UX Design Mistakes to Avoid as an App Designer

It's high time to evaluate your user experience designing an approach to avoid making similar mistakes that even experienced UX Designer does while designing their UI & UX for a mobile app. Does UI & UX matters at the time will have an impact on your mobile app?

If you still feel they are not, this is the right time to change your UX designing mindset. Below are a few UX designing mistakes that possibly impact your user experience and need to be removed after reading this article.

• Simple Design, But Impressive Look
• The typography of Different Font Usage
• User's Operations throughout the Screen
• Incompetent UI Designing Approach

These are the major areas that the experienced UX designers in a company or as Individuals even ignored. Now we know the factors that cause bad user experience. Are there any ways to resolve them?

Yes, below are a few Practices that can help you get better at UX designing aspects.
Simple Design, But Impressive Look

UX designers majorly chassis the big companies way of working. These companies previous works influence Their primary design, and that's where they screw up. They didn't understand the mindset of their target and create designs for a completely different audience.

Furthermore, these cause a lot to the overall performance of a Mobile App at the end of the launching and getting feedback from the targeted audience, whom they have designed that mobile application.
The Typography of Different Font Usage

Typography plays with user's phycology, as they will be there for the longest your users use your mobile app, again similarly to the 1st point.

UX Designers major inspirations come from big app development firms and brands. They incorporate in the mobile app typography as well. They don't understand their audience and hope for the best results to come out after the launch.
User's Operations Throughout the Screen

User's operations patterns are significant factors that UX designers need to work on to make it easier to access every button in the mobile app. Every button accessibility plays an integral part in the overall performance of any mobile app.

Sometimes UX designers made blunders in that part, and users do not like that at all, and that mobile app becomes a big failure just for the tiny mistake a UX designer made in the mobile app UI & UX designing.
Incompetent UI Designing Approach

Because of following the big merchandises designs and big brands UI & UX designing approach, UX designers forget to leverage the right set of designing approaches that can compete with real-time competitors.

And again, by a small error affect the overall performance of a mobile app.

These are the parts that a UX Designer needs to focus on during the designing phase of a mobile app for any mobile application designing. Following these steps improves the User Experience and makes your users happier.
indianappdevelopers 3 december 2020, 5:42
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