Due to misconfigured devices or insufficient smart home network security procedures, consumers who install smart home gadgets such as baby monitors, Ring doorbells, or surveillance systems are rapidly becoming targets for hackers.

A Chicago family was recently hacked into their Google Nest home cameras and thermostat by a hacker.

Arjun and Jessica Sud utilize a baby monitor to keep an eye on their 7-month-room old's on a regular basis. According to the Chicago Tribune, "they heard something terrifying through the monitor last month: a deep male voice was speaking to their child." [1]

"The couple gathered their now fully awake son and went downstairs. They realized that their Nest thermostat, which was normally set to 72 degrees, had been pushed up to 90 degrees. The voice then returned, this time through the speaker of a downstairs surveillance camera. It was speaking to them this time."

As more people in the United States install internet-connected smart home devices that can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone app, hackers are exploiting security flaws to breach into home networks and snoop on homeowners or use compromised devices for cybercrime.

Following recent cyber-attacks on customers, corporations such as Amazon and Google have made smart home device security a major focus, pushing users to take home network and device security seriously to prevent becoming cyber-attack victims.

The Security of the Internet of Things in the New Era

Any smart gadget connected to the internet and a private home network that is not necessarily a server or personal computer, known as the "Internet of Things" or IoT, represents a new route for hackers to attack consumers in their own homes. Connected cars, smart house doorbells, and video surveillance systems are just a few examples of IoT gadgets, which also include speakers, watches, wearables, and even microwave ovens and refrigerators.

Hackers can infiltrate even the most secure devices, such as SmartTVs. According to a Consumer Reports study, Samsung and LG televisions may be capturing their owners' private chats. [2]

"Beyond the potential that your TV maker and app developers may be listening and watching you, that television can also be a backdoor for hackers to enter into your home," the FBI recently warned regarding SmartTV hacking. Although a malicious cyber actor may not be able to directly access your locked-down computer, it's feasible that your insecure TV will provide an easy backdoor through your router."

According to the FBI, hackers can use insecure TVs to change channels, alter volume, broadcast unsuitable films to children, or turn on your bedroom TV's camera and microphone and cyberstalk you silently. [3]

Google will soon require Nest customers to utilize two-factor authentication for smart home devices in response to escalating IoT cyber threats.

"We're continually looking for new methods to protect your privacy and security while providing you control over how easy it is to access your account and what you post. After all, gadgets like cameras and smoke alarms are critical in an emergency," argues Cory Scott, Google Nest's Head of Security and Privacy. "However, adding an extra layer of security to your home gadgets provides you more control over them in the long run by ensuring that only trustworthy people and devices may use them." [4]

Google Nest monitors IoT security in addition to two-factor authentication by checking for passwords that may have been exposed in previously-known external credential breaches, resetting accounts when suspicious activity is detected, requiring automatic updates, not allowing default or easy-to-guess device passwords, and verifying booting to prevent devices from running malicious code.

Safety Tips for Smart Homes and IoT

Consider the following tips to guard against IoT hackers in addition to following smart home device security requirements and manufacturer recommendations: [5]

Check all installed IoT devices' privacy and password settings.

Change default passwords to sentences and use non-identifiable logins, unique passwords, and multi-factor authentication.

Limit the use and location of always-on gadgets to avoid being continually monitored, as many devices are activated by motion, voice, or other triggers.

To prevent attacks based on known vulnerabilities, update the software on all devices.

This will prevent hackers from attempting to access devices that have not had updates installed.

Separate your electronic devices.

To prevent hackers from utilizing a hacked device for network access, set up a specialized IoT network or a specific IoT-only wireless network at home.

Keep an eye on your gadgets.

On all tablets and laptops, install next-generation antivirus software, and set up a firewall between your home router and your devices.

"Safe rooms" should be created.

Keep smart home technology out of the areas of your home where you want them to be the safest, including bedrooms and bathrooms.

IoT Security's Business Consequences

Businesses, like consumers, must be attentive and incorporate IoT into their cybersecurity plans.

Security must be a “primary priority in whatever IoT investment you make, from your doorbell to your manufacturing technology,” according to Charl van der Walt, head of security research at Orange Cyberdefense. Any compromise you make today will inevitably come back to haunt you later."

"As more connected devices enter an organization, IT managers and decision-makers must take responsibility for enforcing appropriate segmentation, access control, and patch management protocols, as well as implementing complete, continuous visibility into their entire network infrastructure," van der Walt says. [6]

In addition to implementing best IoT security practices, businesses should use increased device visibility and analytics to detect cyber-attacks and compromises, and then make IoT a critical component of their entire cyber security strategy.

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With a large offer of vacancies and a lack of qualified professionals, Dario Caraponale points out that Brazilian professionals with knowledge of English and with international certifications are capable of competing for positions anywhere in the world. “Many people take on vacancies in other countries with interesting salaries or even in the home office. It is very common to see people changing companies frequently because they have many opportunities without having someone to fill the positions. And yet many vacancies remain unfilled ”, he analyzes.

But for him, the main skill needed by an information security professional is the ability to think like an opponent. “Even those who work directly with systems protection need to think like an attacker. The objective is to understand which measures are really effective, in addition to being able to delimit the scope and limitations of any solutions implemented ”, he teaches.
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The first step in becoming a network engineer is to obtain your training and in this higher education course in computer network engineering, students study disciplines in the area, in addition to basic content, such as physics and also mathematics.

The specific disciplines of computer networks are composed of theoretical and practical notions, including from the knowledge of equipment, to the creation of projects, management and also network security, for example.

Generally, practical knowledge is applied in electronics laboratories, optical and wireless networks, digital systems, also in information security and much more. Some of the frequent subjects are:
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Brazil is one of the countries that has one of the biggest growths in the software market in the world.

To give you an idea, according to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (Abes) , Brazil is the seventh largest software market in the world.

This means that software engineers are increasingly given employment opportunities to develop their techniques.

In addition to these opportunities, it is interesting to know that an engineer, when graduated, has an average salary of R $ 4,800.00.

We are talking about the average, because a software engineer in a large company, such as Google, gets to receive about R $ 18,000.00.

So, if you like technology and are willing to grow with the area, know that this is the moment.

The role of a server technician is to ensure that the network infrastructure in place supports a business. If a company is operationally efficient, it is going to remain successful and secure. A PC server repair technician will ensure that your business gets the server migration and repairs necessary to stay as functional as possible. Server hardware repair technicians assist carefully for both the servers and the backend systems, including data communication and voice communication. They also work on providing support for PC desktop systems.
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A secret hidden 25 years ago in Windows 95 was revealed by a software developer. The easter egg was hidden in Internet Mail, an email client native to the operating system, and, when activated, it displays the credits related to those responsible for the application, in the style of the scrolls seen in the cinema and similar to another game of the type, which has already had been discovered on the platform.

The discovery was made by reverse engineering specialist Albacore, who believes that this is the first time that the easter egg has been shown in practice. To access the list of credits, simply access the Help menu of the native email program and then select the "About" option. Then, it was enough to select the first DLL file displayed in a list and type the word “mortimer” on the keyboard for the secret window to open to display the names of those responsible for the software.
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Microsoft is one of the few corporations founded decades ago and still one of the largest tech giants. Even with many technology wars, it has stood the test of time that has weeded out many of its competitors.

However, one of the first wars that the company still faces every day is the war against pirates. Software pirates sold millions of fake copies of Microsoft products or uploaded them to torrent sites.
How much does piracy cost to Microsoft?
There are no official figures, but we can confidently say that the losses are expressed in billions of dollars.

Instead of imposing its own numbers (which would be detrimental to PR), Microsoft has adapted to informing businesses and consumers about possible losses from coiled software. Based on research conducted in 2014 Microsoft has released a publication collaborated with research firm IDC and the National University of Singapore.
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The types of cloud computing available are originally three. However, new demands and opportunities have led to new types gaining ground, as follows:

Public Cloud
In the public model (Public Cloud), the resources used by users are shared.

In it, the service provider makes resources available, such as virtual machines (VMs), applications or storage, to the general public over the Internet. Public cloud services can be free or offered on a “pay-per-use” model.

The public cloud is characterized by being a virtualized environment, that is, designed by virtual machines on a set of servers (cluster). Despite the sharing of resources by users, each tenant in the public cloud has their data isolated from the others and both their privileges and access to them are individualized by user and password .

Another characteristic of the public cloud is the reliance on the use of high bandwidth to transmit data quickly to a large number of users. As for storage, it is usually redundant, with data replication in different locations, which results in high resilience and security.
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As a rule, hackers try to lead a secretive lifestyle and maintain anonymity. Many succeed, but some of them are gaining popularity against their own will. This happened, for example, with Kevin Mitnick or Robert Morris. But there are other computer geniuses, about whose fate much less is known than about their exploits. One of these guys who left a noticeable mark in the history of world hacking was called Jonathan James. This is a man with a vivid but tragic life history that ended with an early and mysterious death.
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It happened during the destruction of a star by a black hole, next to which this star was. As a result, a high-energy neutrino was formed, which became a real gift for earthly science. One of the important conclusions that can be drawn is that such phenomena are natural accelerators and generators of elementary particles, and very powerful ones.

Having traveled insane by our standards, the neutrino reached the South Pole in October 2020, where it was registered by an elementary particle detector. This complex system is located right under the ice, it serves to detect high-energy particles coming to us from afar. A few months later, a telescope in California was able to "see" a flash of light in the very galaxy referred to in the title, and where the neutrino came from.
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Finally, in the topic of navigation interference, we got to the coolest and most interesting. Moreover, this interesting turned out to be not so difficult technically.

This is interesting - spatial processing of signals from antenna arrays. In ordinary, especially amateur, radio communication and radio navigation practice, this is still rare. This is due to the additional multiple costs for the number of radio paths. But sometimes this is perfectly acceptable. For example, in mobile communications. Spatial processing, MIMO, is widely used here. Even a regular WiFi hotspot has had it for a long time.
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