3 Common Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

The bathroom is the most common area in the home, most of the Plumbing Issues can occur suddenly in it. Often, these issues can be a serious matter as we are not aware of the internal damage in plumbing systems. Well, today we are going to tell the main causes, your toilet won’t flush. So, if you are dealing with the Toilet Flushing issue in your home, continue your reading carefully. There are the following Three Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush, you will know about them.


The water level is one of the reasons that support the toilet tank to flush properly. If there is a low level of water in a toilet tank, you will find that there is no movement in a toilet bowl. It is the water that rapidly enters the bowl from the water tank of the toilet when you press the button to flush. A proper suction with high pressure of water leads to a clean toilet bowl. So, there should be enough Water Pressure in the water tank, so your toilet will flush properly. Also, it is your duty to keep the toilet properly working with the help of Local Plumbers.

Most of the toilet tanks have indicated marks to help people in storing enough water in the tank. Also, the water level should be rise to that mark after every flush. If it doesn’t happen, you will have to adjust to it. While all toilets differ in manufacture. In some toilets, you will see the round floated ball attached to the fill valve. It is very helpful to detect the water level in toilet tanks. This kind of ball also floats when the water level rises in the tank. To make it happen without any problem, you can get professional advice through a Licensed Plumbing Company.


Flapping or Lifting chain is also one of the Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush. The flapper is placed at the bottom of the toilet tank. It is the object that is a rubber cup-shaped and helps to lift the chain to raise the water in the tank. The lifting chain is a long metal arm, considered a toilet handle, and attached to the head of the flapper. When you flush, it leads the lifting chain to raise the water by lifting the flapper through it. It causes water movement in the toilet bowl, If you are facing issues with the suction process in the toilet bowl, check the toilet flapper. It is possible that the lifting chain is broken and couldn’t support the flapper to rise enough water in the toilet tank. In the same case of flapper damage, check leakage in the toilet bowl. This could happen the water is leaking constantly into the water bowl. Both are solid and noteworthy Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush properly.

To fix these issues, simply make the water tank empty by turning off the water supply and flush often. This will help you to have excess for replacing the flapper or lifting chain. Replace damaged flapper or lifting chain easily with the gloves in hands. Also, you can check the flush a few times that the flapper is completely snug and the chain is working properly. Then, turn on the water supply again.


A Clogged Toilet is absolutely one of the main Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush Properly. This could be the leading reason that you feel annoying while not capable of doing a flush in the toilet bowl properly. Waste and solid debris can lead to clogged or Blocked Toilets and cause water flow down. If you notice that water returns through the drain after flushing it, go for Toilet Repairs to unclog the drain. Because debris in pipes can leave an incomplete flush. To clean the pipe, you can also use a plunger. It is a very helpful tool used to clear blockages in drains. Use this tool often to clear the blockage in pipes and flush again and again while doing this process.
These are given above perhaps the most obvious Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush Properly. So, if you are having these issues in flushing the toilet is that the toilet is clogged, can call us at SOS Plumber Sydney. Our experts will help with every kind of Toilet Repair. We are 24/7 hours available Emergency Plumbers to do the job of Plumbing Services in your area.
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