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Quite often, you will need to cite research sources that you have accessed in eBook form. The citation style of an eBook will be slightly different than a book in print form. To cite your sources appropriately in MLA, you must start by consulting the list of core elements.

The Modern Language Association suggests you cite an eBook in the following order:
The full name of the author(s), Title of the chapter or section, Title of the e-book, translated by or edited by First name Last name, vol. number, Publisher, Year of publication, page number(s). Title of the web site or database, URL.
Each of the sections follows some specific guidelines for citation. Today we are going to give you a step by step guidance to cite eBooks in MLA citation generator. Go through this blog meticulously to tackle each of the aforementioned sections with confidence.

1.Write the name of the author
You must begin the citation with the author’s last name. In case of multiple author’s, list the details in “first-middle-last name” order for each subsequent author and separate their names with commas. You must write the names in the same order as they are listed on the title page of the eBook.
So, in case of multiple authors the names must be written in the following manner:
McGill, Ivan, John Kurt Glenn, and Alice Brockbank

2. Include the title of the source
The title of the source must be written in italics and capitalised with “eBook” written after the title. If a specific format like Nook or Kindle is available, you will have to mention that instead of the generic “eBook”
Dukan, Pierre. The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever. New York: Crown Archetype, 2011. Amazon. Web. 19 December 2012.

3.Mention other contributors
There are several other contributors to the source as well, who must be duly credit in your paper like the editors, illustrators, translators, etc. If the contributors were relevant to your research or are necessary to identify the source, you will need to include their names in your document.
Foucault, Michel. Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason. Translated by Richard Howard, Vintage-Random House. eBook. 1988.

4.Mention the version of the eBook
Make sure you mention the edition of the article or book you have referred from.
Crowley, Sharon, and Debra Hawhee. Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students. 3rd ed., Pearson, 2004.

5.Include the issue number
In case the source is a multi-volume book or a journal with both issue numbers and volume numbers, you must list those numbers in your citation.
Quintilian. Institution Oratoria. Translated by H. E. Butler, vol. 2, Loeb-Harvard UP, 1980.

6.Write the name of the publisher
You will need to include the names of each of the publishers that were relevant to your research.
McGill, Ivan, John Kurt Glenn, and Alice Brockbank. The Action Learning Handbook: Powerful Techniques for Education. Kindle ed. , Rutledge Falmer, 2014.
A quick note: In case there is more than one publisher of the same book separate the lists with a slash (/). You will not have to cite sources like periodicals, websites whose titles are the same as their publisher, the online websites where you can view several pieces of work, but they do not actually publish them (e.g. WordPress, YouTube, or JSTOR)

7.Include the publication date
Citing the publication date becomes a little tricky as many a times there is more than one date for a source. You can use the one that is relevant for your research or go with the source’s original publication date.
Henley, Patricia. The Hummingbird House. Kindle ed. , MacMurray, 1999

8.Specify the location
If you have accessed the eBook from a website and not used a software like Kindle or Amazon to read it, you will need to mention the specific URL of the website. You should also include the date on which you accessed the book in day-month-year format.

Cohen, Daniel. Our Modern Times: The New Nature of Capitalism in the Information Age. MIT Press, 2013. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). https://akin.css.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=nlebk&AN=694388&site=eds-live&scope=site. Accessed 15 April. 2018."

Make sure to follow these steps meticulously to cite your research papers and assignments in MLA format and never lose your grades to plagiarism ever again.
timharry 30 september 2020, 13:58

Closed captioning services significantly improve the reach and engagement of video content. But, is it possible to do all yourself, without spending money on hiring a professional? Yes, it is as today, we'll be putting forth top captioning tools. But, before you get started, it is imperative to know these tools are meant for captioning not-for-profit or if making a video is a hobby for you. However, if you manage a brand, then hiring a professional is your best to establish a robust image of your brand in your prospective audience's minds. Without any further delays, scroll down and have a look at these prominent tools.

CaptionMaker Tool

Topping the list is CaptionMaker; it is a paid tool that lets you create, edit & encode captions for web, televisions, and mobile devices. It provides access to the view of video with closed captions for different screens. This caption tool has a unique auto stamp feature, which saves a considerable amount of stamping time. The speech engine of CaptionMaker supports several languages. You can access this tool from your smartphone and computer.

Dotsub Tool

Dotsub is a preferred tool for professional companies offering media captioning services to their clients. This tool has two versions; one is FREE, and the other being the advanced one. But, first, you can enjoy the trial version of Dotsub to know whether it worth it. Dotsub is a self-contained, browser-based system that allows effective captioning of videos in different languages. Dotsub does not automate the process if transcription & translation; it is done manually.
Scribe Pro Tool

Scribe Pro is a commercially viable tool for closed captioning as well as transcribing. The tool provides all the features a professional needs to create and encode captions for any video. The transcription of the video is generated automatically. It also embeds the captions in the file by all itself. Scribe Pro supports all types of video and captioning file formats, and the accuracy of editing is quite high.
Amara Tool

Whether you want to watch a particular web series, documentary, or film which is not in the English language, then the Amara tool would come in handy. It is a popular, user-friendly tool for translating, subtitling and captioning different formats of videos. The interface of Amara video captioning is intuitive yet simple to use. It presents a secure & private workspace this tool silence after every four minutes to transcribe the content. The shortcut buttons allow for easy rewinding.
YouTube Captions Feature

You probably unware, but the YouTube comes with the feature Transcribe and Auto Sync to add closed captions to the video you are watching, and that too at free of cost. The interface is simple, and it takes free of a second to get it done. You also upload a transcript file at the time of uploading for your audience.
MAGpie Tool

Last but not least comes the open-source video captioning software. It is a FREE software to captioning videos for those with hearing difficulties and language barriers
Let's Wind Up

At last, yes, these tools are good, but they are merely a helping hand; thus, if you are brand video to the caption, then trust the expertise of professional closed captioning services providers.

Do you've any captioning software to add to this list, do share with us via the below comment section.
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Academic Transcription Services helps you transcribe your academic research interview. They offer you transcription services at a faster turnaround time. No doubt, academic careers involve a lot of hassles. Students have to go through a lot of assignments to obtain good marks. One such task is making a report paper on academic research interviews. At universities, you will come across a lot of interviews on various topics. Later on, these interviews need to be submitted in form of a report. But how can you make a report on interviews? Well, this where Academic Transcription Services comes for your rescue. With audio recordings, Academic Interview Transcription Services helps you make a report on any interview.

But the fundamental thing that you need to do for academic research transcription is recording audio of the session. Recording audio of your research interview will help Academic Research Interview Transcription Services to convert your audio file to text. So, if you are about to attend an academic research interview, here are few tips for recording audio.

Put Speaker at Ease!

In most academic research interviews, you may have noticed that speakers give speeches very fast. Sometimes it appears as if they are competing in any kind speaking race. But it may be due to nervousness or because they don’t know who you are? Thus, building stress may make them speak fast. And later on, it creates trouble for transcribers to transcribe such an audio file. It is because these audio files have speeches that are unable to catch.

The only way to avoid such a circumstance is to make the speaker comfortable. You can have a little bit of interaction before the interview to make sure that the speaker finds himself at ease. Thus, if you are heading to an academic research interview, make sure that you have an interaction with the speaker.
Make Sure to Write Names of Every Subject and Topics Referred to in Interview
If you want to get the transcription done in a faster turnaround time, you should make sure that you are able to capture every important note. Sometimes in an academic research interview, the speaker speaks about a particular subject without mentioning its name. This becomes an obstacle for transcription services as they have to go deep down to find out the subject that was discussed.

Thus, to reduce future hassle, you can note down the names of every subject mentioned in the research interview. It will help transcription services to transcribe your document easily and will save you time.

Switch Off Everything That Can Make a Disturbance in Audio

Most of the time, transcription services come across audio files where they hardly hear the voice of the speaker. It is because recording contains a massive amount of background disturbance in it. Most of these situations happen due to any faulty electronic equipment in the room.

So, if you are going to an academic research interview, make sure that you eliminate all those things that may cause potential noise in the audio. It would be better to check the air conditioning, windows, and doors before the interview.

Further, you should also make sure; you keep the recording devices close to the speaker. It will help you capture the speaker’s voice properly.

Speak Clear and Concise

In most of the recordings, you can find that both speakers and listeners are having conversations faster. In such cases, it becomes difficult for your medical physiology lectures transcription services to transcribe your audio file. Thus, it would be great if you have a conversation clear and concise.

In conclusion, these were some tips to record academic research interviews. If you are want to transcribe your academic interview easily, make sure you note down all the above points. It will help you obtain your transcription easily. For more tips on transcriptions, stay tuned!
jamesshipp 16 september 2020, 16:52

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Media plays a significant role in the society we live in and language is the primary factor that decides the success of any media product. What if your target audience is familiar with a language different from your media. In such cases, the translation will be the only option to establish your media's brand in a foreign country. Translated text can be used to add subtitles to your media content. Be it TV shows, movies, documentaries, academic videos, or advertisements, subtitles can add more value to your videos by enhancing media accessibility. Subtitles aid deaf and the hard-of-hearing community for the complete comprehension of your media content. Being the eighteenth most natively spoken language in the world, French is the official language of 29 countries. It is also the third most spoken language in Europe and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. What more to highlight the significance of this romance language. This popularity of the language has made French subtitling services a prerequisite to enhance your global outreach.

Therefore, if you wish to broadcast a French TV show or movie in a foreign country, you need to get the assistance of professional French video subtitling services. When it comes to subtitling services, professionalism is crucial. It is advisable to approach professional subtitling companies like Vanan Captioning that uphold excellent precision and accuracy. Such agencies are well aware of the French captioning and subtitling guidelines and strictly adhere to these standards for high-quality subtitles. Only a professional agency will take utmost care to aesthetically place the subtitles without causing visual hindrance. Besides, they ensure the timely synchronization of the subtitle to the exact dialogue on the screen.
French Video Subtitling Services

Being aware of the popularity of the French language, it is crucial that you don't leave behind this potential group of audiences. Be it French to English subtitling services or English to French subtitling services, experienced French video subtitling services can guarantee quality and accuracy. Furthermore, such agencies engage in localizing your media content so that the target audience can easily comprehend the content in the video. Hence, if you wish to expand your brand's footprint to a global level, the best and easy option would be to team up with a qualified subtitling company. Similar to translation services, subtitling and captioning services have become an inevitable factor in the field of education. For instance, watching a video along with subtitles will be a great way to study the language for a learner of the French language.
From the thousands of professional subtitling agencies, how can you opt for the best one? There are certain factors that you can verify before choosing a subtitling company. To start with, make sure that the company is certified and check for online reviews. Next in the list would be to check for confidentiality. This is to protect your file from security threats. Likewise, check if the quality check processes are satisfactory.

Looking for French subtitling services? As a leading provider of premium subtitles and captions for over a decade, you can trust Vanan Captioning for your French subtitling needs. Request for a free quote today!
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In these times crises, businesses have no choice but to work on their strategies ?‍? and digitally transform themselves. Remote work ?‍? has become the new way of working and businesses have to cope with it.

? However, this transformation is complex and the rate of a successful conversion is very low. The key is to communicate with the entire workforce, bring them on board and use the right set of tools ? to make things work smoothly.

While many aspects of life remain on hold, many organizations are charging full steam ahead on digital transformation efforts – even giving some pieces a speed boost

As a countermeasure against the spread of COVID-19, governments across the globe have implemented social distancing measures and lockdown policies. The pandemic has also affected companies and forced them to review their business strategies to overcome the crisis.
Tags: digital
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Inclusivity - For Speakers Of A Foreign Language

If you been in Germany for a few months, but have not made a ton of progress as far as listening comprehension of spoken German goes - transcription can help you. If you feel like reading/writing is far easier since once can use several online translation tools. In meetings where German is being spoken, the majority of the conversations tend to go over the head. It is because comprehending spoken German is a completely different ballgame, with the brain needing to do real-time deconstruction/translation.

As such recording of meetings and transcription of those meetings is of great help in decoding through spoken German. German is spoken by 10-15 million people as their second language. Transcription can be an effective tool helping to learn, communicate, and improve upon the language.

Inclusivity - For hard Of Hearing Community

Inclusivity has been the talk of the millennia. Transcripts have been at the forefront in the incorporation of ideas related to inclusivity. Around 13% of German people suffer from reduced hearing. That is over 10 million people. Also, only a third of the people who have difficulty hearing use a hearing aid. A transcription is a tool that helps in communication among such audiences.

Crowded places: Interacting with your favorite video content in a crowded place can always be a hassle. Content creators provide the way around this by including transcripts that accompany the video content. Transcription also serves as metadata to help promote the Youtubers content.
Talking About Content Promotion

Search engines and content creation platforms are some of the most popular websites in Germany. Owing to the fact creating and transcribing content in German can serve as a method for content promotion. Transcripts essentially act as a mouthpiece for promotion of video and audio content, since search engines pings onto words and phrases. Better SEO and SERP placements can be achieved through German transcription. This essentially helps in content promotion for businesses.

Saving Money

Transcribed files are crème de la crème of audio/video content. One advantage digital documents have over audio, video, and picture files are the space that it occupies. Secondly, a digital document can be searched and index. All these advantages add up to help you save money in terms of server space, and space in document indexing.

A background German language - German is often viewed as a Language of business. So great is the impact of German in the business world that in the UK it is the most commonly sought after language for business. Besides, a language is spoken by close to 100 million people and also is the official language of 6 countries. It is because of its popularity in the business world, transcription and translation are frequently performed to and from German. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of transcribing in German.

Choose Professional German Audio Transcription Services

If you are on a quest to get accurate transcripts and get all the above-mentioned benefits of transcription - Professional online German video transcription services is here to help you out. German to English transcription services and English to German transcription services effectively and efficiently provides the solution to all your German transcription related necessities.
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With this EDB to PST Converter users can also repair corrupted EDB files easily in one click. This software is very popular in market for its recovery and conversion efficiency.

This converter easily Recover your all types of data on Exchange Server such as attachments, messages, calendars, contacts, drafts, tasks, notes, journals, distribution lists, appointments, sent items, completely deleted emails, sub-folders, directories and etc.

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