Useful studies for the programmer

Many are looking for such studies, which would have been pleasant for the person, and useful in the development of certain skills for the programmers, and people with an office work.

1) Juggling

imageA Juggling is a wonderful thing that is healthy for health and for the soul. What benefit can we get from the juggling?
First of all, it is a good exercise for the eyes that removing the stress from them, which is important for the people that have been working at the computer. Then, this is the physical exercise (even if it is a small) as for the hands, so for the feet (at the beginning we will have to constantly bend over to pick up the falling objects). Finally, it is a moral satisfaction from the fact that you get to manipulate objects in the air. The juggling did not require any accessories. Only three (initially two) objects of such form that would be convenient catch and toss up preferably not too light or too heavy.

The Internet has many videos on how to learn to juggle, for example:
Well, the sweetest is juggling, which activates the mutual work of both hemispheres that stimulates the creative process and allows us to write a good code. The last thing is the speculation.

2) Sleighting

Probably, a few people have heard about what is a sleighting, because there is not even an article in Wikipedia. In fact, sleighting is “sleight of hands” and the manipulation of cards. In order to make it clear what I mean, here is a video.
Again, why do we need it? Once again, it is training for the eyes, because we have to focus on the cards in the hands, but it's not the point. The main point is the small motor skills. “Scientists have proven that about a third of the entire area of the motor projections of the cerebral cortex is the projection of the hand, which is located very closely to the speech zone from the anatomical point of view”. (Wikipedia) The development of small motor skills improves not only the speech, but also writing, and all processes associated with the manipulation of objects by the fingers. It is even possible to increase the speed setting of a good code, but again these are only speculations.
Of course, it is possible to surprise the friends and fellows (especially girlfriends and female friends) when playing a poker or a fool on the strip.

3) The splits

Let us learn to sit down on the splits. This is not so difficult as it seems. Especially, it is important for those who sit all day in one place. This does not stretch only muscles, but it improves circulation, relieves the stress and tension, and gives the tone to the whole body. Everybody can learn the splits, which gives a lot of benefit. Once again, the internet has a lot of materials about how to learn the stretching. It is important to note that the splits benefit not only the physical side of human body. Stretching stimulates the circulation throughout the entire body including the brain; it improves the general condition of the body, drives away the drowsiness and weakness. Thanks to this a person writes a good and elegant code.

The maximum effect comes out if to combine together all these activities.
KlauS 19 september 2011, 12:24
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