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The Maelstrom resource as well as the associated bar


Glimmer's Light can be added to the level 50 talent tree options.Holy Paladin's Aura talent will be replaced by Aura Master, which gives Paladins abilities to give any Aura a special empowerment.


Find Weakness will disappear as a talentand will become a basic ability as part of the subclass Subtlety instead.Targets hit by Eviscerate will take more Shadow Damage when attacked by Stealth.Shadow Vault is an ability that creates an area-of effect finisher, attacking targets with their Find Weakness in order to cause additional Shadow Damage.


Chain Heal, Chain Lightning, Healing Stream Totem, Flametongue Weapon, Flame Shock, Frost Shock, and Lightning Shield will be available for any Shaman to utilize regardless of the area they specialize in. Searing Totem will also return as an ability for all Shaman to try it, which can bombard enemies with fireballs , for a limited time.


The Maelstrom resource and accompanying bar will be eliminated in order to return Elemental Shamans to their former control of cooldowns play-style.Echoing Shock will be added as new talentthat blasts targets with massive damage and ensuring that the Shaman's subsequent healing or damage-dealing spell casts a second time shortly afterward without costing additional resources.


The Maelstrom resource as well as the associated bar will be eliminated, returning Enhancement Shamans to the ability to manage various cooldown capabilities with high points built around repeated castings from StormstrikeMaelstrom Weapons will return and give each attack a chance to give a stack the buff which can be used to make your next healing or damage-dealing spell instant.It will be possible to apply Flametongue Weapon and Windfury Weapon to an Enhancement Shaman's weaponHailstorm. The Shaman's weaponHail changed to reset the cooldown of Flame Shock and Frost Shock when the Shaman utilizes Stormstrike.Searing Assault will transform into a fire-based attack that is powerful, attacking the enemy with a significant Fire damage, and it will cause Searing Totems to perform extremely rapid, triggering Flame Shock to rapidly dish out its damage-over time burn effects to destroy enemies.Overcharge will produce five stacks Maelstrom Weapon immediately and another stack every second for a brief duration.Stormkeeper will let your next two Lightning Bolt/Chain lightning spells instantly casting and also deal damage bonuses. It will also benefit by Maelstrom Weapon, which will reduce Stormkeeper's cast time.Elemental Blast will be added as a talent option, giving players with a focus on melee the ability to powerful spells to take out enemies at in a safe distance.
MacMillanwu 19 october 2022, 3:36
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