Advice on how successfully to fail the project

The website has a lot of articles about the completed projects (startups), advice on how to become successful and how to finish the game.

So, advice on how to fail the project:

1) If you need in a project graphics, everyone should try to be an artist in the team. If the job is given to one artist, all should to take part in the discussion of result, give advice and generally help in every way. The artist constantly should redraw and revise in order to please everyone at once. In general, democracy is the best way to solve all the problems in the project.

2) The concept is not needed, why should you waste the time? The main thing is to start as quickly as possible to write code and the ideas and concept should come on the way. Who will quickly begin to program that will be able to book the most interesting tasks.

3) It is important to change significant things in the middle of the project, even better a few times. After all, it was urgent to program, and they have chosen the wrong technique 3D graphics instead of 2D.

4) You spend more time on excogitation and discussion of the project’s name that still has not made yet or your future company. How do you call a ship, like this it will float! It is important to pre-select the type of future organization, perhaps LLC is better.

5) You think in advance how the future millions will be shared. Threaten to the most careless employees that instead of $ 600k they will receive only $ 200k.

6) You should not hurry with the project, because even a whole life ahead of you. You will definitely finish all 1000 projects! Someday ...

7) In fact, you often start new projects, and old gently freeze. In the new project will be a new motivation, a new idea, and it is possible to finish it very quickly. Most importantly, you learn new things, and then adopt them in old project (see paragraph 6).

8) After each project you do an extensive figuring out who is the protagonist that failed the project. It well motivates the protagonists break-up the next projects, they must be taken in those projects. After all, we already know where to step on the old rake!

9) You should not help each other in the project; let each person find the answer on the Internet. It's better to remember.

10) You should talk less about your problems, because suddenly someone would want to help or give some advice. In general, the silence is gold! So you can hide that you lack something for further work, and thus successfully create a simple project. Have fun when many people wait for each other and do not talk about it! Create a deadlock to your project!

11) Most importantly is whining about how good it can fail the project as nothing has been done successfully, and then more often to remind everyone about it in order to consolidate the spirit of heroic falling of the projects.

12) The work should be done a few times, first at randomly then one day, you can make it right.

13) If you meet someone else's code just give up the job, after all, it is very difficult to understand it, and there is an excuse to do nothing. If you really want to work on, you can rewrite all on your own! In general, it is better to write your own functions and do not look if there are already such functions in the project.

14) You need to invite more friends in the project, no matter if they fit into the project or not. If someone does not want to be in the project, you need to persuade a lot, and then get offended if you did not persuade. Each project must have its own drama!

15) If new people are in the project, just take care that no one could steal the new idea or concept! Can you trust all?

Perhaps, you could have the good advice as fail the project.
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