From the marketing group’s perspective, it is essential that the company offers the drive as part of it marketing strategy. The drive will help the company to promote its business and marketing position in several dimensions. Firstly, the drive will promote the company as an aggressive marketing player in the industry which will establish or maintain its competitive level. Secondly, the drive will promote the relationship between the company and consumers as the consumers will experience the concern and the efforts of the company in promoting affordability. Finally, the drive will strengthen the loyalty of customers to the company as they identify themselves with the drive and the provision of high quality products.
From the perspective of the management, developing the drive will be a mistake in terms of the company’s corporate strategy. According to this discussion post information, the management should not develop the offer of the drive, since it will be costly to the organization as it is another cost driver. Unlike the marketing group’s scope of analysis, the management should take care of all aspects of the organization’s operations in approving the drive. First, the drive will require additional funding, from the company. Secondly, the drive will call for more personnel to implement is from the concept to completion. Finally, the drive will present another administrative task field and promotional burden for the organization.
In business marketing strategy, developing and offering such a drive is important to the company and its entire market. However, despite the advantages and benefits, those come along with the drive - it is evident that the managements’ perspective is different from that of the marketing group. While the drive is an essential component to the marketing group, it is a mistake for the management to develop in relation to other organizational aspects. This explains the dilemma on whether to adopt the marketing strategy or not.
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daniellewatson 21 june 2021, 13:32

Founded in 2013, Altigreen is in the business of accelerating a customer’s smooth transition to an all-electric or hybrid electric vehicle through its indigenously developed full technology stack. Being a new market concept and a startup, Altigreen required a strong push to get conversations started in this space.Click here for more information PR Agency Delhi. The client approached The PR actice in the winter of 2016 when Delhi’s dilemma with smog and rising pollution was at its peak.
This strategy was executed by driving a narrative around Altigreen’s journey as a startup and through crafted messaging on an innovative green brand.
Our Strategic Media Relations program
pursued an approach that capitalized on the relevancy of the brand solution in the light of heightened concerns about the environment. This strategy was executed by driving a narrative around Altigreen’s journey as a startup and through crafted messaging on an innovative green brand. This messaging had to resonate with all the stakeholders in the space. Click here for more information PR firm Delhi We were able to galvanize interest about the category and the brand in the media leading to a successful outcome:
In six months, the PR actice had generated successful high-impact stories in 18 Tier 1 mainline publications and electronic media such as ET, CNBC, TV 18, HBO, etc. Efforts are now on to establish a thought leadership positioning for the brand in the extremely relevant yet less explored landscape of green mobility.
ShajahanKabir 19 june 2021, 16:23


What are the basic steps for kids to learn coding

As schools around the world close due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team behind futolearn organization- a kid's coding academy that has an environment that allows children to develop apps for smartphones and tablets - are starting to think about how they can not only help keep children to stay busy and learning but also empower them to create new tools to fight the pandemic.

Many people, including children, are locked away at home with little to do and lose control of their lives. " "futolearn organizations give them the means to act, to participate in the creative process, and to do something good for their fellow citizens by their kid's coding lessons. When we think of coding for kids, the first question that comes to mind is, "How do you explain coding to a child?" Teaching kids to code is easy. The secret to teaching kids coding is to teach coding as a creative activity to any kid involved.

If writing data processing algorithms may not appeal to children, programming music, coding games, and websites, writing simple code in software is sure to delight children! Teaching kids coding will give them a skill for life. There are many different online coding classes for kids to teach them code. Some of these classes are developed as free coding classes and open source to reach millions of children worldwide. You can instruct your kids to code easily at the end of this step-by-step guide.

online coding classes

Step 1: First thing, start with scratch for young ones. Don't directly hop on to teach Python.

Futolearn Block Coding is a free programming tool designed for kids that runs in any modern web browser. Anyone can do it in its visual style influenced by coding lessons for kids of the 80s and 90s. But the block base is more than just a parody logo.

Children ages 8 to 13 will benefit from Scratch's simple graphical interface. Scratch's drag-and-drop code blocks come together. Snippets that don't make the calculations look like they don't match, making syntax errors impossible. Block coding is ideal for young children who have not yet developed their typing skills. Futolearn has the best edition of the scratch course book name "The everything kid's scratch coding book." Parents can prefer their kids.

Of course, kids who are trying to create more complex programs will have Scratch hit the wall. For teenagers and young adults, and actual programming language like Python is more suitable. Python has simple syntax (unlike languages like Java or C#), produces readable code (unlike Perl or JavaScript), and has a Large and developer-friendly community.

Step 2. The second step is don't talk about concepts of coding with kids

Despite its academic reputation, programming is a practical skill that takes practice, not just reading. Python's interactive shell encourages experimentation to figure out what the instructions do. Suppose you are trying to teach coding to kids directly by writing code and just talking about the concepts. Even after learning variables, loops, and functions, sitting down in front of an empty editor and starting a new program can be intimidating. Sit down with them and describe the code they need to write line by line. Or, if you are using kids' coding classes online to teach your kids, find the source code for the mini-games—programs with less than a few hundred lines of code work best. The block-based coding of the futolearn organization shares the sources for all the programs on its website, encouraging your kid to make changes to the code and make changes in the final program.

Step 3. Fun programming by coding games

coding games is a common starting point for many young programmers. Angry Birds, Minecraft, Flappy Bird, Five Nights at Freddy's, and other games were the main inspirations. These game's programmers started coding by games only and preferred kids gaming toys in their starting journey.

Be warned that your kid loves games & may not make great coding projects when they are just getting started. Although the game is fun, we generally recommend making your kid's coding classes a little bit fun by introducing them to kids' coding playgrounds. They will attract towards this.

Step 4. You should not keep your hand on the keyboard or mouse

Sharing knowledge is fun. Showing someone what you know about programming is fantastic. Coding can be learned with only one thing, which is practice, so let the kids drive. Avoid typing when working with children, even temporarily. If they need to click a menu or button, point your finger at the screen instead of picking up the mouse and clicking it yourself. Whenever there is a code to enter, ask them to enter it. It might be faster if you did it yourself, but your students need more practice than you do. Futolearn has shared every step in their book edition of online coding books.

Step 5. Try to provide each kid a computer

If you are teaching coding to a group of kids, try to give every kid their computer. Coding is just like music. If anyone wants to learn music, they must have their instrument. The same goes here. If you have taken a kid's coding course online, then provide your kid with control on the computer.
If you are teaching a large number of kids coding academies and it is impossible to provide each kid their computer, you can pair up the students and give them control by turns. Instead of grabbing the keyboard and mouse from them, try to teach them to ask their partner to control the keyboard and mouse.

When pairing students, there will be two types of students: first, who are eager to dominate the machine and the others who are less confident to operate machines, pair these both types of students together. And tell the group to switch seats so that two kinds of students can sit equally in front of the keyboard and mouse.

Step 6. Get your kid writing practice with programs

Once you have built the basic knowledge regarding coding in your kid's mind, now let your kid practice writing. Because after the essential expertise, kids must know how to implement that in the real world. Kids should know about writing programs of coding. Once they start practicing writing, you will be surprised at how fast they have started learning. Programming is another name of practice. If you want to make your kid a successful programmer, the key behind this is only practice. There are the best kids coding apps available with their help; let your kid do exercise.

Step 7. Learn from failures:

Failure is an opportunity to grow. Your kid will inevitably get frustrated with coding, like most subjects. Programming is an enjoyable topic to introduce your kids to how to deal with failure. Immediate feedback when the code doesn't work on the first try - combined with resources available through Google and kid coding academy- makes it much less frustrating to deal with coding errors than error handling in most other areas. Teach kids that they are not afraid of failure. Failures lead us to new paths in life, so program. This will show your unbelievable kid’s success in the future.

Step 8. Build on success

Once your kid has dipped their toes in the water with a starter project, it's time to build on that success. Each task carried out by a child is both a success and a springboard. First, celebrate the achievement, then find ways to develop the project further. Coding jobs have various scope in the future for the upcoming generation. So let your kids know that they are already on a path to success. This can be done, for example, by expanding the scope of a project. If a child counts down to their birthday, it can be expanded to include their friends' birthdays. Sometimes an improvement can be as simple as taking on a generic project and having a custom logo. Appreciate your kid and help them to be perfect.

Benefits of coding for kids:

Teaching children to code from an early age to expose them to today's technology is extremely necessary. Steve Jobs said, "Everyone should know how to program a computer because it teaches you to think.
Programming and coding are the skills most in-demand in job vacancies, and this trend will increase in the future.
• Coding for kids develops the reasoning and thinking skills of kids and makes them welcome for problem-solving. It will also benefit children by doing math and practical subjects.
• It gives you a Silicon Valley-like platform where you can give wings to your ideas and turn them into reality.
• If you know how to code, you can create your applications and software and start your own business. This will help you develop business skills.
• Their concentration skills will develop, they will become more patient and learn discipline as programming requires them to sit down, analyze and spot the problem to solve it.
• Coding is called new knowledge, and today, we have a mainstream technology gap.
• FutoLearn is an organization to close this technology consumption gap and teach kids about the challenges ahead. They have published the best books regarding coding. You can check out their website for checking the steps to buy the best coding book.

An example of coding:

As a practical example, let's use a game. Games children play usually have main characters, scores, levels, and enemies. In any game, the first step is usually to name your character. So what is going on here? In effect, you are assigning a name to a variable. You use this name throughout the game. The game also stores this name, along with your scores and achievements, in the database.

But what is your personality? Character is a class. In a nutshell, your character is a class version, but with your choices, like clothing and accessories. We call these properties. Likewise, enemies and other characters will also be classes. Suppose we worked as a shooting game. When you pull the enemy, he will fall. Why does this happen? This is the result of the IF declaration. This code determines what will happen after something. We call this control flow. This will be presented to most kids' game games, burn cooking cakes.

Your life can go out before finishing the game. Once again, this is due to the control flow, and we seem to call for a moment. While you are the remaining life, you can continue playing the cake by playing or leaving the ingredients. Now, what happens when you complete a level? Usually, your score increases, and you can move on to the next level. The if statement determines that you can advance to the next level and increase your score. The game also stores this score in the database. In most games, you can also see the high score. Like our YouTube example, the for loop displays past high scores on the screen. For example, the game might show the last ten highest scores. To do this, it will go through the top 10 scores and display them on the screen.


By the steps mentioned above, you can teach your kid coding gradually and quickly. These steps have also included the best book to learn to code published by the futolearn organization. Coding helps kids in many aspects of life, so it is necessary to give kids knowledge of coding at an early age.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I start teaching my child to code?

Introduce them to the basics, coding games, and live video. Get their feedback and reschedule your approach accordingly. Then, get started with Scratch because it's a fun and kid-friendly platform! Parents don’t need to have vast knowledge of coding to teach coding to their kids.

Is coding good and important for kids?

Coding is essential for all children. Your child doesn't have to be overly interested in computers and programs to learn to code. Code is similar to math in that it helps a child develop logical solutions to problems. Your child will develop programs where a question is answered in small steps. It's like a puzzle, solved in a particular order. Such exercises build your child's way of thinking. Not all kids who learn to code become professional programmers. However, if it is, this skill provides a continuous learning process, creating better opportunities and giving an edge in the field.

Which ones are the best programming languages for kids?

Scratch is the best programming language for kids because it has a graphics game-based approach. It features animated code blocks in a game format, which must be matched in sets. It develops logic, creative thinking and problem-solving skills in children.

What does a coding course teach?

The main thing that children learn in a programming class is the development of programs. They learn different programming languages and how to use them to communicate with computers. In a way, they learn to command a computer to perform tasks. The teaching materials and methods used are interesting and very engaging. It's through a gambled learning process where kids use things like an intuitive block interface. Education meets the needs of different levels and ages. A 5-year-old can manage a coding class.

Can parents support their kids in a coding class without knowledge of coding?

Most parents are afraid of programming-related there, topics because they have no prior experience. Parents can always help with a math query, but can they develop a program? The answer is very simple, let's find out. Programming gives parents and children a rare opportunity where they both have to start from scratch. Breaking with conventional learning is an additional asset. For further assistance, a private encryption company may be helpful. Encryption companies have hired professionals with the right tools for the job. The child can also interact with other children on the platform, which improves the overall learning process.

How does your organization evolve the interest of kids in coding?

Children tend to turn to fun activities. So, to get them to develop an interest in coding, we make it fun. Make sure the teaching methods are engaging and include activities they enjoy. For example, one child may be interested in building a website, while the other is interested in developing a game. Use their curiosity and passion to find the best programmers and courses for them. Also consider using self-study courses rather than online courses. Children can learn at their own pace in a self-paced class and advance to the next level when they are finished. A sense of control justifies an interest in code that grows on a personal level.

Different children have different needs. Do not include your child in the recommendations. Take your time, analyze your child, ask him about his interests, and involve him in the selection of courses and programmers. Make sure they have fun learning to code.
FutoLearn 18 june 2021, 6:26

As an increasing number of businesses are jumping on the online retail arena, the share of e-commerce in the retail business is continuously on the rise. On the other hand, most online stores and e-commerce startups prefer mobile apps as their primary channels instead of the regular web just because most buyers now prefer shopping through mobile instead of desktops.

In a scenario like this, enhancing customer engagement and customer visits through a mobile commerce app is the best bet a business can opt for. Since most users these days keep their eyes attached to the handheld screens throughout the day, targeting customers on mobile platforms can fetch better business outcomes than other channels.

On the other hand, by focusing on just one or two channels to connect customers, offering an omnichannel shopping experience can be more effective. Since smartphone users have already surpassed desktop users, mobile commerce has appeared as an irreplaceable channel for most retailers.

Personalized User Experience

These days customers feel more attached to brands that provide them a highly personalized shopping experience. When they use an app instead of a business website, customers will likely enjoy a more personalized shopping experience.

Thanks to a personalized user experience, customers can use an eCommerce store just in the way they prefer. They enjoy a shopping experience based on their preferences.

On the other hand, features of an application for mobile e-commerce allow customers to enjoy a highly streamlined way to complete purchases requiring the least time and effort. An e-commerce app based on a particular consumer history can showcase app screens based on user preferences.

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WordPress design agency is a famous and easy to understand open-source framework that has a broad module catalog, an incredible format structure with a simple regulatory dashboard. Techno Softwares has aptitude in giving custom WordPress advancement administrations. Our WordPress organization Techno Softwares presents to you a collection of rich WordPress arrangements that grants peculiarity and faultlessness to your innovation material and organizations.

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Who can deny the importance of security for their website or online store? You may have already implemented some security measures, and you can feel quite complacent about it, but they are far from enough when we consider the security challenges.

In recent years, even many leading websites and web apps faced a huge surge of security attacks on their websites. This is why it is important to update security best practices every once in a while, and stay completely alert to safeguard the website from new and more sophisticated attacks.

Are you interested to know how to make an app from scratch? Do you want to know all the major concerns that you need to address? Well, let's begin here with app security first.

This post will explain the top web app security beginner checklist that you need to follow.

Defining a Framework for Cybersecurity

To begin with, an organization must have a robust policy document and strategic outline for ensuring security for the website or web app. The strategy and corresponding document must cover all the important security areas without necessarily changing everything from the bottom up. Ensure your cybersecurity framework addresses the key security vulnerabilities and corresponding measures for the latest and most sophisticated security attacks that are making rounds in the webspace.

Embrace approaches like DevSecOps

It is an outdated approach to assign cybersecurity concerns and tasks to only the security professionals. This is why modern IT security policies are far more accommodating and inclusive and integrates a wide spectrum of functions. For example, the development methodology such as DevOps has now accommodated security within its collaborative approach for building apps, and thus, we have got DevSecOps.

Tracking the Core Assets

Before ensuring protection, you must have a comprehensive idea about what you are going to protect. This is why it is important to know the assets and track the corresponding security vulnerabilities and threats.

Know the servers and server-side technologies that are used for the app or other particular functions. Know about all the open-source components shaping all different web apps. When you know which software is backing which app function, you can easily track vulnerabilities and security issues corresponding to them?

By just tracking your assets, you can reduce all your concerns and disasters in the time to follow. The tracking of all key assets should also be automated and streamlined from the early stage, as detecting the assets later when the company operations get bigger can be problematic.

Lastly, besides knowing and tracking assets, segregate the assets into different categories and classes as per their critical roles and security vulnerabilities, they are exposed to. This helps you in threat assessment and creating a strategy for remediation.

Maintain Secure Coding Practices Throughout

As far as the most effective security measures for any app are concerned, nothing really works better than ensuring secure and optimized coding. It is an irreplaceable necessity to do away with the coding errors, remove fault lines in the code, and optimize the code as per the best security needs.

Here we briefly mention a few of the coding practices important for optimizing app security.

• It is important to check and validate all the input fields on the server-side and the client-side to ensure that no malicious code can bypass the more vulnerable client-side. When such bypassing occurs, the server-side can easily handle it.
• Ensure there are no buffer overflow problems that can expose your code to different risks like denial-of-service attacks and code injection from remote locations.
• SQL Injection is another major risk that apps encounter. A SQL statement entering slyly through the input fields can infiltrate the database (DB) and result in the unnecessary revelation of the database contents or tampering of the database. To prevent this type of attack, using pre-built query statements instead of direct inputs can be a good practice.

Restrict the Privileges to a Minimum

Most of the web applications offer some privileges for selected local and remote computers. Such privileges can really pose potential threats to the app if they are not optimized for security. To do away with risks resulting from privileges, it is advisable to use the settings allowing the least permissions for different web apps. When it comes to carrying system changes, only a handful of most responsible persons in the organization should have permission for this. Ideally, except for the system administrators, nobody should enjoy full access.


Encryption has emerged as a highly reliable security measure to protect data from all unwanted threats, including data breaching, tampering and other vulnerabilities. Encryption should protect both data in transit and data at rest. Encryption should be stronger for handling and rolling accessibility to sensitive information. As the tried and tested encryption technology for the web, it is advisable to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Instead of experimenting with different encryption techniques, it is advisable to use the most trusted and acclaimed one that worked well for apps in similar situations. Apart from this, use hashing techniques to evaluate the data safety. Even data stored in databases or log files should be fully encrypted.

Evaluate the Authentication Procedure

As an app administrator, you must enforce the strongest password and login policy to safeguard data and prevent the app from unwanted access. Enforce using strong passwords having at least eight or more characters. To enhance authentication for stronger security, enforce multi-factor authentication. On top of that, there should be an automatic account lockout action when a user carries out a number of failed attempts to log in.


All these security practices are already tested and tried by web apps across all niches for several years. Apart from meeting these requirements and following these practices, you also need to evaluate security from time to time.

Read more at: https://www.appknox.com/blog/web-application-security-checklist

Communication studies is a specific field of science which considers different aspects of interpersonal communication. This academic discipline involves various theories explaining the nature of the above indicated process, as well as its impacts on individuals' identity and self in general. Cultivation analysis theory proposed by Gebner and Gross initially emphasized on the effects of television, and in the contemporary world other viewing media, on the human behavior, attitude, and communication. Several studies chosen for this writing are able to demonstrate this theory in practice. Thus, the paper will make the literature review and critique of the researches exploring the topic of adolescents, media, and identity formation in the light of multiplicity of cultivation analysis approach.
To start with, Brown and Borowski's article details influences of older and newer media on adolescents identity formation. The most valuable finding of this research is that it has defined positiveness of such effects among other aspects of the issue. For instance, it states Internet communication appears to facilitate friendship formation among introverts and extroverts alike. The work by ter Boght, Engels, Bogers, and Kloosterman explores the correlation between TV, music TV, the Internet and formation of adolescents sexual identity. The article theorized various approaches and models to address this aspect. However, the exploring was limited by ethical considerations, and further study of sexual attitudes and stereotypes in terms of their real impacts on this research group need to be conducted.
The research by Israelashvili, Kim, and Bukobza tests the assumption the Internet can serve as a valuable tool assisting adolescents in pursuing the developmentally-related need for self concept clarity. Even though the study tries to explain the negativity of the web over-use, it is more quantitative than qualitative examination.
Another side of the media influence on adolescents via social networking sites in terms of forging their racial identity is discussed by Tynes, Garcia, Giang, and Coleman. The research applied a voice-as-dialogue approach to exploring participants identity and civic engagement online. This work emphasized the role of group leaders of analyzed social networks in reducing acts of racism online. The article by Oh focuses on ethnic identity formation studying second-generation Korean Americans reception of transnational Korean films. Since most scholars do not give enough attention to the second-generation immigrants who are acculturated to American lifestyle completely, the author stresses the importance of his work. Furthermore, the latter can be confirmed by the appliance of the results of this research on studying another diaspora's experiences in the used by this scientist analytic perspective.
In his writing piece, Ritterfeld is trying to prove the idea of games as suitable environments to apply and practice rather than to cognitively problem solve. The scholar claims that modern digital games are relevant to identity formation because adolescents define who they are in reference to the media they use. Nevertheless, he underlines the harmful effects of some games in terms of provoking aggressiveness. Kirsh conducts his study in the flow of media violence tracing its history, components, and effects on adolescents among others. One of his important findings is the scientist's conclusion: 'Adolescents consume violent media in the home and the laboratory differently.
Therefore, the theme of the paper is widely discussed in communication studies field as evidenced by explored sources, which are adjacent to the issue through a multiplicity of cultivation analysis. Although reviewed references are of great importance, many aspects of those studies have to be researched in a more detailed or even narrowed way. The above statement confirms a necessity of further studies of the analyzed issue.
This material was provided by Stacy Colins is a talented writer at https://specialessays.com/write-my-personal-statement/
She likes to depict her thoughts on paper.
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Background on French - Spoken by close to 300 million people, French is an official language of 29 countries. It is a language spoken in all major continents of the country. Besides being the official language of the EU, it is also a language that holds big prospects for the future. As the African economy is gearing itself up for a big boost, French is bound to be one of the business lingua Francis for the world. According to the projection made by University Laval, the number of French speakers will reach 500 million by the year 2025. The present prospect for French warrants it as a forefront language to transcribe and translate.
barrybullock 28 january 2021, 17:10

Background on French - Spoken by close to 300 million people, French is an official language of 29 countries. It is a language spoken in all major continents of the country. Besides being the official language of the EU, it is also a language that holds big prospects for the future. As the African economy is gearing itself up for a big boost, French is bound to be one of the business lingua Francis for the world. According to the projection made by University Laval, the number of French speakers will reach 500 million by the year 2025. The present prospect for French warrants it as a forefront language to transcribe and translate.

The Growing Impact of English media in France

An article published in Toot Lafrance French Prefer US TV Series cites that the streaming boom has led to a surge in demand for the US web shows in France. Also, several French TV series remains popular in the Anglophone world. Shows like "Call my agent" and "The Chalet" are not only well-received by critics and English audiences alike. Remakes and several awards later it is established that the future of the genre of Fantastique French is bustling.

The Art of French Subtitling

French is said the toughest romantic language to learn and more so to subtitle. However, there are several guidelines in place that can help one charter these windy waters. These assembled by the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST) provides subtitling good practices. Here are we listed a few details:

1. Spotting: Involves laying the groundwork for Audio-Visual segments and time-stamping. The translation must be of the highest quality, and a simple syntactical structure is to be used. The text must be coherent and understandable and all the important information included should be translated/ subtitled. Even superfluous information is to be included. For example about 800 miles should not be translated to 804.672 km but rather into about 800 km .

2. Adaptation: The second step is to adapt to the spotted language into the adaptation of the visual. The finally adopted subtitle must synchronous, accurate, well-placed, and complete.

3. Simulation: Simulation is the litmus test of any subtitle. The translator/ subtitler and the client's technical department work together at the subtitling lab and work with the subtitling technician to review the subtitles and translation. As mentioned previously it should be synchronous, accurate, well-placed, and complete. This step allows for clients to see the final product and is essential to ensuring a professional result.

Here is how French Video Subtitling services help:

1. Human subtitle-providers -Multiple human subtitle creators will review your content and transcribe accurate subtitles. Self-transcribing is cumbersome (but accurate) - let French subtitling services do the arduous task for you.

2. Ease - online services provide ease. You send the links of your videos, or video files (in any format), French to English subtitling services, and English to French subtitling services will provide you subtitles (in any format) that is highly accurate and synchronized.

3. Turnover time - online French subtitling service can split the voluminous amount of works among various subtitle providers such that subtitles are provided to you within provided deadlines and you never lose the smile on your face.
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On the off chance that you realize how to eliminate copies from PST document in Outlook? Since you are confronting the issues because of copy documents, at that point you are on the correct page. Here in this blog, we will examine the absolute best methods to remove of duplicate from Outlook PST document.
How to Remove Duplicate from PST Files?

There are a few techniques to eliminate duplicate from the Outlook PST document. Some best whenever are recorded underneath. Thus, you can decide on any strategy according to you're your necessity.
garkopelma 14 january 2021, 9:49
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