The PHP blog touts more often the examples of bad code and anti-patterns. Well, someone else is criticizing the Hindus for the code ...
The code quality is something that should not be ignored or put aside for later. Such a delay is technical debt or code debt that will backfire for sure. You have to spend more time creating quality code and application architecture.

It is highly recommend to read Uncle Bob's principles of SOLID:
This text can greatly improve your ability to build scalable systems, particularly the principle of SRP.
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It is funny, but when a programmer is developing a product, he rarely thinks about the question: Could 2000 people press simultaneously one button at the same time? It turns out they can. Curiously enough the most engines were written by such programmers that do not work well under heavy loads. Who would have thought that just one additional INSERT or unwritten index or a recursive function curve could raise significantly the load averages.

This article will describe how the developers of the project managed to squeeze out of a single server with the Pentium 4 HT / 512Mb RAM the maximum performance, holding simultaneously 700 users on the forum and 120000 on tracker. Also, it will give some details about Highload.
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A few days ago, the USA announced the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. They did not leave empty-handed and took the biometric data of three million Iraqi civilians (it is approximately 10% of the population). For several years, U.S. Marines carried handheld portable optical scanners, which allow quickly collecting the irises and fingerprints from any passer-by in the field.
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Finally, Nokia has released a really good smartphone. It is my favorite hardware right now, even better than the HTC Desire S with Android that I had before.

The web also has a lot of different reviews of this phone, so anyone interested in it can find them out there.
Here I will just share my thoughts about the Nokia Lumia 800 after using it for some time, which I hope you will be interested in.


This is a brief summary for those who do not like a lot of reading: The device has awesome build quality, but on the other hand it has its drawbacks.
xially 10 december 2011, 18:59

Apple company has changed the behavior of the MacBooks in the clamshell closed with an external display in Mac OS X Lion, it was a special modification, which can be judged by the documentation:

This change completely canceled the ability to set the sleeping mode in the MacBook by closing its clamshell, if an external display is connected. They left no choice for the user.

Recently, on the forums of Apple has appeared the solution that returns the behavior as in Snow Leopard.

We should do the following in a terminal:

sudo nvram boot-args="iog=0x0"
Tags: lion, macbook
xially 6 december 2011, 12:07

Smarty is one of the oldest template engines for the PHP development language. If you are programming in PHP, likely you have worked with it. A third version of this template was released in 2010. Smarty 3 was written from scratch with the active use of PHP5. At the same time Smarty got an updated syntax and modern features including inheritance, sandbox (computer security) and etc.
Twig is a modern template engine from developers of the Symfony. The authors have positioned it as the fast and functional template. It looks like Smarty 3 a lot in terms of features. Twig features a slightly different syntax, as well as the stated performance. Let us verify it!


We purposely is going to use quite complex templates during testing that the processing time would be noticeable. Actually, we will evaluate this time, so we will prepare the relevant scripts.

Code for Smarty turned out very simple:

$data = json_decode(file_get_contents('data.json'), true);
$smarty = new Smarty();
$smarty->compile_check = false;
$start = microtime(true);
echo microtime(true)-$start;
Tags: Php, smarty, twig
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The concept of contact lens: 1 - LED microchip, 2 – power receiver and control circuitry, 3 - antenna, 4 – and interconnects, 5 - transparent polymer, 6 - system to project virtual images perceivable by the eye retina

It becomes closer the day when we can read the mail and watch movies with the closed eyes. A group of the U.S. and Finland scientists has conducted successful testing of the world's first contact lens with built-in display and power receiver on the rabbits. According to researchers, the rabbits did not have any side effects and the eyesight was not damaged.

The testing on mammals is a one of the steps of costly testing process of new drugs. The first version of the contact lenses contain only one illuminating LED-pixel, but display resolution will gradually increase, and in a couple of decades certainly will get to the HD level.
xially 26 november 2011, 12:00


Google has a secret laboratory that even many employees do not know about, where the new projects are being developed, and their description sounds like a sci-fi movie. The New York Times tells about this in its article.

The laboratory was located somewhere in the area of San Francisco Bay, where the brightest Google’s engineers are working on dozens of the projects. This is the place where your refrigerator could be connected to the Internet, and it will order the food, when it ends. Your plate could message in a social network what you eat, and your PA robot could go to the office while you are in your pajamas at home.
xially 15 november 2011, 16:02

Most of us kept the ordinary microprocessor in hands, but hardly anyone had an idea to cut and examine it under a scanning electronic microscope. This is precisely what made the Swedish teacher Kristian Storm to demonstrate to students the device of microchip. Photos are stunning: the quality allows us to consider the individual layers of the processor. Apparently, Soviet engineers did the same procedure that took apart and copied the western high technology. Much the same is being done now to examine the products of competitors.


All photos are clickable and available in high definition.
xially 6 november 2011, 20:08

imageWhen I read about the device fragmentation on Android, I mentally agree with the author. When I see theses that the device fragmentation prevents from the software development, I raise eyebrows perplexedly, but when somebody tries to prove me that the fragmentation of Android is the main problem of this platform and the main disadvantage for developers of mobile software, frankly, I start laughing. I am sorry, but this is a pure marketing nonsense or complete misunderstanding of the situation.

Let us imagine that you are a furniture manufacturer. You are working in the market of furniture products; you competing with other producers and dividing the entire market in some parts. As an entrepreneur your job to cut as much as possible the radial angle on a pie chart with the title “Furniture market share”. The pixels of this diagram are the people who buy the furniture. These are different people and they buy different furniture: starting from the unstained wooden beds from IKEA and ending with sofas that are upholstered in leather of young crocodiles from Caroline Islands that each costs as your apartment.
xially 29 october 2011, 12:20
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