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How to correct the Can’t Duplicate Remembrance issue in Elden Ring

Defeating bosses in Elden Ring yields one of many games’ rarest rewards: Remembrances. This item is able to be duplicated by using a mechanic bound to the giant turtle-like stone golems that slowly traverse the Lands Between. However, some players have trouble with an interesting issue, preventing them from doubling their gains. This quick guide will show you Remembrance duplication and walk you through tips on how to fix the situation of the inability to duplicate Remembrance in Elden Ring Runes.

Remembrances in Elden Ring

Boss fights are many of the most memorable moments in Elden Ring. Some players overcome the game’s deadliest foes over the sheer power of will, dedication, and crying. Others practice it with whacky Pokemon trainer builds that revolve around summoning many AI helpers in the fight. Regardless of how you take action, the rewards are usually great, and they also sometimes include Remembrances: rare stuff can be traded for a considerable profit.

Depending on your own needs, you'll be able to trade in Remembrances for a lot of runes — saving you many of the time you'd typically spend farming Runes in Elden Ring — or even for powerful unique items. But before trading them in, you could as well duplicate them.

You can copy your held Remembrances in elden ring runes by getting together with Walking Mausoleums. If you cannot accomplish that, you will be happy to be aware that the solution is very simple than you are aware of. If you're not offered a duplication, you're at the wrong Walking Mausoleum.

There are 2 types of Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring: ones with bells hanging underneath them and ones without. The ones within the first group can duplicate Remembrances dropped by any boss in Elden Ring — decide which one you would like to double on and copy it.

Conversely, the bell-less Walking Mausoleums cannot duplicate Remembrances dropped by Shardbearer bosses. If you are reading this, you're probably wanting to duplicate a Remembrance from Morgott, Rahdan, Ranni, Renalla, Godrick, Malenia, or Mohg for a Mausoleum that doesn’t possess a bell. To fix the challenge of being can not duplicate among those Remembrances in Elden Ring, head over to a Walking Mausoleum which has a bell and try there.

Remember that you are able to only duplicate an individual Remembrance at intervals of Mausoleum for one's entire playthrough. Therefore, you ought to be careful about the ones you want doubles of since it is possible to only get duplicated several of the Shardbearer Remembrances. There aren’t enough bell-carrying Walking Mausoleums like them.
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