Steve Jobs died

imageThe media has reported the death of Steve Jobs, who was the former CEO of Apple company. We can treat Apple and Steve differently, but we cannot deny that he is an eminent figure in the IT-industry, who created a lot of trends. Rest in peace, Steve.
Here is information that is posted on the official site of Apple:
Apple has lost its fabulous and inventive genius and the world lost a remarkable man. Those of us who were lucky to know and work closely with Steve have lost a dear friend and inspired teacher. Steve left behind his company, which could be created only by him, therefore, his spirit will live forever in the heart of the company".
Source - Apple.
The Apple’s stores turned off the illumination of all logotypes of Apple all over the world.

Those who want to share their compassions can e-mail their thoughts and condolences to the postal address: [email protected]. Perhaps, some of condolences will be passed to Steve’s family and relatives.
He re is a good video from CNET, which visually summarized the career of Steve.
Below are the memories of his colleagues in the IT-industry:

CEO of Google, Larry Page has brought his condolences to the family and friends of Steve and he admitted that Steve always has been a source of inspiration for him.
A co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin supported his friend Larry that Steve has become for him a source of inspiration and he offered his condolences to the Steve’s family and relatives.
A co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda also brought their condolences to the Steve’s family and he said that personally will miss Steve very much.
Mark Zuckerberg has thanked Steve for the friendship, because Steve was for him as a mentor.
One of the leaders of Rackspace, Robert Scoble has arrived at the headquarters of Apple, where started transmitting a photo-reportage. Even the sky mourns above the Apple HQ, because Steve passed away:


Barack Obama and his wife Michelle said that Steve will be remembered for his innovations, as well as for the inspiration that he gave to the world.
Portal Engadget did a wonderful compilation of Steve’s quotes.
CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer said that his heart is now with the family of Steve.
CEO of Dell Michael Dell bitterly noted that he had lost his friend.
The president of Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev has expressed his condolences to the Steve’s family and shared the grief with all who appreciated the talent of Steve.
Acer company thanked Steve, namely that he with his inventions made Acer company to work towards the user.
CEO of Samsung Electronics, Cho Ji Sung has expressed his condolences to the family and colleagues of Steve Jobs in spite of the fact that Koreans have very strained relations with Apple that are expressed in several courts around the world.
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