In the upcoming NBA 2K22 from developer Visual Concepts, Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic became one of the highest-rated players. Luka Doncic is the cover star of the basic version of the game released on Friday. This is an honor received after the epic start of his career, and saw him top the digital court. Ratings will greatly affect the use of player cards by players and whether they will buy NBA 2K22 MT. 

As always, player ratings are a place for much publicity before they release the new game each year. Players care about player ratings as much as players, because this will affect their buy 2K22 MT and how they use 2K22 MT in the game. Overall ratings are still something players are very concerned about before they actually released the latest version. It is also interesting to argue about whether the ratings are correct or have major omissions.  

2K is working hard to better personalize each player. The stars have iconic movements and overall feel, which makes the player’s feeling when using them on the court unique. NBA 2K22 aims to simulate the game more perfectly, but another side effect is that it eventually offsets some effects of overall ratings. A good game will always attract players to buy NBA 2K22 MT

What is worth mentioning in this year’s gameplay upgrade is that the iconic dribble transitions from a pre-set animation to direct control by the player. This means that NBA 2K22 players will get a better gaming experience. This will also attract them to buy Cheap NBA 2K22 MT. They released the game on Friday, when players can access new ratings and improve the gameplay for themselves.  
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In Path of Exile, there is no law or currency to dictate how players should operate. All exiles from Oriath were dumped at Wraeclast and introduced the concept of trading. After that, people began mass murdering stones for shiny objects. In the game, besides buying POE Currency, players can also learn about some rare orbs.

Elevated Sextant. In Echoes of the Atlas introduced Maven and a new POE Currency called Elevated Sextant with her. Only she can drop this orb, which is why its price is around 56 Chaos Orbs. Elevated Sextant is a significant item. Players can polish several maps in the atlas simply by applying it to the watchstone. But please use it wisely, and only based on map availability.

Exalted Orbs. Exalted Orbs are now available in many shapes and sizes, but they are all similar in price, except for Warlord, Hunter and Redeemer variants. It is approximately worth 120 Chaos Orbs. Most players will use Exalted Orbs to buy the way to enter the META build instead of spending them. If players swim with them, they can use them to add new random attributes to rare items. Players can also buy POE Currency to enhance the strength of the character.

Awakener’s Orb. Awakener’s Orb is the most precious tool for craftsmen, because they can use it to copy perfect items, even though the original items will be destroyed. Players see it as a cut and paste ball in Path of Exile and an influential item. But its price is very expensive, its value is about 350 Chaos Orbs. It is also difficult to get, because it only drops from Sirus, Awakener of Worlds in the Atlas. If you want to get better equipment, besides these players, you can also prepare some POE Currency.
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Besides the regular skills that are bound to keys, Bless Unleashed players can also use the left and right mouse buttons to customize key settings. For example, if a player is using a wizard they can quickly use their custom buttons to teleport to the enemy, and then release a large-scale spell attack to defeat the opponent in a thunderous posture to get rich loot and Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

After the beginners have played for a while, they will find that they have gained much more abilities than they can use. In this way, players can use their favorite abilities and focus on upgrading these abilities to accumulate the strength of their characters. After they unlock different blessings, you can further customize your game style by passively enhancing certain skills. For example, whenever I hit an enemy with Frost Nova, my mage’s wolf mark blessing adds a destructive blizzard effect.

They can dodge every profession, which is strange at first glance. Although I know you need to avoid the upcoming attack, it seems strange to see a priest rolling on the battlefield. But it does work, and the beauty of this type of battle is that you don’t have to rely on defensive data to stay alive-you will be hit because you didn’t move in time, not because you didn’t accumulate enough dodge or parry.

Besides the usual “kill X Y” objectives, some historic missions also allow you to deal with powerful enemies, and you often find yourself one of many players trying to knock them down. When you are out exploring, there are also world bosses to solve, and there seems to be no shortage of players ready to help.

Players who need more strength can pay attention to IGGM to buy more cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to help them achieve their goals, achieve great achievements as soon as possible and enjoy a perfect game experience. Just do it!

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Too many options
Yes, this space is more crowded than ever before. It’s easy to get lost with most tools talking about “fancy” capabilities but failing to get the basics right. The success rate from test automation still remains way below expectations. It is important that a tool is capable of handling the complexities of a modern application landscape and at the same time, help you build sustainable and low-maintenance automation.

Here is a simple framework you can use to help you maximize the value of your time and focus on the critical aspects you expect from the tool.

Narrow your list down
Sometimes when doing comparisons, it’s easier to strike out some options based on obvious factors and work with a shorter list. It helps maximize your time on trial and evaluation and really ensure it works for your business and app landscape.

Easy to get mislead by traditional “record and play”. It’s marketed and comes across as magically fast, this technology is a decade older. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. The link to the blog goes into more details of why record & play just doesn’t work in the real world.
Stay away from tools whose core expertise is not automation, like model-based testing tools that “integrate” with automation tools. Or tools that started out as desktop application testing tools and added capability for web and API.
If the automation tool does not offer core functionality such as managing automation assets, reporting, and tracking, and service automation – don’t waste your time. And don’t get into the “integration” trap. Core functionality should be native and easy to achieve in a simple manner. Breaking the core lifecycle of automation into multiple tools only brings inefficiencies.
Codeless automation tools can be challenging. Moving all the test logic into some invisible executable is not really helping the purpose. Tools that drive test logic from excel spreadsheets suffer from obvious shortcomings.
Stay away from the tools that claim to do everything under the sky. For example, performance testing is better handled by a specialist tool.

Capability assessment framework
This framework will help you score on capabilities that are critical to making automation fast and sustainable. To start with just a simple Yes/No checklist could go a long way to ensure a 360° evaluation. The capabilities are divided into technical-functional, accessibility, adoption and the ROI to do benefit analysis.

Technical & Functional

Business process focused
Automated test design
Reusability / Modularity – Need of custom frameworks
Robust element identification
Seamless Data-driven testing
Test asset management & inbuilt traceability
Change Impact management & Automated Change management
Execution tracking and cycle management
Service and API automation


Ease of use for the broader test and project teams
Centralized access to test automation assets
Ability to execute tests and analyze results at a functional level
Ability to set up governance


Easy to adopt
Need of specific programming skills and resource dependency

Vendor locking
Hidden costs (like execution agents, add-on modules, protocols, accelerators costs, maintenance and support add-on costs..)


What are the key components to analyze ROI? There are many things here, but I am only listing the ones that are the usual suspects. They are very basic, but these are critical to automation that can give you returns on your investment.

Need for framework development
Element setup
Data definitions
Runtime & executions
Change Management

Get the most from your trial and evaluation
It’s tough with our day jobs to give time and energy to evaluating a new tool. Here are some quick tips to help you thru the process:

Don’t get caught up by exception use cases. Consider what serves 80% of your Automation needs
Carefully observe the learning curve
Emulate situations for future change adaption and maintenance
Consider how easy/difficult will it be to move away if needed in future
Review pricing model for hidden add-on costs. You want to make sure ink does not cost more than a printer!

If I had to really pick the Top-5 things, here are critical ones that you shouldn’t compromise on:

Ability to automate UI and API simply and in the same flow.
A tool that could potentially handle the complexities of today’s technology stack and robust element handling without any custom framework and programming overhead
Something that can keep up with the continuous nature of changes and where maintenance doesn’t kill the ROI and outcome is more sustainable
Don’t get locked into automation assets that would be proprietary to a specific tool
An automation tool that’s simple to adopt and has test management, reporting, and CI integrations built-in.
If you are thinking about going with or sticking to selenium, this is a comprehensive summary of how you can potentially leverage all the power of selenium without any of its framework and programming overheads

Do check out how ACCELQ scores and compares and sign up for a trial to experience the difference.

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2K Sports has revealed more information about NBA 2K22 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and the next generation of game consoles seems to get the most extensive experience. NBA 2K22 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will use an upgraded version of the social center called The City. In NBA 2K22, players can accept tasks to advance their careers and upgrade their homes. This will greatly attract players to invest time in NBA 2K22 and go to buy NBA 2K22 MT. 

They have increased the limit on the number of players in the city in order to make the city full of vitality. There will also be new NPCs in the game world to help increase the fun. The City also added new buildings, including Club 2K, where players can listen to the new music that appears in the game with each seasonal event. For players, the ever-enriching game content will stimulate their desire to buy 2K22 MT. 

Players can also get rewards in The City, including karts that can be used to speed up travel. The game series will also return to NBA 2K22, and will bring generous rewards, possibly including 2K MT. Every week, The City will have a new racecourse. Players will ride on skateboards, BMX bicycles or other means of transportation. Players who want to achieve good results can choose to buy some NBA 2K22 MT

The city has also introduced new matching buildings. Players can enter these buildings and other players or AI for 3v3 battles. There is also an option for 1v1 matches, players can hone their skills and improve their strength in this mode. The new gameplay will attract players to buy more 2K22 MT.
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The POE Currency in Path of Exile allows players to buy better equipment and weapons, and can quickly improve their strength. In Path of Exile, the currency system revolves around the sphere and its rarity. Here are the rarest Orbs in several games.

Ancient Orb. Ancient Orb was introduced into the Pioneer Alliance in 2017. It is one of the most elusive POE Currency in the game. It exists in the original and more violent days of Path of Exile, so its name is “ancient”. Its value is about 10 Chaos Orbs. Players can use Ancient Orb to recast a unique item into another item of the same level for fishing flasks. It may take more effort to get it, because players need some Ancient Shards that fall from Harbingers.

Blessing Of Chayula. Blessing of Chayula is another orb, which was introduced through a cute league called Breach, which broke its way in the main game through pure fun and madness. Blessing of Chayula can only be got from Chayula herself in her own domain. Players can get it by collecting 100 Splinters of Chayula and turning them into Breachstone. Although its value is only about 10 Chaos Orbs, players can use it to make the Breach project more powerful. For some players who like to make such a ball is very useful, it is a better way to get BIS equipment, rather than waiting for it to drop or trade. Players can also buy POE Currency to get better equipment.

Divine Orb. Divine Orb is one of the oldest pioneer orbs in Path of Exile. Although more precious orbs have appeared, it still have value to this day. Divine Orb is comfortable with about 11 Chaos Orbs in the standard position. When players finally get the unique items they need, Divine Orbs is very useful, just because it brings some disappointing statistics. Players can risk using Divine Orb to increase or decrease its statistics. Players can also buy POE Currency to get the items they want.
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The final new world beta will begin this week. The good news is that everyone can join Steam this time, because it will also be an open beta and not only those who qualify for the closed beta can take part. After several delays, developer Double Helix Games is preparing for the last test period during the New World open beta. Players are also best to buy some Amazon New World Coins in advance to prepare for the battle.

Since New World news was revealed, developers have conducted several game tests. This week’s beta will take a big step forward, even larger than the closed beta in July. Amazon Studios has confirmed that they will release it in September. They will launch more new content this month. It will release the full patch notes before they release open beta, so gamers will know if they have added any new New World Coins or weapons this month.

Before the release of the new world on September 28, they still have some work to do. The internal test uses the test server to help developers find errors and provide them with a lot of constructive feedback and more key knowledge. During the closed beta period in July, server problems and overpopulation caused long queue times, which prevented some players from experiencing the danger and beauty of Aeternum. The servers will be available in North America, Europe, Australia and South America.

Gamers are also warned that, just like the closed beta, all progress will erase. This means that when the full game experience is launched globally on September 29, all New World servers will be clean. There is no sign that Amazon plans to postpone the launch of the new world on Steam again in 2021.

For those players who want to make greater achievements in this test, IGGM will do its best to help them achieve their dreams. They can also buy the cheapest New World Coins there, with guaranteed service quality and fast delivery.
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According to previously disclosed information, Path of Exile 2 may meet with the public in 2022, but according to the current news, it’s not like that anymore. GGG said some time ago that Path of Exile 2 will be postponed until 2024. This seems to be a long time. Many players who have prepared POE Currency may be disappointed.

In fact, it announced as early the sequel as 2019. Many players have also prepared enough POE Currency. However, there is no date for the announcement. Fortunately, based on the trailers and official trailers released last year and the game overview, players can understand that Path of Exile 2 should be launched someday in the second half of 2022. Unfortunately, after the recent announcement, this does not seem to be the case anymore.

From another point of view, it will launch Path of Exile 2 in 2024 at most. This means that it may release the game around the end of 2023, which may be the earliest time. Waiting so long may be disappointing for players. But, it is understandable for the cool-headed and ready to buy POE Currency fans. After all, it is difficult to make or update the game. But they still have time to develop Path of Exile 2, which seems to amaze, because Path of Exile needs to release an expansion or alliance every three months.

The world is now amid a COVID-19 pandemic. With the closure of national borders, the company cannot find suitable talents. And GGG is in this state. The main reason for the game delay is the lack of relevant game technical talents. Postponing the game should give GGG enough breathing space to make sure they have the people they need. This means that the game will have the quality it deserves. If players want to quickly enhance their strength in the game, then they can buy POE Currency. I hope GGG will bring fresh surprises to players. 
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Earlier in NBA 2K22, they reported the new city on the PlayStation 5 version, and now there is a full sideline report, which delves into all the details. The main content is that the new career mode is basically an open-world RPG, not a Telltale-style story, with a few basketball games in between. This is a good thing for players. The constantly updated game content will attract them to buy NBA 2K22 MT. 

In NBA 2K22, players can explore the sandbox at will, build their own brand and interact with agents, general managers, etc. Players do not have to follow a linear storyline, but are free to complete side tasks, such as becoming a record producer or fashion designer. Strive to achieve the overall goal of playing in the NBA. With so much game content, players may be overwhelmed. Choosing to buy some 2K22 MT will help. 

In addition, seasonal updates will bring new missions and storylines to the game, and there will be a batch of new rewards for players to unlock every six weeks, possibly including 2K MT. Players will be able to participate in bicycle races, of course, they can also compete with other online players on the open world court. There will even be a new matching mechanism, which will greatly reduce the waiting time of players in line. If players are willing to buy NBA 2K22 MT, they will get a better gaming experience. 

2K Sports has added many NPCs to make the scene more dynamic than the previous one. Of course, there are various shops and other attractions for players to explore and interact. Players will be able to explore the game world on bicycles, skateboards or inline skates. The overall reward for reaching level 40 in the first season is karting. If players want to upgrade quickly, they can buy NBA 2K22 MT to help. 
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NBA 2K22 will be available on September 10th of this year. If you are not ready to welcome it, there is some information you must know, otherwise you will not be able to pursue those great victories.

1: Rich experience and skills. This is really embarrassing for novice players, but it is really simple for those old NBA 2K players. If they can flexibly use what they have mastered, they will definitely increase their NBA 2K22 MT.

2: Familiar with the mechanism and gameplay of NBA 2K22. This year's NBA 2K may bring players an unprecedented experience, so it may change players' traditional impression of it, so players must grasp the existing known information in advance.

3: Sufficient NBA 2K22 MT. For every player who wants to build a strong team in NBA 2K22, if they have enough 2K22 MT, they can purchase any player cards or props that are beneficial to their development.

4: Stable mentality and strong desire to win! If a player can't even be firm in his heart, then their development in NBA 2K22 will not be very smooth. So it is also very important to believe in yourself and surpass yourself.

If players still want more help, they can also turn to GameMS, which provides reliable services for NBA 2K fans for a long time, and has an excellent reputation and the safest system. They can get practical game strategies for free and easy access to buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT there. Countless 2K players have praised it. Therefore, trustworthy!
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