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From the beginning of the release of Madden 21, its multiplayer game function has been liked by gamers. It allows friends to play games together, increasing the fun of the game. But with the coming of a new generation of game platforms, the question of whether the game Madden 21 can be played against across platforms has once again attracted the attention of gamers. Game players did not get satisfactory results after getting EA's reply.

A related EA staff member answered the question about whether Madden 21 can be played across platforms on the EA Answers website. He said that Madden 21 does not support cross-platform playback. This means that gamers on the PlayStation 4 platform cannot compete with gamers on the Xbox platform, and vice versa. This result is already known to the gamers. However, the staff also revealed that there is no interoperability between the current game platform and the next-generation game platform, which means that PlayStation 4 will not be able to play against PlayStation 5 (or Xbox One and Xbox Series X). This result has disappointed gamers, and some people even do not plan to buy Madden 21 games for this reason.

Although Madden itself marketed it as a simulated football game, many simulated football fans are tired of EA and Madden NFL franchises because it places great emphasis on arcade-like models based on microtransactions, such as Madden Ultimate Team and now The Yard. EA is the only company that allows the manufacture of simulation-based NFL games, which is of no avail. Fans of the franchise model seem to be the shortest this year, because the model has not undergone any major changes from Madden 20 to Madden 21, which prompted fans of the game model to create the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag on Twitter. EA has promised to make changes and updates to the franchise model. In the next few years, starting this year will provide patches to improve the franchise model.

Since Madden 21 cannot play cross games, players can only play games online with people on the same host. Players on PS4 can only play against other players on PS4, and players on Xbox One can only play against other players on Xbox One. But this may not be a bad thing. Madden Ultimate Team and The Yard are popular game modes in multiplayer communities, where players can still compete with each other online.

Although EA does confirm that players will not be able to cross-play between PS4 and PS5 and Xbox One and Xbox Series X, it is unknown whether cross-play between PS5 and Xbox Series X is possible. Who knows, maybe Madden NFL 21 fans will eventually be able to compete with each other across platforms when the next generation of consoles comes out.

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Yesterday we had a brief understanding of patch 1.13 on the related information released by EA. Now patch 1.13 has been released in Madden 21 game, so according to the content in the new Gridiron Notes, we will make a supplementary explanation for patch 1.13. Let's take a look at it together. Thanks to u4gm for supporting this article, u4gm strives to provide gamers with the cheapest Madden Coins so that they can get a better gaming experience.

Earlier today, Madden NFL 21 updated Patch 1.13 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. I believe that some gamers have successfully completed the update. Naturally, they will find that the following aspects have been updated in the game compared to the previous ones:
Game update:
Fixed an issue causing user-controlled QBs to sometimes automatically throw to a receiver directly following the snap.
DEV NOTE: While we fixed a version of this in a previous update, community feedback made us aware of an additional version. In this case, if a user had spammed a catch-mechanic on the previous play, in some cases that button-input data could carry over to the following play when holding the snap button for a longer period of time. We're confident this specific bug was the culprit for those still impacted.
Resolved the issue with the ‘Ball-Stuck-In-Hand’ celebration triggering too frequently
Tuning to the Bench Press Ability so that it will no longer apply fatigue penalties on running plays; also reduced the overall amount of fatigue impact when a receiver gets pressed in man coverage
DEV NOTE: One thing we want to make our players aware of relative to this ability (as well as many other abilities), is that as ratings increase, the overall impact will naturally decrease. Specific to Bench Press, as players' stamina ratings increase , so does their fatigue recovery rate. This will lead to the ability becoming less effective over time within modes like Franchise and Ultimate Team.
Addressed an issue causing a thrown pass to rarely warp back to a defender in a Strip Attempt
Fixed a rare issue causing the ball carrier to freeze during a fake-out vs. a defender
Fixed the receiver icons not appearing and the pitch sometimes falling short resulting in a fumble on the HB Toss Pass play
Removed the ‘Pass Rush On-Field Trainer’ overhead display in multiplayer practice to allow for easier multi-controller labbing
Fixed a blocking interaction issue resulting in a graphical error
General Stability fixes

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:
Fixed a rare crash when viewing “Search Trade Results”
When selecting the highest difficulty on a Solo Challenge, you will be defaulted to that difficulty when selecting “Play Next Challenge”
Several UI enhancements to help with text readability

Face of the Franchise Updates:
General stability improvements

Franchise Updates:
General stability improvements
Significantly reduced the amount of ties that could result from Simulated games
The ‘Draft Bar’ interface will remain visible during the Draft when navigating between menus
Fixed an issue with the ‘Team’ tab disappearing for users when exiting a game

Presentation Updates:
Multiple Teams Oakley visor tab colors updated to the colors they are using this season
For those of you looking for bigger franchise mode updates, the first of three scheduled updates are set to arrive in mid-November. You will not be required to restart your franchise, when these updates arrive.

The above is the entire content of this patch update. After understanding, gamers believe that they will have a deeper understanding of the game. If there are errors in the above content and incomplete flute parts, you are welcome to add corrections.
goodgamer 9 october 2020, 2:25

In order to allow gamers to have a better gaming experience, EA continues to modify and improve the game. With the release of the previous patch 1.12, in the past few days, EA has released the news about patch 1.13, I believe that patch 1.13 will meet with you soon. According to the reliable information we have received, we can roughly understand some aspects of this update. Let us take a look at it together. Thanks to the relevant information provided by u4gm, u4gm provides the cheapest Madden Coins for the majority of players.

According to the information obtained, the updated content roughly includes several aspects such as gameplay, MUT, and franchising. The specific details of the updated content are given below.

X-factor/superstar ability customization: This feature, strongly requested by the community, allows the commissioner to assign X-factor to any player through the editing player function. Once the player meets the criteria for unlocking the X-element ability, the commissioner can edit his player's Superstar ability and Superstar X-element ability by selecting available characters from his position group. Users can control this feature through offline and online franchise rights.
Player Card Career Stats UI: For several years, this has been one of the highest requirements of the community. The team is revising the statistics of player cards to include more background information in the season statistics, such as week number, opponents and results, while also Provide the players' teams for each year of their careers.
Dev Trait Regression Tuning: The team is making adjustments to player development characteristics in the franchise model to ensure that superstars and X-factor players maintain a proper balance when making years of progress in the franchise.
Playoff bracket: A visual playoff bracket will be added to the game to reflect the new wildcard format, allowing users to view the entire playoff picture.
Since the specific patch has not been released yet, there is relatively little knowledge about it. As the update time progresses, there will be more and more knowledge about this update. Please continue to pay attention to the majority of game players, we will bring you the latest game information. If there are errors and incomplete details in the above content, please add and correct me.
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An extra test was the measure of gold you required for fundamental things, such as preparing and apparatus, rather than the measure of gold you could gain from journeys, murders or playing the bartering house https://www.mmobc.com/wow-classic-gold. This is offset much more in the cutting edge World of Warcraft, alongside basically everything else.

This week after week occasion was so mainstream it wasn't just resurrected in each development https://www.mmobc.com, however it was sent out to each mainland and even endure the anger of Deathwing during the Cataclysm.
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Madden Ultimate Team recently released a new madden 21 flashback, which includes former Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Maritao and current Seattle Seahawks guard Greg Olsen. Gamers who want to get started can consider using Madden Coins to buy directly at the auction house. The emergence of Madden 21 flashback means that different promotions have appeared for gamers. Let's introduce the specific situation of this game release.

In fact, EA has released five new Flashbacks players in the game for players. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, Seahawks Greg Olsen and Dolphins LE Ndamukong Suh received new cards based on their performance in 2015, and Marcus Peters of the Kansas Chiefs received one card for their outstanding performance in 2017 . Mariota's new card has the attributes of 89 speed, 89 thrust, 88 short hits and 87 passing accuracy, so it is a good choice for gamers. Meanwhile, at the same time, Greg Olsen scored 91 catches, 91 traffic catches, 88 spectacular catches and 83 speeds in the tight position.

If players want to get Madden 21 Flashbacks players, they need to enter the ultimate store to get them. Select the training option in the ultimate store, and you will find Flashbacks packages worth 3800 training points, each package will contain a Flashbacks player. If the player you get in the Flashbacks package is not what you want, then this player card can be sold at Quicksell to get 3600 training points. At the same time, game players can also buy or bid for Flashbacks player cards in the auction house in the game. The prices of Peters and Woods are generally around 160,000 Madden Coins, or lower on the PS4 list. Olsen and Suh seem to need to use more than 100,000. Madden Coins.

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