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It's time to talk about the Panacea

Now it's time to talk about the Panacea, a Consumable almost everyone should have on their Quick Bar, but never does, as most players tend to think that they'll just "dodge all the de-buffs." But, take our word for it, the further along a player gets in the content, the more the boss fights get flooded with attacks that are almost impossible to dodge one-hundred percent of the time.

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To put it into simpler terms, Panacea is a cleansing Potion that removes all de-buffs on the player. That said, just like regular HP Potions, it can't be used when stunned, petrified, feared, or any other Status Effect that stops a player from moving/attacking. Thankfully, almost every de-buff in the game has several "stacks" that build up to the actual status effect triggering. So, keep some Panacea on hand, and key an eye on those debuffs, and Abyss Dungeons should feel a bit easier.

Time Stop Potion is another one of those situational Consumables, but there are quite a few situations in which it's worthwhile. Basically, for anyone who has made it to the Tytalos Guardian Raid, it's like the Invincible status effect players self-inflict on themselves by standing in Tytalos' sandstorms.

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Emilylowes 17 february 2023, 3:48
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