you activate a skill, it will lock you in the animation. If you don’t schedule attacks, dodges, and blocks at the right time, this can make the battle feel stiff.

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During the Blackwood bounty event, Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to receive many unique rewards. In a previous blog post, Zenimax revealed what kind of rewards players can get from the Blackwood bounty campaign. Starting from September 30th and continuing until October 12th, in addition to buy ESO Gold, players can also unite to promote the community schedule and get new rewards.

In 33% of cases, the owner of the Blackwood expansion will receive a Pellucid Swamp Jelly pet. In 66% of cases, a cosmetic mark called The Shadows Of Blackwood will be distributed. At 100%, there will be two rewards available. The first reward for 100% progress is a cascading bounty box, which has the opportunity to include "fearless plunder, rare materials or item sets", but "guarantees include adjustable crafting stations and unique Orgrim target dummies ". Players can enjoy various rewards while earning some Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

The second reward for reaching 100% is the "Mystery Prize", which will be announced in the "Forgotten Gate" year-end live broadcast on October 5th. Although I don't know what it will contain, the blog states that "this is great, it's worth the adventure to the dangerous wilderness of Blackwood". During the expedition, players had better prepare enough ESO Gold to enhance their strength. The event will also reward players with the honorable Blackwood envoy treasure chest after completing the first daily mission of the day in Blackwood. This may include all kinds of loot, including pieces of black wood furniture and Voriplasm pets.

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With the upcoming announcement of Madden Team this week, they have announced a special LTD project early. This is Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens. In Sunday’s NFL game, he once again showed why he was the best in the league in field goal percentage. To commemorate his NFL shooting record, EA gave him a Madden 22 Ultimate Team TOTW 3 LTD card. His impact on the court also directly reflects how many Madden 22 Coins players need to spend to buy it.

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EA released the new card on Monday night before the release of the best team of the week. Tucker has an overall score of 92 and a kicking power of 93, awareness of 92 and a kicking accuracy of 88. Before, Tucker’s best card was 87 OVR Core Elite, with 84 Kick Accuracy, so this is a good upgrade. The card sold for 110,000 coins on the Xbox and 119,000 coins on the PlayStation auction house. Most likely, the new Tucker LTD card will be worth more Madden Coins.

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Some players may have prepared enough ESO Gold. If players search for the borough of Caerphilly, they may see something special. After the latest extension of the Elder Scrolls online game is Blackwood, a Google search for Blackwood will not only bring information about the town, but also the Elder Scrolls franchise.

After a lot of social media activity, the update has recently attracted more attention. The Elder Scrolls is a popular fantasy video game series made by Bethesda, which includes games like Skyrim and Oblivion. The Elder Scrolls Online is a very popular and very old MMORPG game. Players can do various things according to their own ideas in the game, so there are many players who buy ESO Gold to quickly improve themselves.

The events in The Elder Scrolls Online occurred before the first Elder Scrolls game. Chapters related to Blackwood allowed players to enter Tamriel's realm, especially Cyridil, the Black Morass, and Iswell. Players who have played "The Elder Scrolls: Arena" and "The Elder Scrolls IV: Annihilation" may be familiar with these areas. In this field, players will prepare enough Elder Scrolls Online Gold to enhance their strength and defeat the enemy.

CH Grebb, artistic director of The Elder Scrolls Online, said that Blackwood has built a bridge between the idyllic hills and deciduous forests of Ceredier and the low-lying swamps and swamps of Black Marsh. The northern region is vulnerable to periodic flooding from the river flowing to Nibenay Bay. Long-abandoned settlements and destroyed castles dot the land, proving the ultimate power of nature. Players have the opportunity to explore the rolling hills and deciduous forests of Nibenay Valley. Some brave players who spend most of Cyrodiil are familiar with the environment here. The forest will provide nature lovers with a longer unexplored and more dangerous forest exploration. Interested players can buy ESO Gold in advance, because they can have an advantage over other players. 
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New World is officially available today! As a super large MMORPG game, its pirate theme differs from your usual fantasy environment. With more attention to PVP, players may need to buy more New World Coins to upgrade quickly to match your competitors.

There are three different upgrade systems in Amazon New World, one for increasing your basic character statistics, one for your weapon skills, and one for trading skills. Everyone has the best way to rank quickly, but knowing how to do it without help can be tricky.

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Whenever players level up, they can put a point into one of the five attributes. This means that everyone can spend 71 points through the upgrade. Fair items will also give points when players wear or brandish them. In addition, there are item slots where they can place jewelry to further increase the character’s attribute statistics.

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For some Path of Exile players, they may think that Scion is weak and useless, but if they really understand Scion and adopt the correct build and buy POE Currency for it, then it may play its greatest strength. Some players may not like the saying that she is a know-it-all, but she is a class starting from the middle of the passive map, so she may have an effect on every aspect. For novice players, if they don't know, they can easily fall into the trap. Here are some tips for novice players.

Look At The Ascendant Tree First. Players usually do not need to look at their Ascendancy options before defeating Lord's Labyrinth for the first time. This means they can spend time on the main passive tree first, and then spend time figuring out how to trade with other people. Players will also buy POE Currency to buy better equipment. Scion has only one Ascendancy option, creatively called Ascendant. Before putting any points into the passive tree, the player should know how they will fill the tree.

Go To Extremes. Looter games are still very active this year, and Path of Exile is a happy part of this group. However, to make players fall in love with this game, you need to find expertise. Initially, Scion didn't have such a thing. This is easily solved by making a path to external passiveness as a priority. The temptation can be close to the starting point, but it also means that this class has a lot of health and mana and has nothing to do with it. And some players may choose buy POE Orbs to enhance its gain effect.

Connect Opposing Passives. After reaching one extreme, quickly move to the other extreme. There are many reasons why players choose Scion, the only reason is that they can do two very different things at a high level. Players usually prepare enough POE Currency to make the game journey more interesting. Elemental archers and aura-buffed slayers are two of the many great builds that people have done with Scion. 
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