Just two days ago, after banning New World Trading Post at Amazon Game Studios, players discovered a new gold exploit, and at the same time they found a solution to the existing fault. Trading Posts is the central hub of New World. Players use it to obtain mission items to weapons, and everything in between. This is a key function to make the game economy run smoothly. However, since the gold dupe exploit was available, the game economy has been fragile. Players can use this vulnerability to earn a lot of New World Coins.

In response to this serious phenomenon, Amazon Game Studios stated that they will ban any players who are found to use it. They also decided to take drastic measures and completely disable Trading Post while investigating the problem and finding a solution. Developers will explore the extent of the bug's abuse and how to fix the gold dupe exploit, but these services will remain offline for the time being. This action covers all transactions involving gold. This includes sending currency, guild vaults, trading posts, and player-to-player transactions.

New World players have also discovered that any attempt to exchange game currency will cause them to receive a message saying “Coin transferal disabled”. Some people think this is a good sign that developers are taking extreme measures to combat exploits. However, others are not so enthusiastic about it. The same concerns have also been responded to by those concerned about processing fees and those who now cannot get all the New World Gold Coins if they deposit them in the corporate bank.

To make matters worse, players discovered that their measures inadvertently created a whole new golden scam. Amazon Game Studio did not give a timetable for their intention to reactivate the Trading Post and coin transfer functions. However, considering that their measures created a new loophole, they may take longer than they expected.

After the developers have completely fixed the bug, players who want to occupy the dominant position are best to take the time to go to IGGM to buy New World Coins to make up for their previous deficiencies. Come on!
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In the recently launched Madden 22 Legends, there are multiple ways to get those highly rated Madden 22 Legends cards. For those who have some spending power through Madden 22 Coins, the easiest way is to go directly to the auction house and bid or buy immediately. The price of LTD is high, but people with sufficient funds may not worry.

For those who prefer a cheaper way, you can consider buying gift packs to get card opportunities, including LTD. It can provide these in packages for a limited time frame, usually 48 hours. Players can get the boss version of Madden 22 Legends card through the exchange set. Each set requires five cards to complete. They are Polamalu or Burress’ 2004, 2010, Premiere, Proven and Novice projects. Upon completion, players will receive the 93 OVR Boss Legends version of players. But players had better prepare enough Madden 22 Coins, because it is useful no matter what the situation.

Get these cards through packaging, auction houses, and playing new tasks to build sets. Earn one star each in Plaxico Burress and Troy Polamalu missions. By doing this, get each of their Power Up player items, as well as the NAT novice legend of them. Here are the requirements for each task. Troy Polamalu Mission: Two points behind in the third quarter, record sacks and win the game. Plaxico Burress task: drop four points. In the 4th quarter, pass the ball and win the game. Some smart players buy Madden 22 Coins in order to complete the task easily.

The latest Legends version of Ultimate Team is the 11th version in the game mode. Previous legendary versions include Broderick Thomas, Michael Vick, Charles Woodson, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice and Larry Csonka. During or after the NFL season, Madden will switch to Ultimate Legends, and these cards usually have higher ratings. The previous version of Madden featured the most popular people, including Bo Jackson, Walter Payton, Lawrence Taylor, and Michael Strahan. Before that, players can prepare enough MUT 22 Coins to get these cards. 
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In the mysterious world of Path of Exile, one of the most used and simplest builds by novice players is Arc Totems. Totems will naturally re-trigger the players’ active skills, providing multiple ways, and players only need to press a button to cause damage to the target, and then collect the loot. One of the best ways to make the Arc Totem skills work is for the Templars.

Arc Templar requires players to enter the Hierophant Ascendency, because it can provide players with better Arcane damage, mana and improved Totem usage. By default, this has a very good ratio to Arc Totems, so most rookies will use them as their main damage tool. In addition, players need The Cruel Labyrinth trait, as it offers increased damage per totem, along with better recovery to their health and mana.

The advantage of this version is that its construction cost is very low. Totem gear is fairly easy to get and very cost effective to run. If players want to further increase Arc Totems’ damage, they need to be equipped with Elemental Focus, Added lightning damage and lightning penetration to achieve POE Currency.

For boss battles, players need Assassins Mark to increase damage to the target, and summon Lightning Golem to provide additional support in difficult encounters. They’d better put Dash in their boots so that everyone has a lot of mobility. This is a fully practiced POE league beginner build, so how easy and well-documented the build is to implement.
CSCCA 3 november 2021, 1:33

In the recent New World report, a bug was revealed, that is, when players are offline, after they have completed item transactions with other players, they did not receive the corresponding amount of New World Coins in their accounts, but instead is a “housing compensation message”. It makes them very confused and annoyed, and they are also asking Amazon Game Studios to fix this bug quickly to soothe the mentality of the players affected by the bug.

At first, a player named Nunchaki shared this problem in New World, saying that when another player was online, there was no problem buying their items from the auction house, and they had no problem receiving New World Coins. So after completely quitting the game, Nunchaki tested it again. When they logged in again, they found their items had been sold, but they did not receive New World Coins.

Nunchaki also explained that the value of the items he sold was approximately 3.5k New World Gold. This was apparently sold overnight when they were offline, and after logging in again the next day, they received the “housing compensation message” but did not receive any compensation. Lost the RPG New World Coins that he deserved.

In a forum post, several other players reported the same problem, claiming that they also sold the item, cancelled it, and did not receive Amazon New World Coins after the sale. Amazon Game Studios has not resolved this error, but it seems to have caused a lot of trouble for New World players and the game economy.

And according to recent feedback, the number of daily online players in New World has dropped drastically, and these endless bugs are one of the culprits leading to this phenomenon. If the game team still hopes that New World can develop steadily for a long time, they must try their best to optimize the game to the best possible degree to ensure that every player can get a smooth and good game experience.

And if players encounter certain difficulties that cannot be solved in the future, they can contact IGGM to get the answer, and there they can also use codes to buy New World Coins at a lowest price. Try more!
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EA recently launched their latest Madden 22 Legends version, which includes the former stars of the gridiron and upgraded Ultimate Team items. For its release, MUT fans can get new cards from former Super Bowl champions Troy Polamalu and Plaxico Burress. These two NFL stars now have 93 or 94 high-rated cards, as well as other items in the game. If players want to get better cards, they must prepare enough Madden 22 Coins.

It has been six years since Troy Polamalu adapted to the NFL, and it has been eight years since Plaxico Burress caught the pass. Both players have Super Bowl rings, and Polamalu won two rings as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Burress won his favorite goal as New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. In the game, players can use Madden 22 Coins to get their favorite players.

Each of them has a new card in the Madden 22 Legends version. Their LTD has an OVR of 94, and the Boss Legends project has an OVR of 93. For Hall-of-Famer member Polamalu, gamers will get a combination of strong security with 94 powerful movements, 94 area coverage, 93 speeds and 93 pursuit attributes. Before that, players need to prepare enough MUT Coins Madden 22.

Burress brought a 94-second physical receiver for jumping, catching traffic, spectacular catches, and mid-range running. With 93 speed and 93 catching ability, he is definitely the top WR player in the MUT lineup. The new card has now been introduced in the game. If players want to have a stronger lineup, they can buy MUT 22 Coins to get them. 
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In New World, players can make many types of armor, such as light, medium or heavy. Armoring also provides advantages as storage bags that can be manufactured and sold and used to increase inventory capacity. For the materials and resources required for armor, we need other skills to assist in order to play its role. Players can also trade materials with each other and buy New World Coins to get the crafting materials they need.

In the production interface, the material panel will display the required materials in the middle of the screen. The items to be made require primary materials and secondary materials. Players can also add special benefits to choose the first benefit they want to add to the project, or add Azoth to get more opportunities for privileges or gem slots.

If New World players want to improve the Armoring Skill, it is best to stick to the lower Tier. Because as the grade increases, the production materials will become more expensive. The cost of creating a project at a higher Tier is almost twice that of the former. And players who choose the lower Tier can more easily find the resources available to them.

If players want to progress faster, then they need more help from Amazon New World Coins. And IGGM is the best place to buy New World Coins. There are many districts in New World. Although the prices of New World Coins in each district are slightly different, IGGM can always provide the cheapest New World Coins in any district. Compared with competitors, they also offer discounts on New World Gold Coins. Great!
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Before the official in-game release of Ultimate Team, they revealed upcoming player items and content. The leader is high-rated Heroes and Champions card. 99 club Aaron Donald, will be one of these champions, and Madden fan Keenan Allen is Hero. The following is about the upcoming cards of MUT. Players had better prepare enough Madden 22 Coins.

Aaron Donald and Kyle Juszczyk are among the MF 3 champions. Some time ago, the Good Morning Madden program on Twitch revealed many players who will release Madden 22 Most Feared 3 soon. The four champions will launch the third and final Madden 22 Most Feared version of Ultimate Team. In the GMM live broadcast, only two were revealed, namely Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald and San Francisco 49ers Kyle Juszczyk. These are just two of the four championships that made it into the most frightening 3. So players who want to get these cards must buy Madden 22 Coins.

Madden 22 Most Feared 3 release: Heroes include Bush, Jacobs. They released eight Heroe players for Madden 22 Most Feared 3. These players will have a comprehensive rating of 90 and have improved attributes. New offensive Heroes include Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen and Raiders HB Josh Jacobs. Defensively, new Heroes players include New York Giants’ free safety Logan Ryan and Buffalo Bills’ powerful safety guard Jordan Poyer. Players had better buy MUT Coins Madden 22 in order to buy them.

Here is their new card with Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen and Packers ROLB Preston Smith. ROLB Preston Smith (Packers), FS Logan Ryan (Giants), SS Jordan Poyer (Bills), C Ryan Jensen (Bucs), HBJosh Jacobs (Raiders), RG Everson Griffin (Vikings), MLB Devin Bush (Steelers), WR Keenan Allen (Chargers). If players want to have a strong team, then buy Madden 22 Coins to buy these cards may be a good choice. 
YYJJJ 1 november 2021, 1:33

Path of Exile: Scourge, launched by IGGM, contains everything that the classic ARPG represents: terrible demons, imminent dangers, increased POE Currency and items, and powerful ways to shape characters.

When the player arrived at Wraeclast, a figure wearing a hood seemed to appear from nowhere and would seek the players’ help. She wants players to implant a rust-looking device in the body called Blood Crucible. When the player kills an enemy, Blood Crucible will be filled with the enemy’s blood. When the threshold is reached, the player can activate Blood Crucible, which will temporarily push the player into a parallel reality where some form of doomsday event is taking place.

Corruption penetrates into this reality, and if the player lingers for too long, it will hurt them. Put items into Blood Crucible to take advantage of this corruption. Once players have used enough corruption, they can spend POE Currency to transform their items to get powerful upgrades. But please be aware that corruption can bring unpredictable benefits and disadvantages to the player’s items. But don’t worry, players can put them back in Blood Crucible up to 3 times, and then try again for more powerful effects!

Go back in time, summon giant tornadoes, or turn weapons into luminous energy blades, all of which can be achieved in Path of Exile: Scourge. The game also introduced many exciting new skills to help players eliminate the greedy tribe. If the player likes to play with friends, six special skills have been added to the game, allowing players and their companions to connect and help each other. IGGM has also improved the game rewards that players care about most, increasing the amount of POE Currency and the value of weapons.

In addition, IGGM has transformed the iconic Path of Exile skill tree in Path of Exile: Scourge. Everything still feels familiar, but now players have more ways to use passive skill mastery to build cool new characters. Players can also buy POE Currency to become Wraeclast’s best weapon holder. The choice is the player’s own, and the possibilities are endless.

From the release of Path of Exile: Scourge to the present, many players have felt its charm.
jamysen 30 october 2021, 3:59

Minions are one of the simplest PoE league starter builds in the game. While the Skeletons got a nerf in the 3.16 patch notes, it is still a viable self-starter. The perks of the build allow players to summon hordes of skeletons to do their masters bidding, commanding skeletons, spectres and other spooky Halloween themed creatures at its foes.

The main gem you are looking to acquire is the Vaal Summon Skeleton. The skill summons hordes of Skeleton Archers, Warriors and Mages, commanding by a Skeleton General. It means you want to go into the Necromancy Ascendency so that your minions get increased health, POE Currency, and several other benefits from minor perks to really flatter the collection of minions.

In addition, you'll want items like the Midnight Bargain. Several weapons out there increase your minion count, minion damage, minion movement speed, and other buffs. As for your other synergy items and skills, you can even spec into the Zealotry skill, as that increases your magic damage, scaling with your Mages.

If you're wondering about flasks, you'll need some form of mana flask. Your Vaal summon skeletons is quite a mana intensive build, meaning mana upkeep is essential. This is the core of the build. If you like the idea, we recommend looking for more in-depth min-max builds out there.

If you need more Path of Exile Scourge Currency, you'd better directly seek a reliable site to buy safe POE Currency. Hope you can succeed!
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Ja’Marr Chase, the Offensive Rookie of the Year front-runner, performed another performance and helped Cincinnati Bengals beat Baltimore Ravens 41-17 in Week 7. He has received 754 yards and 6 touchdowns in his season. The virtual version of Chase may be the biggest winner after his performance. So for some players who want to win the game in the game, they must prepare enough Madden 22 Coins to get him.

Madden recently announced the latest batch of player rating updates. Players want to see their favorite players get high ratings and will buy Madden 22 Coins to get them. The total score of the wide receiver rose by two points to 81. If his overall rating continues to improve as the season progresses, especially with the 5-2 Bengals sitting down, it is not surprising at AFC North. He is not the only player promoted in the department.

After Cleveland Browns running back, D’Ernest Johnson replaced the injured Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt on the bench, his overall rating increased by 3 points to 71 points. He ran for 146 yards, 22 yard catches and a touchdown in the victory over Kareem Hunt.

Players must be very excited, because it will mean that they can use MUT 22 Coins to buy him to increase the strength of their team. Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. also received a two-point upgrade. After defeating the San Francisco 49ers, his total score reached 77. He completed four catches and a touchdown for 105 yards. These conditions are not entirely suitable for air strikes.

This is more than what other wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Robby Anderson can say. They each lost 3 points. Beckham now has an overall rating of 85 and Anderson has an overall rating of 81. Beckham is particularly eye catching because he was one of the best wide receivers in the league recently, having won professional bowling three times. If players want to add new strengths to their team, they must buy MUT Coins Madden 22.
YYJJJ 30 october 2021, 1:33
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