One of the most common practices of recording and storing data is the use of spreadsheets. As useful as they are, a wide array of errors can occur while entering details in these databases. Consequently, organizations may need to bear unnecessary expenditures. This is why enterprise asset management softwares are increasingly being adopted by businesses due to their reliability, stability and accuracy.
sarahsmith 29 may 2020, 15:14

Many startups aim to develop a web and mobile app with intriguing features. They accomplish how many times they utilize the data available in the market and in the app to create a monetization strategy that helps them carve a niche.

How to decide on a pricing model?

Learn about your target audience - Identifying the target audience and target helps your company create an effective monetization plan. You can understand by studying the audience, their characteristics, age group, preferences, that the app serves. These individuals are the end-users or potential users who are most likely to make a purchase.

Analyze your competitors - List down all the USPs of the competition product, what is their TG, which market are they focusing upon, how are they monetizing, what are they doing right, and where does the scope lie for you. Be clear about audience expectations in terms of the willingness to pay for accessing features of an application.

Know your product - Mark the most engaging and likable feature on the app where the users are spending most of their time. Be clear on whether the app should be free to download or have a subscription value. If free, which feature to be monetized, which feature will make the users addicted to the app so that they subscribe for premium packages.

List what all the user is getting from the app in terms of experience and value?
Decide upon which feature is providing maximum user engagement and retention?
Rank the elements in terms of priority to create a pricing model
Study the market and competition for a clear understanding of what the customer is willing to pay.

App monetization model

Freemium - Very rarely a user is willing to pay for downloading an app; that's why many apps nowadays are free to download but have limited features and functionalities. Revenue gets generated by in-app purchase opportunities created in the app. Users pay to access premium functionalities of the app like Tinder offers its audience for premium experience packages like Tinder gold and Tinder plus.

Another way to generate revenue is by offering all the functionalities but only for a limited period. Users get familiar with the app and are later willing to pay for continuous usage.

Apps also monetize by playing on unhindered user- experience, by paying small charges, users can get an ad-free experience.

Ad-based monetization - This model gets adopted by maximum mobile and web app development companies. Adv in various formats get published like banners, pop-ups, podcasts, native articles, videos. Banners ad have high visibility but tend to hamper user experiences. Native articles integrate seamlessly with the content available on the app and do not hinder user experience. Digital marketing agencies provide a lot of valuable insights over ad performance, like CTR and CPM, to help you use a strategy-based model and get better ROI.

The app industry has an ever-increasing demand but is highly competitive. To survive and be profitable, choosing the right pricing strategy for your web and mobile app development is essential. You may refer to the article for deep insights and understanding the process step by step. How to Monetize the app and decide on pricing strategy?
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The Bitcoin might be the de facto standard for transactions when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the crypto world in general. However, when it comes to creating your own token or smart contracts, the undisputed winner is Ethereum.

Ethereum is generally governed by a protocol or standard called ERC-20 which helps in the creation of smart contracts and new tokens that will enable launching your own ICO. Although it cannot be forgotten that marketing an ICO plays an important role in its success and creating utility token on Ethereum is equally vital as well.

Creating an Ethereum token

The first thing that needs to be done when creating an Ethereum token is to finalize on the specifications of the token. It is also essential to determine the functionalities and capabilities that Ethereum provides for this purpose.

What makes Ethereum tokens distinct is their inability to mine them. While the Bitcoin can be mined, Ethereum tokens essentially require buying and transferring. Know more -
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Infinite Block Tech offers a completely decentralized, p2p crypto-fiat exchange that is integrated with core functionalities, features, technical and security integrations which will allow users conduct instant, efficient, secure, seamless transactions across the globe. The platform is also highly-scalable, configurable and customizable based on the personal preferences of each user, at the most affordable prices.
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Let’s get started on crypto trading bots!

Even though humanity states that humans engineer bots and machines, it’s undeniable to accept they are intellectual and smart enough than humankind in certain tasks. One such thing is crypto trading bots!

Arbitrage Crypto Trading Bots are self-operating computer protocols that conclude trade deals in the exchange platforms with the set of predefined strategies and rules. The crypto bots monitor across multiple exchange platforms round the clock and make as much as the profit they can to manage in your portfolio!

Even though crypto trading bots are completely intellectual and smart, they are expensive, and you must never invest in them without irresistible need. In this blog post, discover when to use crypto trading bots and then if it’s required you can purchase them!

When to use cryptocurrency trading bots?
Crypto trading bots can perform a lot of tasks for you in the exchange accounts like rebalancing, managing portfolio, smart trades, monitoring the exchange prince ranges. When it comes to setting the protocols of the trading bot, you must know when to use them and what are the tasks to be automated. Here’s the look around on the scenarios at which you must employ crypto trading bots!

Repeated tasks and schedules
Repetitive admin tasks like rebalances and other specific processes can be automated with trading bots. You can manually set alarms and rebalance your crypto portfolios every hour. But, in the busy schedules and office meetings, it is viable to lose rebalances in your crypto portfolio. Hence, you can employ crypto trading bots to automate the repetitive tasks in the exchange platforms.

Appropriate timing
Crypto market space is volatile and experiences price volatility for every second. Before concluding the desired profit rates, the crypto market may change. Hence, employing trading bots for completing swift deals without any losses can be appreciable. Monitoring multiple crypto exchanges and closing the deals at the appropriate time can be tedious for human, but it’s compelling in case of bots.

Round the clock tasks
Whatever the profession maybe, we are humans at the end of the day! We need breaks, sleeps and we do get tired of working. Performing day trading round the clock is impossible for humanity, whereas bots are invented to do that jobs efficiently. Crypto trading bots can diversely manage portfolios effectively and conclude the lucrative deals with desired profit range at any time.

Simplified tasks
Complex trading strategies framed by professional crypto traders can be hard to understand theoretically. When implemented in exchange platforms, the trading strategies can be understood better. Mirroring trading techniques can be implemented with ease by employing crypto bots.

Final verdict!
Crypto trading bots can automate certain tasks in your exchange accounts. But, it doesn’t mean completely deviating from your duties of crypto trading. You must periodically inspect the trading strategies with due diligence. However, while purchasing the crypto trading bots, it’s your duty to audit the security aspects of these bots!
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Decided to launch an app for finding tennis partners? then read this blog, to get a clear vision about how to find the right tennis partner by on demand tennis partner app solution with SpotnRides. Read more here: tennis partner finder app solution
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With the rise of coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses around the world are facing major disruptions. They are struggling to continue business operations and secure their corporate assets. At the same time, employees are combating a tough fight against the virus itself. To make things worse, cybercriminals are riding on this opportunity, trying to make the most of the situation. A couple of weeks ago, Proofpoint researchers discovered coronavirus-themed attacks. Apart from the increase in malicious messages, experts observed a form of attack budding on the fear of purported unreleased cures for coronavirus.

Check what is NOC?

Amid the spread of this global pandemic, employers are tossing between allowing their employees to work from home or continue to operate from the established offices. Regardless, organizations need to consider the risks associated with their data security and data privacy in the wake of potential impact.

As coronavirus is not only affecting one’s health but also the continuous growth of businesses, it is time for them to expand their IT disaster recovery and contingency plans to address unforeseen scenarios. Enterprises need a plan that covers all possible types of fabricated attacks during the rapid emerging outbreak of COVID-19.
aprabha2611 28 may 2020, 16:15

What is natural language processing? How can you benefit from using NLP technology? What are the recent NLP trends and applications? Learn the answers!
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Learn how we built a machine learning solution for HR managers helping companies save time, improve the recruitment process, and hire a perfect candidate.
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