CR2430 Battery-Things You Don't Know About

Hi y'all, today's blog is about the CR2430 battery.

First, let's get to know what is coin batteries:

Coin batteries, commonly known as button cells. A watch battery or button cell is a small single cell battery shaped as a squat cylinder typically 5 to 25 mm (0.197 to 0.984 in) in diameter and 1 to 6 mm (0.039 to 0.236 in) high — resembling a button. Stainless steel usually forms the bottom body and positive terminal of the cell. An insulated top cap is a negative terminal.

Coin batteries are commonly used in garage door openers, medical devices, watches, remote controls and greeting cards with sound. Do not leave these devices readily available and make sure children are supervised when in contact with them so that access to coin batteries can be prevented.

CR2430 Features & Specifications

CR2430 batteries are non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) button/coin-cell batteries, featuring physical dimensions of (D x H) 24.5 x 3.0 mm (~0.9646 x 0.1181 inches).

CR2430 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts, a cutoff voltage of 2.0 volts, and a nominal capacity of ~270-320 mAh - as usual with the batteries, actual capacity depends on the battery age, storage temperature, drain conditions (current, temperature), and similar.

The standard discharge current of CR2430 batteries is ~0.2 mA, while pulse current depends on the pulse length, but generally, it is in the 7-15 mA range.

CR2430 VS CR2450

CR2450 is commonly used in watches, computer motherboards, medical devices, LED flashlights, toys, remote controls, remote car keys, security systems, wearable electronics, etc.

Compared to smaller 3.0V lithium batteries, the CR2450 is a large and powerful battery with a large capacity and is often used in 'high' drain devices.

The CR2450 battery has a diameter of 24 mm (~0.945 inches) and a height of 5.0 mm (~0.197 inches) and a weight range of 5.7-6.3+ grams (0.2-0.222+ ounces).

The CR2430 battery is a non-rechargeable lithium 3.0-volt battery with a typical capacity of 270-300 mAh and dimensions of 24.5 x 3.0 mm.

As can be seen, the CR2430 battery may fit into the battery compartments designed for CR2450 batteries, but contacts may cause problems. Furthermore, the CR2430 has a much lower capacity and drain currents, which may cause certain devices to malfunction.

To summarize, do not replace the CR2450 battery with the CR2430 battery unless absolutely necessary and at your own risk!

That's all for today, see you next time!
eelectriclover 14 april 2021, 8:52
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