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There are some basic questions you should ask before looking for a suitable op amp.

(1)What is the input signal going to look like?
(2)Current-input or voltage-input?
(3)What is the expected operating frequency range? Maximum range?
(4)What amplitude is needed? (Typical and maximum values.)
(5)What’s the impedance of the circuit it’s going into?
(6)What is an acceptable output signal going to look like?
(7)What is the expected range of frequencies the output signal might cover?
(8)What is the expected amplitude range?
(9)Will the op-amp be driving another device? If so, how much power will be needed?
(10)How accurate or precise does the op-amp need to be?

The operating environment:
What supply voltage(s) are available?
Is there a physical size limitation? You may need to make a list of packages of an acceptable size.
What is your operating temperature range? Figure out a Max, Min, and Typical. 
Look at how the temperature affects your most critical parameters using the graphs in the datasheet. If the information you need is missing, you can contact the company or set it aside and move on to another spec that is more thorough.
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eelectriclover 23 april 2021, 9:54

Hi y'all, today's blog is about the CR2430 battery.

First, let's get to know what is coin batteries:

Coin batteries, commonly known as button cells. A watch battery or button cell is a small single cell battery shaped as a squat cylinder typically 5 to 25 mm (0.197 to 0.984 in) in diameter and 1 to 6 mm (0.039 to 0.236 in) high — resembling a button. Stainless steel usually forms the bottom body and positive terminal of the cell. An insulated top cap is a negative terminal.

Coin batteries are commonly used in garage door openers, medical devices, watches, remote controls and greeting cards with sound. Do not leave these devices readily available and make sure children are supervised when in contact with them so that access to coin batteries can be prevented.
eelectriclover 14 april 2021, 8:52

Hey guys, welcome back to this blog, today i'll introduce the difference between LM317 and LM350, stay tuned fellas!

LM317 Basics

LM317 is an adjustable three-terminal regulator. The world's major IC manufacturers have similar products to choose from. Therefore, LM317 is a widely used series of integrated voltage regulators, and can be used as a voltage regulator circuit in a DC regulated power supply.
eelectriclover 12 april 2021, 10:00

Hey guys, welcome to this blog. Today is another comparison article on electronic components, we will focus on NE5532 and its similar components: OPA2134, TL072 and NE5534. So off we go!

NE5532 vs OPA2134

The NE5532 is a Bipolar Input op-amp and the OPA2134 is a Fet Input op-amp.

Although many people claim NE5532 as an old component and try to find a new one to take its place, the NE5532 is still good enough for most applications. Plenty of new audio equipment still uses old op-amps such as the NE5532 and TL072 because anything better is overkill and not cost-effective.

If you can use a bipolar OP, the NE5532 is usually the better choice than a JFET OPA2132 / OPA2134. The OPA2134 is more a better replacement for the TL072 when you need a FET type. This may be the case with low-frequency filters.
eelectriclover 9 april 2021, 8:31

Hey guys, if you are an electronic DIY lover, you will always find a lot of similar or interchangeable components, which have subtle differences in the specs or features, therefore lead to the wrong application, 74HC595 and its similar components is an example I'm going to mention today.

74HC595 and 74HC164, 74LS595 and MCP23017, except for the last one, the former three ICs are shift registers that can drive LEDs, especially 74HC595, it can drive LEDs directly, those components are alike in some way and have their own distinguishing features as well.

So let's explore these four ICs specifications and compare them to see what are their differences.

74HC595 VS 74LS595

74LS595 is TTL based, fast, uses more power and is older.
74HC595 is CMOS based, fast, uses less power and is the most up-to-date version.
eelectriclover 7 april 2021, 7:38

imageGALILEO by Intel®. Honestly taken from here (https://www.ema-eda.com/sites/ema/files/Constraint%20Management.zip) and maintenance of the developed electronic product.

There will be no secret knowledge or revelations. I will just describe a number of tricks that help save a little time on debugging and a little more of your own nerves. All this separately, obviously, can be found on the net in one form or another.
All of the following is by no means the ultimate truth, but just the private professional opinion of the author.

And further. If you recognize only EPSN-40, solid rosin and soldering fat, apply sealant sausages with your hands and trace in the sprintlayout, most likely some tips and ideas will not work for you, so feel free to skip them and do not waste your time and nerves on proving that that everything works anyway.
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Cryptocurrencies are the current trend in recent days. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and startups are emerging towards the crypto exchange solution business. Many cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, LocalBitcoins, Poloniex, paxful, Coinbase, etc., are available to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Among all, Binance is the second-largest decentralized crypto trading platform. This Binance exchange platform provides multiple trading options and helps more than 45 cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, USDT and more.
Mariyana378 23 december 2020, 10:03

Hey there! The technological advancements has found to be infinite as it revolutionizes our daily lives. In that order, finding one’s partner has become simple with an App like Tinder. Dating apps like Tinder lists a number of features that will help its users find their preferred partner. The Tinder app was found to be welcoming among users and is one of the most downloaded dating apps. The app’s quick reach inspired many business persons to invest in developing their dating apps.
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As everything has become digital it is the same for education. The advent of the internet and various other technologies have been a constant source of enhancements in the education sector. Anyone can access any type of education material online. That too the online educational apps have started lifting their heads to provide contents right from school kids to professionals. Of the popular educational apps, the Online learning app like Coursera is setting trends in bringing quality education to people at a nominal cost.

The huge hype for the online learning apps like Cousera triggered business evangelists to invest in Coursera like app development. Let us now see the features of the app that makes business professionals stick with this app to promote their business.

Course certification- The best part of the app is that it accredits the user with e-certificates. Providing e-certificates will encourage the user to pursue more content from the app.

Course catalogue- The app is a repository of multiple courses subjecting to different domains. The main objective of the app is to provide a range of courses covering different domains.

Download lectures- The highlight of the app is that it allows users to download their favourite courses/lectures to access it later.

Quiz section- The app has a dedicated section for quizzes that will help users to enhance their knowledge.


Appdupe develops a similar version of the app called the Coursera clone incorporated with interesting features through which users can access various courses.
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