Tips to keep you awake while studying

How to stop sleeping while studying is the main concern during board examinations or competitive tests. Most of us have heard throughout the years of top students bragging about their ability to study for extended periods of time or study all night without any sleep.

Study at an uncomfortable location.

You become more sleepy when you're too comfortable. Instead of reclining on some pillows in bed or curled up under a blanket on the couch, study in a hard chair at a desk while sitting up straight. Avoid getting too comfortable while studying, but you don't have to force yourself to be uncomfortable when studying in the best school in Bangalore because they help you in preparing for the exam.

Consume a Healthy Diet

Energy-sapping foods are those high in sugar, simple carbs, processed components, and trans fats. You should consume a healthy, balanced diet if you wish to have prolonged energy during study sessions. Pick foods that are high in nutrients, such as salads that contain leafy greens, whole grains, and lean proteins. Stick to fruit with natural sugars for sugar surges and stay away from sweets, soda, and high-sodium foods. Because of this some best school in Bangalore have started to give healthy diets to their students on their school premises.

Keep hydrated.

Additionally, dehydration can make you drowsy. Make sure to drink enough water while studying to combat this. Keep a large bottle of water close by and sip from it vigorously anytime you begin to feel fatigued.

By organically flavoring your water with fruit or a squeeze of juice, you can urge yourself to drink more of it. However, you should avoid drinking too much sugar because it will certainly cause a crash. If you prefer carbonated water, like La Croix, have a case on hand because it's now very popular.

To improve your memory, switch up your study location every day.

This prevents you from staying in a single comfort zone, which could wear you out. Change up where you study each time to assist your brain to remember the material more effectively and increase concentration. For instance, study in a coffee shop one day and in the kitchen the following day.
Locations should reflect your personality and learning preferences. For instance, if you want stillness when studying, choose a library or quiet room; if you prefer background noise, choose a cafe or common area.

If you're studying after hours, turn on some bright lights.

Your brain can concentrate on the information it is absorbing with the correct lighting. Brighten your study space to fool your brain into thinking it's still daylight and make it feel more energized rather than reading by a dim lamp or in a gloomy room. Including lamps and overhead lighting, turn on as many of the room's lights as you can.
If feasible, move to a brighter spot if your space lacks adequate lighting.


As mentioned above 5 tips are the best to keep you awake while studying. This helps students and they can implement these tips while reading for their board exams at the best school in Bangalore.
Bharath 30 september 2022, 11:01
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