imageHow the battery goes dead: we all have seen how this happens in the phones, laptops, cameras, and the electric vehicles. It is painful process - if you are lucky – it could be slow. Over the years, the lithium-ion battery, which once powered your devices for the several hours (even days!), gradually loses its ability to hold the charge. After all we accept it, maybe curse Steve Jobs, and then we buy a new battery or a new gadget.

But why is this happening? What happens in a battery that causes it to go dead? The short answer lies in the fact that due to the damage from continuous effect of high temperatures and a large number of charging and discharging cycles, it eventually begins to break down the process of moving ions between the electrodes of lithium.

A more detailed answer, which lead us through the description of unwanted chemical reactions, corrosion, or a threat of high temperatures and other factors affecting the performance, It begins from an explanation, what is happening in the lithium-ion batteries, when everything works well.
Pirat 18 september 2011, 18:06

Today was an imported day for the team of Windows. At the conference BUILD was introduced a new operating system of Windows 8. Broadcasting of the event was at (the recording is available at this site).


Here is a topic of this week for the developers. This week will be examined the new tools for creating the applications and API. At the conference BUILD was shown that the new version of Windows is suitable for a variety of devices: tablet PCs, laptops and desktop computers. The new tools were demonstrated that allow creating own applications in Metro style using HTML + Javascript, C / C + + and / or C # / XAML. You can use any of those languages of programming; it will always work with the OS. Windows 8 will be convenient for both the users and developers.
Papay 16 september 2011, 12:46

Every day new standards of CSS3 and HTML5 enter more deeply into the life of web designers and web developers, and the browsers are becoming more compatible with these standards.


In connection with this event we would like to present you a selection of 10 buttons of CSS3 that will make your life easier during the layout and creation of the web applications.
Tags: button, CSS3, html5
Siera 15 september 2011, 12:02

Units of length are two categories: absolute and relative.
Absolute units include:

• inches (in)
• centimeters (cm)
• millimeters (mm)
• points (pt)
• pica (pc)

In the terms of CSS’ specification: 1pt = 1/72in and 1pc = 12pt.
In the property of font-size specification of negative value in units of length, for example: 25cm is unacceptable.
Why Absolute? Because they represent a real value in the physical world – standards.
These units work with the mechanism of output, which has an actual physical size, for example: printing, we will use such units.
But those units have no meaning for the monitors, there is certain conditionality, but it's really just conditionality.
Relative units include:

• em (font-size)
• x-height (ex)
• px (pixels)
Siera 15 september 2011, 11:57

I have never met a programmer during my short life, who would not love the games. Moreover, a programmer that has never written them.
Someone begins with “Tetris”, the other one with the “Snake”. Someone loses the interest, and the other one gets “sick” and turns that illness in a favorite work or entertaining hobby.

In the era of the Internet and social networks to play alone is boring, we want to communicate and play with friends.
We do not want just to communicate, but to go underground with the group or to show who is boss at the arena.
In this article I would like to tell about my approach to the server implementation of such interaction.


Let us consider the example of a simple game application in which the player controls a character, which can buy \ sell items, fight at the arena, and go alone underground or with the friends.


For example, a player creates a group to go underground. The player sends a request to our server which adds a new group to the list of available groups to go underground, and then the other players are able to obtain this list and join it. When the group is formed by pressing a button, the creator sends it underground to meet the dangerous monsters.
Pirat 14 september 2011, 13:17

When it comes to the font rendering on the Web, the designer cannot do much. For example, how the font looks on the screen. For the most part, it depends on the operating systems, browsers, typefaces’ design, font files, and on whether these files are supplemented by the instructions for the most unexpected scenarios of the rendering. But sometimes the CSS properties can affect how the font looks like.
Note: the screenshots shows the font rendering in Safari 5 on MakOsi 10.6.

Font size

Slight changes of the font size can greatly affect the appearance of the typeface

First of all, there is the property of font size. Rasterization of vector contours for the font sizes that adequate to the modern screens means that each letter is represented by only the handful of pixels. Therefore, a small difference in the font size can greatly affect the appearance of the typeface.
Siera 13 september 2011, 14:11

imagePREDICTION: Apple to release iPhone 5 on October 4 and start shipping by the end of October.

Apple reportedly plans to release the golden master of iOS 5, its forthcoming operating system update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to its overseas assemblers at some point between September 23 and September 30, on time for a mid-October launch of a fifth-generation iPhone.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed to AppleInsider on Monday that the new iPhone and iPod touch went into mass production in late August, and assemblers are currently scheduled to receive the golden master of iOS 5 the week of September 30. Typically, a golden master version of software is identical to the code that eventually becomes the final release to the public.
Masyk 13 september 2011, 5:26

If you remember, Marty McFly worn Nike Mags in Back to the Future II. What could be better than auto lacing shoes? Nike thought so as well and patented these precious ideas. Now comes year 2011 and Nike finally releases Nike Mag.

But sadly commercial says that we'll see a real tech only in 2015, but for now you can buy a pair of Nike Mags with blinking lights which last for 4 hours on one charge. Availability of 1500 pairs auctioned on eBay and donated to the Michael J. Fox. One pair can go as high as $3000-$35000.

Masyk 13 september 2011, 4:59


On the way

I used to turn off all appliances when I was leaving for a few days. However, very often I want to know if everything is all right at home: Was not it burned down? Did not it collapse? Was not it robbed? Alas, I could not find on the market a fully autonomous device that is capable to monitor the premises and send photos to the owner. I had to make a gadget by my own hands.

I did not have any experience with microelectronics, so first I had to learn the basics of this science. I was pleased by the idea that I will build a unique device, which no one has not done yet. What I built after five months of work, I would like to offer you today.
Siera 12 september 2011, 12:48


The documentation for a non-blocking web server Tornado beautifully described as it copes with a great load, and generally it is the crown of mankind creation in the field of non-blocking servers. This is partly true. But when building the complex applications beyond the scope of “one more chat” reveals many non-obvious and subtle points about which we should know before run into the pitfalls. The club developers of intellectual games “Trellis” willing to share their thoughts about the pitfalls.

We are talking about a second branch of python, the latest version of Tornado 1.2.1, and postgresql, which is connected over psycopg2.

Application instance

Many programmers love to use a pattern of singleton for easy access to the application class. If we think about the future horizontal scaling that is not recommended to do it. The request object will give you a thread-safe application that can be used safely.
KlauS 12 september 2011, 12:42