Digital transformation: Programming,Technology during pandemic

In these times crises, businesses have no choice but to work on their strategies ?‍? and digitally transform themselves. Remote work ?‍? has become the new way of working and businesses have to cope with it.

? However, this transformation is complex and the rate of a successful conversion is very low. The key is to communicate with the entire workforce, bring them on board and use the right set of tools ? to make things work smoothly.

While many aspects of life remain on hold, many organizations are charging full steam ahead on digital transformation efforts – even giving some pieces a speed boost

As a countermeasure against the spread of COVID-19, governments across the globe have implemented social distancing measures and lockdown policies. The pandemic has also affected companies and forced them to review their business strategies to overcome the crisis.

Digital transformation is a complex process and research shows that the percentage of successful digital transformations is low. This is because companies need all functions to be involved, aligned and coordinated to change their cultures. For that change to come, it takes time.

But with the current rapidly changing situation, companies’ ways of doing business have been significantly altered. Business continuity, such as balancing the best for the company, protecting employees and providing the best experience to customers, has caused many companies to accelerate the process of digital transformation because without the right technology, these goals are almost impossible to achieve.

With the right technology, companies can ensure that essential functions will still be carried out during the pandemic.

Data will help drive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Infection clusters will be monitored; contact checking technologies, such as those being developed by Orange, Google and Apple, will help inform response; and data-driven decision-making will be used to help guide every enterprise through challenging times, transforming core missions, such as:

Last-mile delivery
Supply-chain management
Product development
Customer demand analysis
Raw materials sourcing and logistics
Data and information governance

These are the building blocks for the digital dexterity that enterprises will need to survive and prosper in the new age.

The new environment

The business of the future will supply a product or service that is needed by customers in an environment defined by increased personal surveillance and intermittent business interruption, as lockdowns to control local infection clusters are applied.

To serve its markets, enterprises will require real-time data on temporary or permanent market interruptions. This is going to transform working habits – remote working and use of managed office spaces will predominate as enterprises seek flexibility with which to manage sudden change. Training and team building will become primarily electronic, though, ironically, social and away-day events will also become more important as enterprises work to foster feelings of community within their businesses. A sense of community is essential for staff retention.
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ateamtexas 29 june 2020, 5:33
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0 Komalfatima April 14, 2021, 7:49
I totally agree with that, Cz my company had to face these issues. We always try to monitor our employees and share work by using different softwares like thunderbird, mattermost, skype, and Gitlab etc. I can related to the whole idea of pandemic crises.

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